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08/11/05 03:45 - 84ºF - ID#22435

a good boy

With 22 years just around the corner, I decided it's time to get my act together. For the past three months or so I have been practicing my "good boy" faith. Now what qualifies me as a "good BOy" you wonder? (or not?). Well I 'll start with less smoking. I buy a pack of cigarettes a week and usually finish them that day but for the rest of the six days Imight bum four. GOOD BOY. I've been practicing the big "C" word for the past three months also. (CELIBACY!!!!). And it is my choice contrary to what you skeptics think. I could be having sex and GOOD sex mind you, but choose not to for sake of this boy's feelings.GOOD BOY. THe RED head boy is a good lay but gets to clingy so his F.B. privliages has been revoked. Perminetly. Just as I mentioned before my birthday is just a few days away, and I plan to break the big "C" drought. But not with the red head. MY bar nights are restriced to one or two nights every two weeks, thanks to my overnight schedule at panos.GOOD BOY.
Lastly my plan to move to NEW YORK is still in full swing. I wanted to give a shout put to everyone I met at the party a couple weeks ago, (boxer boi, lady croft,jason) Sprinfaerie it's always a PLEASURE with you. I was thirlled to see HOLLY back in da house. Hodown, held it down, you get big ups for beating off the ogre. Gotta go. I hate computers. peace and love.
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05/21/05 01:44 - ID#22434

speed bump

After careful consideration and about two weeks of having a boyfriend, i dumped him. I told him that i did not want to hurt him and that we should not see each other they way we were anymore. He just moved to buffalo 4 months ago, and I am moving to new york in about 4 months.Life just ins't fair is it? Other reasons I came to this decision are He was too clingy. He wanted to hang out everyday and everynight. He would say shit like "we should get an apt together." I say "what?" he say "nothing". About five days ago I told him that I did not want him getting too attatched to me and that I am taking things a little slower than he was. three nights ago I told him I wouldn't sleepover and he looked as if he was aout to cry. hmmmmm? So On the two day break I had from him I thought it would be best not to string him along any further. And then there was the walk home last night. I had already given him the news earlier in the day, and he said he would join me on my out to a party. FINE! I mean the boy di buy me flowers twice in the matter of four days. And then I notice VODKA in his hand and he walks into my apratment, swigging it. I offer o.j. He finishes vodka at the party and then he strats hoein to beer. It's time for him to go home. On that lovely that took 25 mins from forest to potomac, I had to latch on to poor boy because he could bearly keep his balance. And thenhe starts trying to change my mind. We would stop on the walk home to have these talks everytime he could get someting out. He say's " You are the shooting star of my life!" and "I believe in love at first sight and that I'm falling in love." And then he starts beating his self up. Saying " I am just a speed bump in your life." And then he tells me "YOu are the man I want to marry." I say back "are you sure about that?" Leaving him ON his porch while he asks me not to leave him. I go back to the party. A half hour later he's bck to the party, and with another beer. I ask "what are you doing" he trys to explain and he can't. 15 minuets later and a little more talking. He walks off the porch and staggers home. NIce boy, sweet boy, fantastic boy, but not my boy. I hope he becomes happy.
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05/11/05 08:15 - ID#22433


Well alright. It's been sometime, it's been some complications,but i'm back and it's about time. I've missed updatig my lovely journal. So for those of you who were reading my journal, I've decided to "total Recall " on whats been happening with me and buffalo since Feburary. There has been other "straight boy" sessions (just one or two, not important, not important darlin). I am still working at panos, which i swear gets crazier and crazier everyday. And for all of you Sahara Grill fans ( the new restaraunt on bidwell and elmwood) Here's something for you to think about ( conversation between Boomsheeka and Bonqipha)

Sheeka: Girl you know some hussie walked all up in panos right, and she went and told the waitress that, her boyfriend got food poisin while he was sittin in his seat, from there food.

Qipha: what?

Sheeka: yeah talkin bout some ' I want this meal takin off my bill, because my boyfriend 's sick off of it'. Bitch they haven't even left the damn restaraunt yet and all of a sudden he sick.

Qipha: say word.

Sheeka: and then she goes on sayin 'I work at sahara grill' and shit and 'we don't treat our customers like this' call my girl who work there a bitch and all that.

Qipha: girl no!!

Sheeka: Yes hoe! So the manager tells this bitch that she will take off her boyfriends meal but don't bring yo ass back in here right. So the skank takes off with out payin her bill.

Qipha: mmm mmm!!!

