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12/30/11 11:33 - ID#55814

folded me over like a Quesadilla

I was told by (e:paul) to coin that phrase. So here it is and yes he (not (e:paul)) sure did!!! Ive never had that done to me before, had my hands, head and my feet pressing up against the same wall and he went to town!!! use your imagination ;) its hot!!!! Quesadilla style!!!! my whole back and neck was in pain for two days. But will i do it again? hell yeah!! just got to limber up first. On another note, it was really awesome being around my friends a havent seen in years last night. It was like 2004 all over again. Love you guys xoxoxo
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12/21/11 11:16 - ID#55780 pmobl

So sick.....

There's only so much a son can take. You always hear that no matter what youre supposed to love your mother. When is it ok to stop loving her because it's hurting you too bad? I know it's getting old but it dosent make it hurt any less. The way I see it is she dosent care enough about me or herself to do the right things and stay out of trouble. Even if she has my support and love. I guess it's not enough for her :( Its the worst feeling knowing that the ONE Person who's supposed to love you unconditionally, dosent care enough to be apart of your life. I'm so sick of going through this and don't know what to do. If this was anybody else I would've have wrote them off a long time ago. But I can't because she's my fucking MOTHER!!! I really wish this would stop. I wouldn't wish this on my enemy, no one should have to go through this. For those of you who have the pleasure of having your mother in your life, even if she is annoying. Hug her and cherish those moments. Because we aren't all fortunate to have some of the simplest things.

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12/14/11 08:00 - ID#55738

Christmas wish.....

I'm not really into christmas like I used to be as a child, but I do like the spirit and energy it brings. In true form I'm not going to spend christmas with my family, instead I will be spending it with friends doing non-christmas things. I haven't been home for the holidays in three years and don't plan to change that this time, because my family ALWAYS piss me off. So this year my only christmas wish is to be happy and that everyone I'm around I know and love to do what truly makes them happy. Happy Holidays to you all, please stay out of the fashion outlets in niagara falls. I'm sick of the shoppers and the christmas music.......fucking silver bells.
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12/10/11 05:43 - ID#55690 pmobl

It's on!!!

This is what I'm going out with tonight? Line up boys!!!

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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