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01/26/04 04:23 - ID#22375


case of the mondays? i don't think so. I had a case of the sudays for some reason. My weekend was not completly dissapointing, I had a Great friday night thanks to the kick ass party at matthew, pauls and terrys house. Alot of people digged my yellow pants. Alot more than i thought anyway. But saturday was a differnt story. Once again I was surrounded by jealousy, this time by a new person. I hate that shit; people really need to get lives, and stop bothering something they can't control. It really ruined my sunday because i did not do what i normally do then. But that part of my life I fear will no longer happen. Which may not be all that bad after all. thank all of you who, made my weekend as much as enjoyable as possible. Tina I love you baby thank you for all the support! But today my day has been going by just lovely. I got up early and took care of some stuff now I am relaxing. I love today! and I love you all! THANK YOU!

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01/19/04 12:44 - ID#22374

the good ol strip

The elmwood strip is definetly something to remember. Where I walk down elmwood at 7 pm and someone beeps at me. So I wave back. I don't know who was in the car but I figured it was a friendly thing to do (bad idea, bad idea tk). The van pops a Uee and drives up next to me and the guy in the van asks me, If i wanted a blow job. I say naturally, "no, no I don't". He pulls over anyway. So i dart down the close by one way off of the strip. Later When i go to a bar off of the strip, I felt up my first fake boobies. This girl at a bar thought that i was soooo cute and beautiful and I quote "I would sooo fuck you if you were stright". Yeah I know you would because you are a girl, and I attract the puss. And this one had nice 45 hundred dollar boobies. This girl turned out to be a really cool person and she and I made a date to meet up at the same bar the night she bartends. If ANY of you would like to join me, give me a holla. I would rather not go alone to a bar, but I would if I have to because I pinky promised her I would. After that when I was walking down the strip I made up a really cool song to sing that I enjoyed and will have to write down tonight. These things only happen to you if you hang around elmwood strip, so why hang out any where else?
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01/16/04 08:29 - ID#22373

The Profiler

I would like to encourage everyone to try out the elmwood profiler. Give a shout out to your favorite user on the site or whoever else the fuck you would like to shout out to. It is on pauls and the elmwood journal. peace and love. stay clean!
p.s. if anyone would like to shout out at me i think it would be dope, it will be something to get me off for the next few nights when i am alone. Just say things like "oh Flacidness i think youz so fiiiine" or "flacid boy I want you in my bed so bad" thank you for help out a lonely man.
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01/13/04 02:28 - ID#22372

my song of the week

my song, although it has nothing to do with my last entry, besides the fact that is makes me feel better is

"listen to the music" by The Doobie Brothers

click my user image for a small clip.
thank you

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01/13/04 02:24 - ID#22371

smell of the past

Last week as i was sitting in my livingroom, I noticed a certain smell. The smell came sharp and it gave me a headache. Then after my mind was sent back to a memory that i have forgotten about and for good reason. That smell would fill every room in our big house. I knew waht was gong on then but i tried to ignore it; but you can't becuase when after the smell horrible things would happen to the one i loved the most. Years went by and the smell would come back and linger. The only thing i could do was run, so i ran. Can't really say if where i ran was better off, but atleast i got away from the hurt that my siblings fought. I probably should have been there for them, I mean what kind of big brother are you when you don't even prtect your own family. But it was too much to ask off someone of such a young age. Eventually we parted, and the smell and I would never meet again untill now. What am I going to do now?, I would stand and fight but you can't fight what you can't see. I run from the smell of hell.
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01/07/04 08:06 - ID#22370

last free day

Today maybe my last free day for a little while. Seeing that i have and interview for a job tommorow. I am pretty confident that i will get the job. I am gong to the market arcade tommorow at 5:00 pm. So If i start working there i wll be able to see free movies! I don't know how much i will use that unless someone would come with me (hint hint) Ii will be able to bring to people along with me also. It will be good to get back into the work force even if it's part time. Being strapt for cash is not really something i am a big fan of. And i also noticed that not many people has typed aything today. Whats up wit dat yo?
So on my last free day i would like to hang out ALOT. Because once i start working and I start gong back to school this semester. I wont be seen much. Which could make some people happy, but whatever, you can't please them all right? Anywho for those of you who will read this, wish me luck and you guys enjoy your free days; for they maybe few and far between.
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01/06/04 02:55 - ID#22369

