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12/17/06 01:41 - 46ºF - ID#22476

pu pu platter

mixed messages from Mr.weed but who knows.......why are gay guys soooo complicated, and needy. you know although my dear friend (e:terry) loathe the police, i never shared feeling with him. That was until i was stopped by not one, not two, not three, not even fuckin four but SIX mutha fuckin cops stopped my skinny but nice ass in the middle of the street in Brooklyn at 9:30 a.m. I mean a bitch is just on his way to work sunday morning off of three hours of drunken sleep and i get six cops up my ass. not literally, but they did go through my pockets and my back pack, ran my I.D. (which i just got back yaaaaay!). They made me later to work and didn't like the fact that i wwas mouthing off at them, cause i know my rights. They did take my bat (smokin weed device in the shape of a bat). which i didn't care really there a dime a dozen. they said they did it because they heard of suspicous activity in the fuckin neighborhood. whatever i don't what about my sexy slim exterior, or my natural sway of hips when i walk, that says threghtning blackman. maybe thats just me. so i say with all my heart FUCK THE POLICE!!!!! (eat snacky smores)
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12/05/06 12:10 - 24ºF - ID#22475

I have a headache!!!

Yes so its been a while, a good while. Time really F-ing flies. New York has still never seems to get dull, either you really love it some days or some days you are about to break out in tears because the day is going by soooo bad. I was having the worst day on the subway and it was pouring, and hot the train got stuck and the pimple on my forehead burst on its own i swear it did. I have shut my self in my apt and turned off my phone, that's how i manage not to go out and get into any trouble. i just started going to gay clubs in the beginning of November...... it was o.k. I did start talking to some guy there who was dancing AT me but not with me, but of course he had a heavy accent and it was hard to understand over the house music. Oh and the club was going to close in about five minutes. WAY TO GO PIMP!!! I got his numba we hung out i don't know where its going, you know what I can't even get into all this crazy homo boy straight buy shit I get myself into here i will be typing all day. I met a boy whose last name is weed, now he's a major homo in my life, jealous homos threatening to attack me. Straight boys trying to get threesomes with me and some chick. You know things really don't change much. There are a lot more more roaches her though you do have to watch out for those in the street. I saw cyndi lauper sitting down eating while i was working one day. And rosanne barr who winked at me (yay). MYA was there at the bar, so was M.C. Hammer. I lost my wallet thanksgiving night (yeah thanks a lot). I had that I.D. for three weeks aint that a bitch. I wanna give a shout out to my peeps at home (e:lilho) i'll call you baby, (e:Paul) , (e:terry) , (e:matthew), I will see you soon. (e:hodown) hit me up on the celly luva it's been too long (yo all that was mad gansta, i should be a rapper) peace love-TK
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