Sheeka: girlfriend who worked there jotted down that bitches licsence plates number before she left the parkin lot and called the police, HAY HAY!!!!

Qipha: HA AH! can't wang wit it.

Sheeka: So I go there to eat about two weeks later with one of my (straight) boys right. I get my dessert to go. I open it up when I get home and take I spoon full out of the ice cream. I see a black hair before I put the spoon full in my mouth. I pull the blck hair and a long straight black hair comes straight out the middle of the whole scoop girl, and mind you theyonly gave me one scoop, cheap bastards.

Qipha: mmm mmm!!

Sheeka: never going back there again girl.

Something more tramatic tht has happen to me as of recent is....... I have a boyfriend!?!?! He's a red head, whose bought me flowers twice in the matter of four days. Whose adores me and lives four house away frome me (perfect booty call location). Sounds great right? It's what any starting realationship could ask for right? RIGHT! But maybe if he aint sayin shit like "I've searched my whole LIFE for you" Now we are all afraid of the "L" word too soon. But The other "L" word that we are afraid of seems to be a little less perminant than LOVE. LIFE is some deep shit. He also sy's things like "you are music to my soul" mind you I've only known this man a week and we had sex three times before our first date. " The only person I saw at the BAR is YOU" , " i want to get a bigger bed for US" and here's the really creepy one " I used to see you wlking down potomac and I told my roomate as i saw you 'that is the man I want to marry'". Why do theyhave to fallinlove so puick? Now don't get me wrong, I do like the boy, He's sweet, makes me feel special and is GREAT in bed. I told him of my plans to mopve to new york late summer, early fall, and he gets sad and says he wants to stick around. NO NO. So i guess we'll see how this boyfriend thing fits me. I've been asking for one and I finally got one. But I feel I'm lookin for a differnt fit. One thats not too clingy. S0 there it is BOOM BABY!!! news. I've missed updating and since my technical promblem is gone I will do so more often. So untill then Peace and love.

Oh I forgot to mention paris in tornto my first club night in toronto and the breaking of my sexual draught of 4 months. I LOVE TORONTO!!! chow.
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02/17/05 10:13 - ID#22432

Things that make you go hmmmm?

Well.... I'm just going to get straight to the point, A dear girlfriend of mine invited me to move to the Big Apple with her at the end of this summer and I am more than considering goinig. I want to live fabulous darling, with a condo, super model servants and martinis in the morning. But I get worried of course, you see many, many men have braved this same journey I wish to embark. And Failed. Came runnin back home with their heads down and their tails between their legs. Crying, broke. NOt I though. When I move to the city with the crack headed case of insomnia I'm not coming back poor and shamed. HOney when I come back it's gone be a limbo, with super model servants and martinis on the road. I'm gone be smilin high and kissin babies. Yeeeah we gone party like jesus gave us a personal letter sayin "ya mutha fuckas only got 12 mo hours.". And in the mo-nin, get high! But I can't stay though, nooooo a mans got a lot of work to but I'll see yah soon wtih mo honeys, mo super model servants, and mo martinis in tha mo-nin, holla at cha boy! In other words if all goes right I will be leaving august 30th. Wish me luck!
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02/09/05 07:31 - ID#22431

i look suspect

So listen to this shit. On my nice, quiet, peaceful walk lastnight at about 5:30 a.m. on symphony circle I intercepted a police officer. He rolls down his window, and says "whats up?" I said "nothing" he said "go ahead" and I crossed the walk. 3 minsuets later, same cop car cruises pass, and then again 2 minuets later, and then finally pulled me over and satrted asking me questions about where i been and where I'm going and shit. I say "it aint no thang mr. officer man, you see I was just at my hoe's house right, we just got home from the bar feelin sexy and shit. We started drinkin,and started geeting a little high, baby we wre fucked up. But I had to go home see because her man will be comin home at six and shit and the last time his ass comes home early and closed up her eye and my eye. Infact that might be the one you lookin fo." So the police officer walkie talkied me in to the office and shit right. " did you get a look at this guy?" he says to the bitch at the desk. " Black male. about six foot. (damn!) and a Hoodie". I say to the officer I don't wear hoodies. And he let me go. oh and when he took off I yelled "FUCK, FUCK THE POLICE!"
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01/23/05 10:08 - ID#22430


my oh my what a wonderful day! Paul thanks for the lovely eve. The party last night was of da chain! Ex- F.B. graced us with his presence. Dance party was also on! Thwe only thing that could of made lastnight even better is if (e:southernyankee) was here. anywho I am at a loss for words and I am le tired. chow all.
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01/13/05 08:37 - ID#22429

i'm coming out!

