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11/16/04 08:28 - ID#22427

it's sexual

yo yo yo who dat be? tk on the m.i.c. It's been along time since i've posted last and things are still getting weirder and weirder. I've had sexual encounters with two straight boys in the last month. First one turned out to be an emotional wreck and believes that he has destroyed other deminsions (LEAPED!) The second straight boy I actually met through his girlfriend. And on our second meeting was awt a party last week and he asks me completely out of no where "tk would you like to come outside and have a "three way kiss" with my girlfriend and I? I said "excuse me?" He said "would you like to come outside and have a "three way kiss" with my girlfriend and I? NOw m,ind you I and really drunk and High, and i never had anyone straight out ask me something like that. So i say "O.K." Trashy as it may seem (which it is ofcourse) I go OUTSIDE with them on the side of old bossy boys house and I am making out with "straight boy" and his girlfriend who I actually know from work. He starts getting touchy feely and goes down my pants, grabs my erect peter weter, bends down and commence oral pleasure. So after a minute or two (because he did do a good job) I made him stop. I told him it was going too far and that I was gong in the house. Ten minutes later girlfriend gets sick and throws up, "straight boy puts her in bed because she wanted to lay down. He follows me outside and we start up where we left off. Once again he start going for the member massage so I stopped him. Said thanks and went back in the house. What is it with these straight boys searcing me out and messing with me? Is it because your girlfriend ain't doing somethin right? Is it you think your really gay? Or is it just sexual?
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