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07/22/04 05:11 - ID#22409

the underblues

A friend of mine told me to stop going out to straight bars so much and start exploring more of the homosexual night life. She thought that I would get into less trouble there as far as men. She was wrong, although giving her the benefit of the doubt I only went to two, but I still got into trouble. Let me tell you about three men. There was a black man, a white man, and a old (51) man. The white man meets me buys me drinks, and is being a complete sweetheart. I go home with him and rock his world. It wasn't my intention, but being a victim of circumstance I did what I had to do. Then I hear he has a boyfriend *gasp and swoon* son of a bitch. I meet his boyfriend finally and guess what? He dosen't like me. Oh surprise, surprise! I stay away from white boy for a while. Then he requests my company one night at a bar. I join him there, drink up and go home, by myself. Yeah he's leaped. Black man walks up into the place and he gets straight to the point, kissing all over me, telling me that he usually dose not like dark men but he finds me so sexy and he wants to take me home. He is a dark skinned man himself. I tell him know I will not go home with him but he can have my phone number and we could be friends. Foolish me, the man wouldn't stop calling, begging me to go home with him. NOw he's a funny guy, he makes me laugh and I enjoy his company from time to time, but I don't want sex from him. He gets pissed and says "well I guess you don't like black men". and he's leaped. My old man Bill; tries so hard, he makes generally good efforts to get the ass. But I don't want a sugar daddy. I gave him a fake phone number the first time, he confronted me about it so I gave him my real one in exchange for a apple martini. Hey I have needs too. He insisted that he will be taking me home after the bar closes, because he figures that I will be getting a ride home with the bartender because "he likes me". Yeah whatever, Yeah whatever. Sorry Bill, but no. I feel really bad for Bill and I wish him the best in his upcoming sexual endeavors, he's not for me. He's leaped. Hey rejection happens in this game of love, I have been on the receiving end of it more than other. So tonight will be no gay bar night and I will see you all at the pink.
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07/16/04 03:27 - ID#22408

letter for nate #2

my friend, my brother, now is the time we need to be the strongest. my friend, my brother believe me when i say the storm will not last. my friend, my brother, go to sleep knowing that i am out here praying for you. my friend, my brother, we never really saw eye to eye but we loved each other heart to heart. my friend, my brother, when you come back we are going to make it better for all of us. my friend, my brother i love you.
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07/14/04 03:36 - ID#22407

la luna wenesday

Every wenesday now, instead of going to the pink as usual; I must go to LaLuna. A friend of mine dj's there and we go to support him. IT's fun, theres a big dance floor that we take advantage of. LALUna is located on franklin. So if any of you out there looking for a goodtime on wenesday's stop on down I will be there getting down. IF not I will see you all tommorow peace.
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07/13/04 12:30 - ID#22406

a twin and a bartender

i F'd around and made someone jealous. But i knew it was coming. After a special midnight showing of anchor man, and a lot of booze. A friend of mine (guy friend) and myself decided to pop into the underground instead of the pink. Now this friend of mine and I are Highly flirtatious with each other first of all. we kiss, grope, and smack asses. So bringing him to the underground probably wasn't a good idea since the bartender was there (who I slept with a while back and who still has an attraction towards me i've been told). So what does he do when my friend and I walk in, well first he stares daggers at us. Then when my friend paid for his drinks the bartender slammed his change on the bar (happened more than once). Then he lightend up a little came over and held more conversation with me then he has my last four visit's there combined. So he assumed we were together and didn't like it. Some other bitch at the took it upon his self to go over and flirt with my frined while I was up singing a karaoke song. Yeah for some reason the bitch thought I wouldn't see it, but they were standing right infront of me. He went up to my frind "do you know what time it is?" my friend said he didn't know, I would have told the tramp that there is a big red digital clock on the goddamn wall. Then after my friends frist subtle shunn, the boy tried to brush his leg up against my friends leg and other region. My friend ignored it and continued to sing the song that I was singing with me. Now what pisses me off is that boy dosen't know if my friend was not my boyfriend or fuck buddy for the night. We have been sharing our drinks all night and pretty much ignoring everybody else including the bartender. So where does he get up the nerve to walk over to my friend during the 3 min song i was singing and try to get some ass from him. NOw I have flirted with peoples sig others and even done thing with them as we all know; but I was invited. This cunt wasn't. Fuckin horny acne faced, pasty ass trick. So after I sang one song we decide to leave and the bartender is at the exit having a cigarette. He says "you leavin?" I say "yup" but thinking "no shit". I pat him on the head and he watches us take off. My friend and I were not going to have sex, I knew that. I could have had sex with the bartender again. just becaue of the simple fact that I showed up to that bar with a hansome man. My friend even asked if I was gong to go home with the bartender. I said no. I was really proud of myself but now I feel kinda bad. I was thinking I should call bartender just to talk, because I am still attracted to him, or just leave him in suspense. hmmmmmm. I'll take the second option. what do you think I should do?
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07/09/04 05:01 - ID#22405

