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10/11/05 10:13 - ID#22438

blo craze

Two months in counting is my departure date and I couldn't be happier. People are getting weirder by the hour around me. Random fist fights are breaking out at work and at dance clubs (angry lesbians). Met a manic depressive fireman who can't stop thinking about me, who has actually gotten under my skin a bit. The crazy red head boy un-invited me to his party, so i gave him the finger and told him to go fuck himself. My mother decides to rob a bank and goes to prison. I really hope they make her excercise while shes there because she put on a good buck thiry in the last couple years. I can't stop watching south park. Has the whole world gone crazy or just this city? That is something I intend to find out come December. My dear bad habit Buffalo, I will miss you while I'm gone. I thought of reasons to stay but then overcome with the fact that this paradise is not for me. Anywho gotta get back to apt huntin. peace love and happines bitches!
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Location: Buffalo, NY

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