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08/28/06 02:56 - 69ºF - ID#22474

happy happy birthday!!!!!

.... From all of us to you, we wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY may all your dreams come true!!!! Happy birthday Terry, Im glad to see it was a good one!!! Yo Bitch- TK (eat snacky smores)
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Location: Buffalo, NY

08/27/06 06:43 - 78ºF - ID#22473

tainted lub

With my vacation is coming to a close i must say there is a lot of this city i miss, the empty sidewalks, it's not as hot, my peeps, all the dancing it really makes me miss livng herr a lot. There are things that I am definetly not going to miss when I go back and am glad to be away from that all. i haven't had a sober night since I got home which I guess is no surprise. The pink is standing which was a pleasent surprise. i think if buffalo was atomic bombed the only thing that would survive is the cock roaches, the hippies and the pink. God bless it! Um real quick what happened to LaLuna and when did it get crazy crowded and crazy lame??? The 90's thing was ok I guess but the people ther Oh my gosh where did all fall out of?!?! Big ups to my homie Queefa on turnin 27, remember you are not old yet and the best years are not behind you. eat snacky smores, i never wanted an older brother. (e:lilho) and (e:southernyankee) and my night and you throw a little terry in there and it was back to the older days. It's good to see some people just don't fall off the face of the earth. lilhos best quote of the night "so how many pregnants are you??" constant source of entertainment she is. (e:mike) how I love poisining myself with you, you make it taste soooo good! southernyankee the next time you visit NYC I will most def be hookin up with you cause it's been too long baby way too long. um i guess thats all i have to say right now; ta darling!
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08/23/06 10:36 - 69ºF - ID#22472


I am here in the b-lo already having goodtimes. MOST boys suck ass, and for all of you make sure to come and seee terry and mike on their birthday saturday night at they new hizzie. peace love and bacon bits.
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08/09/06 12:33 - 75ºF - ID#22471

new city same bullshite.

aint this a bitch! A mutha fuckas turnin 23 and is still not getting any ass. I mean damn; I was close real close but he fucked it up! So now it's back to the drawing board. The ladies love me though; oh yes these hoes stay throwing the tounge at me. I mean really? Honey theres a reason they call us HOMOsexuals. Stop trying to recruit, you all have enough straight boys. And since we on the subject of "straight" boys, my luck really hasn't changed with them either. I'm still hearing the same ol' lines: "I'm not gay but you are one sexy man", or the classic "i'f i was gay I would totally date you". Seriously people........I mean really it's depressing. This is for my fellow african americans who are on this site (3 of you) please tell yo cousins to stop going out in public and act like you have no home training. Just make life easier for all the white people out there who are already intimidated by you. TIP your server please, and please I beg of you when you are out to eat please keep the volume down to about a 6 you all are at about a 18? thanks (P.S.A.). I lost my cellphone on friday night while iwas in the middle of being molested by this chick, who I had to leave in the middle of SOHO. She just wouldn't stop. I really hope everyone is having a great summer and is staying hydrated, I'll see you cats soon. Real soon. NO I'm joking. NO wait no I'm not. (eat snacky smores).
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