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04/24/04 10:26 - ID#22389

keep your hands to yourself

"i can resist everything but temptation."- oscar wilde. One of the first things we learn in school, is to keep your hands to yourself. It makes everything so much more easier. But the temptation is there, and you know nothing good will come from giving into your id. The forbidden fruit must be tasted; It's in our blood (thanks eve). Well i ran into my "fiance hurtle" again. And I tried to leap him. But he was too high off the ground and I tripped and fell to the ground. While on the ground I met someone else. Prince Albert. Now I have only heard of him through word of mouth and seeing him in photos. To met the prince in person was truly shocking. I had no warning he would be coming to see me; Though when he did let me tell you he was really excited (wink, wink). So me having little morals, did what anyone rational person would do if they had a hot guy crawling all over them and you have never played with the prince before. After everything was said and done that night a little guilt bug crawled on my shoulder. "He has a fiance." Thats right he does. Well I never liked the bitch anyway, and he was asking for it. SO should I be the one to feel like I did something wrong? If you were in the same position would you feel wrong? Hell NO! I odnt feel the slightest bit bad for what I did.I have no attatchments to anyone; therefore I have no one to explain myself to. And if any of oyu think differently. Or think that I am a bad person for what I did. KISS MY ASS! Your acceptance is not required nor desired. There is this old sayin for all of you noisy assholes who think they should have an opinion about everyone elses life."sweep around your own front door. Before you try to sweep around mine." and with that I say good night!
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04/15/04 11:07 - ID#22388


What do you do when you meet that special somone, and they uncover their dark past to you? SHould you hold it against them? Should you try to forget about it? my answer to that is. NO and NO. Dont dwell on the past too much. Especially if it dosen't include you. But don't forget either. Keep that stored away in a little box. That way if their ugly past rears it's head, you'll be ready for it. And if you really love that special someone. Don't keep any secrets from them. If this is the one, then their past is just as much of their buisness as it is yours. Secrets leads to deception. And then lies. And the worst thing that could happen is that they find out the ugliness from someone else. So lay it all out on the table for them. It's easier. Because then you will know if they are truly yours. If they don't like it, then it's 'see you late bye!' Boundries are forbidden in a true relationship. Dont hold back girl. Go get him! The future is yours, and you must gobble it up like a buffet.
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04/07/04 12:20 - ID#22387

the thin line between work and pleasure

There is always this line drawn, seperating buisness and pleasure. The line should never be crossed you're told. But you can't help to curiously gaze at the pleasure side and see wahts over there. Then you start hanging out with co-workers to make tighter friendships. And then it happens. You begin to fall for one; and thats when things get a little spicy. NOw I have had a few experiences hoping the line. have fooled around and even had sex with co-workers. And then it's a toss up about how you would act together in the workplace.A couple turned out bad, and others turned out to be enjoyable. I always like to think I make the right decisions, and I have been in this situations many times. And when you become so experienced in something, and you look closely enough, you can see the foreshadowing before your curiosity gets the best of you, and trouble is started. This will probably not be forever (nothing is), so I think I will walk the path I have taken so many times before. Wish me luck.
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04/07/04 12:12 - ID#22386

all lets dig it baby!

I am a little late with updating about ho's party. Maybe I am still trying to recover. I haven't had a drink since then. But thats going to change tonight. anywho I had the best time there I've had since camping. Everyone were in good spirits and everything. We came up with really kooky ways to entertain ourselves. I don't think we still got the plural for octopus, but we did figure out that the plural for black man is gang. CLever huh? You see thats what enibriated minds think of. MIX cd was awsome. and now back to real life. love all
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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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