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11/24/07 09:45 - 33ºF - ID#42275

grazin in the grass

"I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can can dig it, they can dig it, you can can dig it. All lets dig it, can you dig it BABY?!" My absolute fav song lyrics.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

11/15/07 01:03 - 49ºF - ID#42141

Judge not

Ok here it goes. Now mind you all I am adamant about condoms, and using protection. NO SEX is ever worth an S.T.D.'s Carry them with you....seriously.


Two of those were girls. Hee hee.

And I Never took a shot in the mouth (yuck!). Sorry. Maybe thats why I don't have a Boyfriend. Hmm?
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11/08/07 10:08 - 34ºF - ID#42042

Lumpy Sidewalks

K um something Im going to have to back into the habit of doing is, walking on these lumpy ass sidewalks here. Im a big walker and love to pound pavement. i must do something to keep this slender, toned exterior of mine. But I think my body is getting more beat up by this concrete than anything. Being clumsy by nature dosent help, but when im walking and only with friends for some reason im constantly tripping because of the un even walk ways here. Last night it got the best of me, when i was walking near shoreline i tripped again and fell ALL THE WAY DOWN. Face first!!! My cousin laughed of course but it really hurt. And then someone pulled over in their car to make sure i was okay as well as the three people who I didn't see walking 15 feet behind us. Yes everyone saw me wipe out :( How can i do my runway walk if its Lumpy and jumping up attacking my feet causing me to trip. Now that its morning and i've been out and about for two hours already; my right hip hurts and so does my knee. Boooo. I can't ruin this body!! This is my money maker how am I to hit the corners of this street if im limping? Not sexy. i don't think im seriously injured though. I just hope these lumpy sidewalks give me a break and not attack for about four weeks or so. Let me heal.
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11/06/07 07:12 - 40ºF - ID#42011

Up for some Slap and Tickle?

Since you all brought up sex, i mean I wasn't going to mention it but.... From August 20th til I moved home For someone reason I was a Sex Pot. I mean It was just coming from everywhere child. I even had to beat two people off so i didn't feel like such a ho. The sad part is the entire two years i was away I only had one sexual experience until then and it was BAD. So bad in fact that i stopped it and went home. August 20th I met this Ecuadorian named Mario. He lived at the top of central park (110th street) and I was conveniently located at 107th street and central park west.
I met him on the subway, and I know that sounds sleazy, but i figured that was better than meeting someone at a bar Drunk when your judgments impaired....right? Anywho I was sober and we kept looking at each other and it was making my stomach funny. He dosent drink but he smokes, and I went home with him. why not? He a jewelry designer. Ooh la la. What was weird with im was that he always tried to do it with out a condom!!! Whats that shit about? I mean really WTF?? SO after being with for about two weeks I had to leave him alone. He was scaring me Not even a week later I was hanging around with a girlfriend of mine i've been working with for about a year and WE were drunk and for some reason we were making out. She's hot so thats ok in gayland. So she's says to me we can't tell jonsey. Who is here boyfriend who I have also fooled around with numerous times. I said fine because i thought she was referring to the make out session. SO she gets up immediately goes to the dresser and pulls out a latex. OH!!! i didn't know she had that in mind. She puts it on me and sits right on it. It was ok I don't want to talk about too much so I don't offend any females on the site. But lets just say Im glad Im gay. All due respect:).
Then about 10 days later I met another young man, who was a really big sweetheart!!!! I met him walking down 50th and Broadway. One of those you pass each other and turn around because you caught each others eye. We had dinner that night and then some Slap and Tickle later that night. And whoa COKE CAN PECKER!!! seriously i don't know how stuff like this happens. It;'s like someone took their lips and blew air into his urethra. This Dude couldn't get enough and I actually saw him for about 4 weeks..ish. All he wanted to do was have sex all the time three to for times an evening. And that bothers me. Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing called Too much sex. He would send me texts like "hey I have some time off this evening if you want to stop by for a 30 min QUICKIE" WHAT?!?! He would be dead-ass too. And would send shit like this frequently. Too much sex, too big-a-dick, not enough conversation I had to scratch him off. And he was a fashion designer who has clothes sent to him from all over the world and he gave tours to deaf people at the MET. Oh well. It's not like I EVER had the best of luck in anyone I almost dated before so im not sad by any means about it. Just a little confused as to why do I always attract the wierdos???? is it because im a weirdo???? And believe me I am on no hunt to find someone and really don't expect this luck to change. hee hee
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11/01/07 04:51 - 50ºF - ID#41923

A-yo A-yo B-LO

Back to live in the B-Lo i be. After almost two years of New York City life, le me just be the one to say its soooo over Rated. Its first of all just negative toxics floating in the air that makes everyone grumpy there is awful. Too crowded, and a little too ugly for my taste. Mow don't get me wrong I don't completely detest it, I mean I had ALOT of fun there that I would remember forever. But I think that the people with true happy spirits shouldn't move there. It will suck it all out and put car fumes there. So I guess i have a Love Hate relationship, so im sure i will be back frequently to visit when ever I have three days off in a row. Alot of my life still lingers that I can't just neglect those times. So now im seeing friendly people walking down the street and saying hello to you as they walk by. For no reason. I love that and missed that about Buffalo, Which is the second biggest city in New York state next N.Y.C.My family troubles also had a lot to do with my move home. it's good to be near family.......sometimes :). I also want to mention how AWESOME EVERYONE was at the Halloween party this past Saturday. Although a lot of you guys didn't recognize my name from the site since I haven't posted in a fucking year (bad T.K., bad puppy). It was still good to match (e:names) to faces. I got my old job back in buffalo Panos restaurants so come on down and holla at a Negro! It feels good to be back. Peace and love guys.- TK
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