Well more like jumping and dancing very sexily, out of a giant cake. After months and months of offering my "talents" I finally got a gig. A co-worker of mine will be getting married this spring and heard of my verbal advertisements of exotic dancing, which I think I do so well but never really tried. The tentative plan is that I am to jump out of this cake brought to you by our own "party city", do my thang and then join some fellow male co-workers and do a full monty sorta thing. So in preperation for this event I have decided and to work out more with senior (e:peep) terry. And eat healthier, I must look fabulous for this night, fabulous I'll tell you. wish me luck!
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12/22/04 10:47 - ID#22428


Once again i have neglected my journal. So to pay some ketchup:
Met a boy, A GAY boy finally just before thanksgiving. we hang out one friday, we hit it off pretty well. He sleeps over and has some of dis chocolate love potion. He goes back home the next morning and we talk everyday on the phone for a week; I think he really likes me. the following friday (one week later) we make plans to hang out again and I even take the following saturday off. He says to me on the phone one friday evening at 8:38 p.m. "I am finishing some stuff here at school, I will see you in a couple of hours or call you. Coo. Do you think the mutha fucka showed up? Hell naw! Haven't seen the mutha fucka since. I called the mutha fucka two mutha fucka times. But the mutha fucka never called me back. I called his mutha fucka mama. She gon act like tha mutha fucka aint home. I started to cus her mutha fuckin ass out! But i don't want no mutha fuckin trouble. I haven't seen the mutha fuck to this day. Fuck that mutha fucka. I have decided that I am just not meant to have a boyfriend as of right now. So now I'm back; Hang on to your husbands ladies! Besides that minor setback the past month has been a lot of fun. The (e:Nparkproject) party was also a lot of fun. YOu guys rock. And there has been so many CHRISTMAS PARTIES, to turn scrooge into a believer, and it's not even new years. Totally stoked about (e:southernyankee)'s arrival. I need a good dance partner. NOw tha I am out of words I will leave you all with this favor, If any of you see a tall thin white boym woth blue eye's and answers to the name "Kyle". walk up to him and ask the mutha fucka for my mutha fuckin money. Because if you are going to take some of this chocolate love potion and then take off like that, I gosta charge ya. Oh and I never called his mother. Happy holidays E peeps stay warm and safe for the season.
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11/16/04 08:28 - ID#22427

it's sexual

yo yo yo who dat be? tk on the m.i.c. It's been along time since i've posted last and things are still getting weirder and weirder. I've had sexual encounters with two straight boys in the last month. First one turned out to be an emotional wreck and believes that he has destroyed other deminsions (LEAPED!) The second straight boy I actually met through his girlfriend. And on our second meeting was awt a party last week and he asks me completely out of no where "tk would you like to come outside and have a "three way kiss" with my girlfriend and I? I said "excuse me?" He said "would you like to come outside and have a "three way kiss" with my girlfriend and I? NOw m,ind you I and really drunk and High, and i never had anyone straight out ask me something like that. So i say "O.K." Trashy as it may seem (which it is ofcourse) I go OUTSIDE with them on the side of old bossy boys house and I am making out with "straight boy" and his girlfriend who I actually know from work. He starts getting touchy feely and goes down my pants, grabs my erect peter weter, bends down and commence oral pleasure. So after a minute or two (because he did do a good job) I made him stop. I told him it was going too far and that I was gong in the house. Ten minutes later girlfriend gets sick and throws up, "straight boy puts her in bed because she wanted to lay down. He follows me outside and we start up where we left off. Once again he start going for the member massage so I stopped him. Said thanks and went back in the house. What is it with these straight boys searcing me out and messing with me? Is it because your girlfriend ain't doing somethin right? Is it you think your really gay? Or is it just sexual?
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10/09/04 03:58 - ID#22426

the BIG day

Today is the day that our dear friend and fellow (e:peep), will be wed. (e:trisha) best of wishes to you and paul (not (e:paul)) and I hope this day will be everything you want and more. Against my wishes, I was not able to jump oiut of the wedding cake as originally planned but thats ok; I didn't want to get frosting on my homemade outfit anyway. As of now (e:terry), (e:matthew), (e:paul), (e:tina), (e:lilho), (e:thesimeon), (e:holly), and my self are getting ourselves all prettied up for this glorious event. We are waitng for diva ((e:southernyankee)) to get here which is no surprise because she is always fashionably late. So for all of you out there please wish our dear friends a beautiful day. love and peace.
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