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03/16/07 02:03 - 27ºF - ID#38488

new shit old shit

sooooo i am moving on the the tiny island of Manhattan now yaaaaay! I am gonna wake up every morning to the fresh smell of car exhaust, and subtle horse shit. There are some advantages to living on this over crowed strip o land is how fast i will get home now. What once took me 35 mins express to get to work will now take me 15 20 or so. and believe me that matters. $10 cab ride home dosent hurteither. I am moving in with a bartender I work with and a cocktail waiter. I also got a new phone again (surprise!). This time its one o those expensive ones called a blackberry through sprint. Im getting it turned on within the next days or so. Hopefully i will hold on to it, it did come with one of those belt clips but i don't know about that i should attatch it to my balls or something. Gay boy blues o course i have no luck with them still, I still have my good riend mr. weed (micheal) whose more than enough of a handful right now, if this is what haveing a "boyfriend" i clock out dude. I mean he is not even my man but damn betweens the constant phone calls, all the "i love yous", and baby talk, ick. But i love it ofcourse. HAPPY BIRFDAY MATT!!!!! i know yo party gone kick ass and stay thin baby keep repin 4 the skinny boys! Oh I met P Diddy and seerna williams a couple weeks ago. P Diddy held a little party for his son at my job and right when i was goning to get off work my manager asked me to stay and work a party and it was rumored it was Diddy. Now I am not a big fan of him at all but you know why not. Turns out he's laid back, undemanding, and his kids were well behaved (THANK GOD!!!) Anyway I didn't really serve him food they ate off the buffet i just chilled. He handed me me a $100 when he left for three hours of work...not bad. I went to the closing night of one of NYC's biggest gay clubs last week, I left that bitch at 7 a.m. with micheal of course. and the club was still packed wall to wall with homos. had to been at least 4000 sissys in there, and a few girls. Never doin that shit again! Anywho gotta watch some more T.V. before you know get some down time in before i have to dive in to the pit tonight. bye bye loves I miss you all! -TK p.s. did i mention i hoooked up with another fuckin straight guy two nights ago? (old shit)
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02/25/07 08:46 - 28ºF - ID#38280

dreams can come

random. seriously i mean from having oscar awards predictions, to hanging out with marilyn monroe and JFK at house parties, being at anna nicole sniths funeral just weird don't youthink????
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02/23/07 02:32 - 22ºF - ID#38252

i want to touch you...

your just, made for love! ok so i hate a lot more things now just to start: wind, NYPD (again)these bastards wont leave me alone. kids. tourists, another homosexual boy, subway system late nights. and the crying white boys on the radio who call it singing. New York will turn has turned my small brittle heart even colder the past fewmonths. but i still dig it HHHEEEEEYYY!!! So since i own a laptop top computer i guess i should put it to use. its been dusty the last few months. It still can't use these things for some reason. big ups to Queefa and all the homies in the B-LO love yall bug time! p.s. so i heard that Hillary Clinton just blew it big time!!!!
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12/17/06 01:41 - 46ºF - ID#22476

pu pu platter

mixed messages from Mr.weed but who knows.......why are gay guys soooo complicated, and needy. you know although my dear friend (e:terry) loathe the police, i never shared feeling with him. That was until i was stopped by not one, not two, not three, not even fuckin four but SIX mutha fuckin cops stopped my skinny but nice ass in the middle of the street in Brooklyn at 9:30 a.m. I mean a bitch is just on his way to work sunday morning off of three hours of drunken sleep and i get six cops up my ass. not literally, but they did go through my pockets and my back pack, ran my I.D. (which i just got back yaaaaay!). They made me later to work and didn't like the fact that i wwas mouthing off at them, cause i know my rights. They did take my bat (smokin weed device in the shape of a bat). which i didn't care really there a dime a dozen. they said they did it because they heard of suspicous activity in the fuckin neighborhood. whatever i don't what about my sexy slim exterior, or my natural sway of hips when i walk, that says threghtning blackman. maybe thats just me. so i say with all my heart FUCK THE POLICE!!!!! (eat snacky smores)
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12/05/06 12:10 - 24ºF - ID#22475

I have a headache!!!

