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12/22/04 10:47 - ID#22428


Once again i have neglected my journal. So to pay some ketchup:
Met a boy, A GAY boy finally just before thanksgiving. we hang out one friday, we hit it off pretty well. He sleeps over and has some of dis chocolate love potion. He goes back home the next morning and we talk everyday on the phone for a week; I think he really likes me. the following friday (one week later) we make plans to hang out again and I even take the following saturday off. He says to me on the phone one friday evening at 8:38 p.m. "I am finishing some stuff here at school, I will see you in a couple of hours or call you. Coo. Do you think the mutha fucka showed up? Hell naw! Haven't seen the mutha fucka since. I called the mutha fucka two mutha fucka times. But the mutha fucka never called me back. I called his mutha fucka mama. She gon act like tha mutha fucka aint home. I started to cus her mutha fuckin ass out! But i don't want no mutha fuckin trouble. I haven't seen the mutha fuck to this day. Fuck that mutha fucka. I have decided that I am just not meant to have a boyfriend as of right now. So now I'm back; Hang on to your husbands ladies! Besides that minor setback the past month has been a lot of fun. The (e:Nparkproject) party was also a lot of fun. YOu guys rock. And there has been so many CHRISTMAS PARTIES, to turn scrooge into a believer, and it's not even new years. Totally stoked about (e:southernyankee)'s arrival. I need a good dance partner. NOw tha I am out of words I will leave you all with this favor, If any of you see a tall thin white boym woth blue eye's and answers to the name "Kyle". walk up to him and ask the mutha fucka for my mutha fuckin money. Because if you are going to take some of this chocolate love potion and then take off like that, I gosta charge ya. Oh and I never called his mother. Happy holidays E peeps stay warm and safe for the season.
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