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05/27/10 12:12 - 67ºF - ID#51735

Two weeks in.....

and i love it!!!!! obviously. I really don't know what else to say so far. I was a good boy until last night and had some slap and tickle with a friend. Thank goodness it was a boy!!! My job on Navy Pier is nothing but Fantastic. ok that's it for now i guess... Its gonna be a Great summer!!! Peace and love TK
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05/13/10 05:34 - 58ºF - ID#51550

no more New Orleans

After my first night sleeping in Chicago and going to my new job filling out the paperwork, it finally set in. Damn it feels good, not that i didn't enjoy my time down south, but i was over it after a while. I really don't have much else to say besides im terribly excited about it, and as i do any new place i move to im gonna grab it by the balls and shake it! i am happy to be back around the following things i was missing in new orleans. be offended if you must ;)

1.people who know how to dress
2.a city that that recycles
3.80% of the people speaking proper english
4.most of the people here do not weigh 280lbs
5.a lot fewer uglies in general
6.the summer wont frizz the hell out of your hair
7.public transportation is very reliable
8.the general education level is above an 8th grade level
9. i wont get questions like "do you know where i can find a fake I.D. for my daughter?"
10.better gay scene for sure!

Thats just to name a few.... So no more south for me, iim glad i got out and honestly will never live down south again too HOT!!!. i would visit for sure though ;)

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