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08/29/04 04:29 - ID#22416

pony pony poo

Hello my pony pony poo. what is going on with you? my money makey makey you, to do a dancey dancey doo. To see your tickey tickey too, and do the shakey shakey shoo. My pony pony poo, why you blackey blackey blue? I touched your cakey cakey coo, and made you achey achey ooh. Oh my pony pony poo, i want to takey takey you, to my rackey rackey roo, and lackey lackey you!
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08/24/04 11:22 - ID#22415

jacket iz la found

thanks to the keen eyes of matthew, my precious jacket was recovered. Thank you and lets party again!
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08/21/04 10:40 - ID#22414

post script

Another great thing about great parties is remembering things from that night, and you all have laughs and everyone has different stories about that same party that they remember. I remeber NOW that I don't have my blue jean retro jacket. and that sadenss me. And when I get sad, people die. So yeah.......
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08/21/04 08:42 - ID#22413

I love the nightlife

Well well well, If you were not at the BASH lastnight you missed out! There were socializing, boozin, dancin, lovin, laughin, mettin, schmokin, passing out on cars, "flaling", eatin, and just utter utter good times. Feel good time was in full affect. There were friends, not so good friends, ex boys, new boys, bumpin girls, birthday boyz, navy boyz. So yes jacksmack it was "flash light, neon lights," Party lights, ALL NITE. People lookin tight, sooo nice, thats what I like. Trisha THANK YOU for the dances. We lit the place a fire. I was there From start untill the very end. So to all thel one hundred and four of you who were in the place to be last night Thank you, and keep on rockin in the free world!
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08/16/04 12:27 - ID#22412

monday recovery day #1 (thank you's)

First i would like to give thanks to everyone who were around on my birthday. You have given me the best birthday ever. After a whole week of sex, drugs and rock and roll, my body is paying the toll. Dancing sleep less nights and friends makes my world go round. i did not get home saturday untill 9 the next morining. my cousin was home by then, asleep on my couch. I got juicy details and a new boy trouble. Something about sitting in the backseat of a car and the person in the passenger side is facing and gropeing you. But thats as far as it went. Sex with two different people in one week will not sit well with me. And i'm sure i will be seeing this boy again, and maybe nextt time he will get lucky. Rachel I must tell you my total surprise when you guys brought out the cake; it was a very special thing to me and I nearly cried. Southern yankee, thanks for the cd and the pretty, wrapping paper. Matt, paul and terry thanks for the jim bean black, although I don't know whre it is right now. And thanks for the fun at underground. Fredia, Thank you for being there. Jill it's ALWAYS a pleasure hanging around you. You can seriously bring cheer to a funeral. Holly thanks for the ride in your car. I look forward to our next celebration. Untill then I must sleep. Good night to you all. muah!
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08/05/04 05:28 - ID#22411

21 years gold

August 14th.I'm 21 years gold it's time for me to start drinking! :)
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08/05/04 05:16 - ID#22410

Straight man update

Things just seem to get weirder and weirder. Twin #2 likes to go to gay bars with me and "pretend to be your boyfriend". Why? Dosen't he know that he is blocking any potential ass that could cum my way? Or when I'm really drunk (which I tend not to so much) I will treat you just like my boyfriend (watch out now!). Or just maybe the fact that it is just plain weird for you do to that and claim to be a complete heterosexual male. I have thought of only one reason this straight man adventure has not come to an end; and that is because I don't have a boyfriend. You see if I had a boyfriend there will be no more " yo tk I like you, you're one sexy BITCH."- Brian "I don't see why men are not crawling all over you, If I WAS GAY I would be". -nlsn Or my personal favorate: " Tk you would be my lover If I WAS GAY".- just about all of them. No if I had a SIGNIFICANT OTHER, none of that would happen. I would not seem so avaliable to this "straight boy flirts with gay boy" bullshit. Now don't get me wrong, I flirt back. Who would'nt like handsome men around them flirting and buying drinks. I love most of them, some are even my friends. But non the less, it's entertaing. So untill one of those things called "boyfriends" come along, I guess I will remain the straight boys curiosity. Hell it's fun.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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