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09/23/03 07:08 - ID#22334

song of the week

"summertime" by: beyonce
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09/23/03 05:38 - ID#22333

cool banner now

come and pet the P.U.S.S.Y! hey hey hey there's a song i love. I still haven't heard from my friend and of course i am a little worried about her. I talked to my dad a couple of days ago, but i still haven't talked to my mother; I am a little less worried about her because if anything happen to her i can now be contacted. Now that my phone is on.I am going to try and improve the lok of my banner with pauls help hopefully. Thank you paul for the help thus far! soon i want to put up pictures of my self up in here, but i haven't fpund any i really like besides the one of me and my friend Anna at our senior prom. So that will be in here soon enough.especially once i use this journal more. My new job is going pretty good. I work at DVD DOT it's a movie rental store. We have 9 employees 6 of which are gay or BI. We had a talk about that one day when we were at the only girl employee's apt. We think our boss is a closet case; thats why he hired so many homo's. It's funny...... to us anyway. In a couple of weeks i am going to visit a firend of mine in st. catherines, i miss her a lot but she is doing good so that makes me happy. Club Marcellas had been redecorated. The WHOLE first half of the bar is ALL animal print; even on the bar stools. I think they might have went a bit too far but hey different storkes right. Other than that it's the same club, new queens, same stuff. blah. Sohere is hold a foam party 2. I missed the first one but plan to make this one. You dance in 6 feet of bubbles which should be a lot of fun. I always wanted to dance in bubbles, just like the music video by janet jackson. anywho i am out of things to say, see you around.
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09/23/03 04:30 - ID#22331

mystique and J.J.

i am trying o make my journal more dashing like my friends, so i am attempting to put a picture of mystique(my favorite x-men) picture on here. ANd since i know all of shit about computers this should not be easy; but i will try. I will see J.J. again thursday, he is so cute. This picture thing may take all day haha.

yay! there she is. Everybody out there need to recognize the power. x-men 2 the movie will be out on DVD on november 25th i am giong to rent a a week before it comes out from my store.
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09/18/03 10:06 - ID#22330

names and ones

I was inspired by something and i decided to write a poem. I wrote it a couple nights ago and i have been meaning to type it in here. But i never have it with me. So untill you see it i will just tell you the title of it; "names of a loved one" sounds corny i know but i liked it then and i hope i like it when i retrieve it in my room. Thursday is my favorite day, and there is a hurricane down south i we are getting much much lighter of it though. M y main concern is my friend who just moved to north carolina or south carolina i really don't remeber but any way she moved down there this past summer and now i am worried. I hope she is doing ok.
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09/15/03 06:23 - ID#22329

da funkness

This is my first entry in this journal, which was created by my very talented dear friend PAUL. It's a rainy day after, a very nice weekend weather wise and life wise. My weekend was great and i went camping for the first time with my friends matthew, terry, and paul. I't was great times, and i hope i can join them again. Da funkness is in affect yeeeah! blap!
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