stank ass

Crayola - Girl i'm at the club last night and I'm doin it, I mean I was shakin it so fast that I caught a cramp. Then I saw this dude, he was white but whatever. He came up to me and gave me a cigarette and-
Laquindella - bitch when did you start smokin?
- when i thought i was preganant, but thats not important right now. We drinkin some Alize and Henny. Then we go back to his place and we go at it. I stop to feel his shit, cause you remember that whole thing wit mr. big dick and I wasn't down wit gettin my cookie broken up again. I felt it, it was normal size, so i let him take off his pants. Then all of a sudden i started to smell something. It sorta smelled like shit. SO i started to smell my own shit, I mean i know i haven't douched in about 2 months but damn this shit reeked.
- Did something crawl up your poonanie?
- wait bitch, I have never had a complaint with the poonanie odor department.
- me niether
- oooh HI five for the clean poonanie. Anyway this shit i was smellin, was shit, his shit! This bitch didn't wash his ass! He waved that ass by my face I damn near dehydrated.
- Ill girl what did you do?
- Got up put on my clothes and left, shit. He was hard and everything girl. He betta jerk that little pink dick. I told him he didn't want to mess wit a sista no way. You know what they say "once you go black..."
- ......
- "you might get stabbed"
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01/02/04 11:48 - ID#22368

my song of the week

Inlight of that last entire (ramble) i just posted,
my song of the week is "open your heart to me" by madonna
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01/02/04 11:41 - ID#22367


Sometimes i wish i could possibly write down EVERYTHING that is on my mind. That i would have a little computer attatched to me and everything i thought would display in my journal. But then i thought it would sound like shit, It would sound like a whole bunch of ramble and things that don't make sense. Everyday to me is another chance to make it different. I was told if I wanted to I could make it different. But i find it so hard. My routine, is so planted that i can't see myself doing anything else. At night i would pray for forgivness. But a couple of nights ago when i was going to I stopped right in the middle of it. I didn't ask for forgivness because i didn't feel I did anything wrong that day. Sure ofcourse if god is a big of an asshole as everyone make him out to be, I would have done something wrong, but I felt different. There was a reason I was doing these "wrong" things. I do it to my self so why am I asking someone I have never seen before for forgivness. I should ask myself for it. I would do so much to myself that hurts me. Still looking for relationship satisfaction, is still on my mind. I have a boy i guess you could say I am "seeing". I have never mentioned him on here before. Maybe for good reason. What am I doing for him. Am I some new person who he feels comfortable around. Someone that he tells things too that he normally wouldn't say infront of his other friends. Or maybe just simply another piece of ass that he can add to his list. Maybe this guy is the release i have been searching for, or i am selling myself short, and just settleing. Man it can get confusing right? Sometimes i wish that i could read minds, it would make it so much more easier so I know if i am going to get hurt again or to keep at this. But then why should I have that gift. Sometimes one could feel like they have that sixth sense. But i always asked, if I could read minds, would i even speak? This boy like a couple of others has definetly gotten under my skin. But I fear just like the couple others, he will hurt me. So I don't get too close. I try to hang out with other people to occupy time where i am not thinking about him. I've been good about it sometimes. I have great friends who draw my attention other places.
I say to myself, TK don't do this to yourself again. It is hopeless, to hope. How dare you. But then again I can't help but to feel that this one might actually "like me". NOw don't get me wrong I am not asking for the world from him. I am not asking for everlasting night walks and LOVE. I am just asking for someone to appreciate me. To actually say "TK yeah the boy i sleep with,...yeah I like him he's a cool guy". But that can be too much to ask for from some people I've come to know. Thats why i haven't given up on it. Love that is. I feel if somebody actually "loves" you and you to them, there should be no boundries. There should be PRAISE. You should be happy just because they walked into the same room that you're sitting in. You can be upset with them, but something about you will look over that simple shit and try to work through it. You have to work for what you want, it's not going to be easy and everyone is not ready for the trials. We want to be lazy and just simply move on and try to find that easy person. No one is going to be easy. No one is going to fall right into our laps and do and be what ever we want. Thats why we are Humans; we have minds of our own and think for ourselves. Well most of us anyway. So grab that "mr. right now" then eventually see if that "now" part will just float away. Thats why I am not letting go of this one so easy and I suggest the same thing to you out there. If you want it, fuckin go get it. I can have it, and you can have it. We will find the one who will praise us.
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01/02/04 07:22 - ID#22366

dude where's my job

It has been a month and a week now, and it feels like eternity. That's how long it has been since I've been unemployed. And that's a bitch. I had a job everyday since 2000, and now look at me. No job, no love. Woe to me, woe to me. I need to work, It's getting to cold to go to the corner at night and drop it like it's hot. I can't even let it down like it's warm anymore either. So if any of you know of ANY job opening, please, please, please let a nigga know. I am very talented, I work really good with people, especially men. I am very good with my hands, they move quite quickly. I love to talk, but my mouth works best when it's full. I am normally avaliable for work in the late night when mothers and children are sleep. So if any of you know of anyone looking to put this tall handsome youngman to work call me at 883-0688. Then give me about 20 min to prepare my "work station" thank you and I am here for you
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