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03/08/08 08:30 - 22ºF - ID#43588

Golden Shower!

Hokay so My brother got really drunk lastnight at the apt, I was dead sober because I had to workthis morning, and about 4 am I fell asleep on the couch playing video games and i was awaken by splashes of urine. Ad not on the leg area pr feet, but my bare arms and chin were shot. i know this is a little personal but i had to tell to someone. Just like a good friend i know who tends to urinate in strange places :). yeah so does my brother. Aint that a bitch. Never been pissed on before lastnight. Yuck
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Location: Buffalo, NY

03/04/08 11:31 - 26ºF - ID#43558

Bourbon Street

OH MY GOSH! Hokay so...... Man it is MECCA! Along street of bars an outside and Most the bars are free and drink specials out the Whazoo! I went with my sister and my cousin and If i can sum this sum. Beautiful mask! Public drinking, Live bands of all sorts from country, to jazz and funk, an outside street band with tubas an sax's and trumpets and percussin. And the boys were in High school. they were tearin it UP ya'll. i saw my sisters and cousins titties when they flashed this private party and were swamped with beads. My sister and cousins hip hop rap battle. My sister picking up boys from all over, dancing, dancing, dancing! OOOHH YEAH wish yo all could be here.
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Location: Buffalo, NY



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