Yes so its been a while, a good while. Time really F-ing flies. New York has still never seems to get dull, either you really love it some days or some days you are about to break out in tears because the day is going by soooo bad. I was having the worst day on the subway and it was pouring, and hot the train got stuck and the pimple on my forehead burst on its own i swear it did. I have shut my self in my apt and turned off my phone, that's how i manage not to go out and get into any trouble. i just started going to gay clubs in the beginning of November...... it was o.k. I did start talking to some guy there who was dancing AT me but not with me, but of course he had a heavy accent and it was hard to understand over the house music. Oh and the club was going to close in about five minutes. WAY TO GO PIMP!!! I got his numba we hung out i don't know where its going, you know what I can't even get into all this crazy homo boy straight buy shit I get myself into here i will be typing all day. I met a boy whose last name is weed, now he's a major homo in my life, jealous homos threatening to attack me. Straight boys trying to get threesomes with me and some chick. You know things really don't change much. There are a lot more more roaches her though you do have to watch out for those in the street. I saw cyndi lauper sitting down eating while i was working one day. And rosanne barr who winked at me (yay). MYA was there at the bar, so was M.C. Hammer. I lost my wallet thanksgiving night (yeah thanks a lot). I had that I.D. for three weeks aint that a bitch. I wanna give a shout out to my peeps at home (e:lilho) i'll call you baby, (e:Paul) , (e:terry) , (e:matthew), I will see you soon. (e:hodown) hit me up on the celly luva it's been too long (yo all that was mad gansta, i should be a rapper) peace love-TK
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08/28/06 02:56 - 69ºF - ID#22474

happy happy birthday!!!!!

.... From all of us to you, we wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY may all your dreams come true!!!! Happy birthday Terry, Im glad to see it was a good one!!! Yo Bitch- TK (eat snacky smores)
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08/27/06 06:43 - 78ºF - ID#22473

tainted lub

With my vacation is coming to a close i must say there is a lot of this city i miss, the empty sidewalks, it's not as hot, my peeps, all the dancing it really makes me miss livng herr a lot. There are things that I am definetly not going to miss when I go back and am glad to be away from that all. i haven't had a sober night since I got home which I guess is no surprise. The pink is standing which was a pleasent surprise. i think if buffalo was atomic bombed the only thing that would survive is the cock roaches, the hippies and the pink. God bless it! Um real quick what happened to LaLuna and when did it get crazy crowded and crazy lame??? The 90's thing was ok I guess but the people ther Oh my gosh where did all fall out of?!?! Big ups to my homie Queefa on turnin 27, remember you are not old yet and the best years are not behind you. eat snacky smores, i never wanted an older brother. (e:lilho) and (e:southernyankee) and my night and you throw a little terry in there and it was back to the older days. It's good to see some people just don't fall off the face of the earth. lilhos best quote of the night "so how many pregnants are you??" constant source of entertainment she is. (e:mike) how I love poisining myself with you, you make it taste soooo good! southernyankee the next time you visit NYC I will most def be hookin up with you cause it's been too long baby way too long. um i guess thats all i have to say right now; ta darling!
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08/23/06 10:36 - 69ºF - ID#22472


I am here in the b-lo already having goodtimes. MOST boys suck ass, and for all of you make sure to come and seee terry and mike on their birthday saturday night at they new hizzie. peace love and bacon bits.
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08/09/06 12:33 - 75ºF - ID#22471

new city same bullshite.

aint this a bitch! A mutha fuckas turnin 23 and is still not getting any ass. I mean damn; I was close real close but he fucked it up! So now it's back to the drawing board. The ladies love me though; oh yes these hoes stay throwing the tounge at me. I mean really? Honey theres a reason they call us HOMOsexuals. Stop trying to recruit, you all have enough straight boys. And since we on the subject of "straight" boys, my luck really hasn't changed with them either. I'm still hearing the same ol' lines: "I'm not gay but you are one sexy man", or the classic "i'f i was gay I would totally date you". Seriously people........I mean really it's depressing. This is for my fellow african americans who are on this site (3 of you) please tell yo cousins to stop going out in public and act like you have no home training. Just make life easier for all the white people out there who are already intimidated by you. TIP your server please, and please I beg of you when you are out to eat please keep the volume down to about a 6 you all are at about a 18? thanks (P.S.A.). I lost my cellphone on friday night while iwas in the middle of being molested by this chick, who I had to leave in the middle of SOHO. She just wouldn't stop. I really hope everyone is having a great summer and is staying hydrated, I'll see you cats soon. Real soon. NO I'm joking. NO wait no I'm not. (eat snacky smores).
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07/28/06 04:33 - 80ºF - ID#22470

kiss the boys and make them cry

you better keep and eye on your boys and lock 'em up tight.
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