le pink

PInk with e peeps was fun as usual. I drifted off to metal at franks; which had more people but not more fun. I found out that a friend of mine has a little thing for jill (oooh weee). When I went back to the pink I saw no more e peeps so I really had no reason to stay. I sttod outside and hung out with tron (kurt). Met a guy that I saw on the fourth of july who thinks I make a "sexy girl". thats because I was in a bra and soak and wet like a sport illustrated swim suit model (mmmmm). Anywho he's straight and wanted me to stay at the pink to keep him company. I wanted to go home, He offered to buy me a drink if I stayed, I told him ok but went home anyway. I guess that was kinda F'd up but hey. I am trying not to get involved with these "straight" boys anymore. I want to make all these curious boys a shirt that says " I'm straight....but my penis isn't". That would explain a lot, since men seem to follow their penis instead of their heads anyway. Anyway it was a good night. Am I am debating going to the dance party tonight. But I am sure I will be there. I can never miss a dance party. So i will see you all later I'm sure. One more thing, do anyone have anymore flyers? I think it would be a good idea to bring them tonight.
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07/06/04 08:01 - ID#22404


Thanks to jill i am inlove with tilly and the wall. I have been searching all day for a sight where I could listen to their songs and I did. thats the link to it. I think everyone should try it out. and the website is sooo cute. It even has a "register to vote" link! Thank you jill!
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07/06/04 03:13 - ID#22403


hokay, so here is something that a lot of people seem to have; the ability to determine weather or not someone is gay by looking at them alone. A alam goes of in their heads called "gaydar". I don't have that. Whenever I see any guy gaydar goes off in my head. Which gets me into trouble. So I found a book called "GAYDAR" by; donald F. Reuter. I've read the whole thing and I will qoute some of the things it said and maybe it will help repair my baydar.
1. Straight girls are their bestfriends.
2. Things that would make him say "awwww".
- card stores especially around christmas
- plush pets
-in front of a window of a real pet store.
3. Things that make him go "eewwww".
- bugs
- roadkill
- flatulence
- female genitalia
4. words a gay man would use.
- divine, dandy, precious, delightful, enchanting.
5. the gayest sounding words end in "ous"
ex.- fabulous, marvelous, stupendous, pendulous
5. three "regular guy" jobs we wish were gay;
- fireman (sleeping arrangements, and that pole)
- forest ranger (bear lovers)
- gym teacher (duh!)
6. What gay men would have as body art
- navel ring
- prince albert
- tattoo above his butt
- a chain or vine like tattoo above his biceps.
7. Finally the music:
- Donna summer
- bette midler
- Aretha franklin
- Whitney Houston
- Eartha Kitt
- Sara Vaughn
- Peggy Lee
- Grace Jones (which I don't understand personally)
- Madonna (duh!)
- Vouge by: Madonna
- Love Shack By: the b52's
- Free your Mind By: envouge
- Groove is in the heart by: DEE-LITE
I hope this has helped you as much as it has helped me. If a guy you are not certain about carry more than two of these traits chances are he's gay. Thank you and good luck finding him.
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