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11/25/03 09:32 - ID#22346

Crayola and laquindella quote

Crayola- Girl I need to get a job or some shit, my babyz father is going to stop sendin deez child support checks.

Laquindella- you don't have a baby.

Crayola- Shit,he don't know that.

I will keep it posted when Crayola finds a job.
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11/25/03 09:28 - ID#22345

song of the week- nothing fails

Nothing fails- "I'm in love with you, you silly thing, anyone can see. What is it with you, you silly thing, just take it from me. It was not a chance meeting, feel my heart beating, you're the one. Nothing fails, no more fears, nothing fails, yoiu washed away my fears, nothings fails. I'm not religous but i feel so moved makes me wanna pray, pray oyu'll always be here. I'm not religous but i feel such love, makes me wanna pray.
When i get lost in space i can return to this place cause, you're the one. I'm not religous, but i feel so moved mmmmm, I'm not religous, makes me wanna pray... and it keeps going i will sang this for ya'll one day after i visit my gyno.
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11/25/03 08:58 - ID#22344

goodbye and hello

I say goodbye to DVD dot. It was a cool place to work but now it's time for us to part. As of yesterday, i am no longer an employee at DVD dot. I was discharged for "holding incriminating information" about a certain co-worker. BULLSHIT! So thats my goodbye. I now say hello to elmwood strip officially the 30th of this month. I will be living right off of it on patomac ave. FUN FUN FUN right? haha So i shall be busy either looking for a job or filing for unemployment, which sounds really good right now. And busy moving. BOOM BOOM!Thanksgiving is coming up in two days, that means i must visit Collie, Alien, Gail, Eyvonne, Fredia, Kenita, Alan, Alex, Luara, Tommorow (yes i have a family member named Tommorow) family.......yeah
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11/20/03 09:19 - ID#22343

Oh and, It's funny.
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11/20/03 09:19 - ID#22342

THe World is Not Enough

all the things that I have; Frick my clothes, Frick love, Frick my friends, Frick my rabbit, Frick the pretty pretty sunflowers, Frick BUSH (both of them), Frick sex, Frick my son, Frick my ass, no damn my ass, Frick my worm of sin between my legs, Frick attics, Frick walking dogs, Frick petting cats that lay on my naked body, Frick bubble bath, Frick capital, Frick my books, Frick computers, Frick sickness, Frick being "HEALTHY", Frick models, Frick advertisements, FIrck the media, Frick my hamster, Frick my allergies, Frick hemroids, Frick crabs, Frick wilson farms, Frick LIFE!....why am I not satisfied?
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11/07/03 08:40 - ID#22341

mama's advice

mommy, i went to this party a few weeks ago and everything got all weird. Well first i went into this room and there was this dead cats skeleton sitting in this chair, and then the boy in that room showed me his penis.
Then laduindella showed up and got all in my face sayin that I was sleepin wit her babyz daddy and that she is going to "yank" my ass if i step on her size 8 again. This old man came up behind me and asked me to go into the bathroom with him and i said "NO,NO, hells no!" and when we got in there he started touching my ass and i screamed.
Now i am about seven drinks in and a couple bumps of coke and i hit the bong but i was totally Ok and when i went to the bathroom i pissed in the tug on this chick, and i could have swore it was the toilet anyway she got up and slapped me from two ways ugly and stormed out. I think i am inlove now too. This guy was so nice to me his name was hank and he gave me more beer and then brought into a room where their naked people sitting around and they were screaming at me to shake it and shake it til my clothes come off. And then all of a sudden my clothes fell off and a whole buch of people were kissing me like all over. Then I saw Hank sandwiched between a big black guy and a midget and i thought, I could be with this person for the rest of my life" and so i acted on it, I called and called I even went to his house and since the door was locked so i crawled through the window, and a black eye and two restraining orders later I felt that there needs to be a change I am going to ask him to marry me ma, what do you think?
- go for it honey.
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11/02/03 09:46 - ID#22332

Hollyween weekend

well helloooo,It is now november 2nd and to me it feels like halloween was yesterday. Party party was what was going on up in dis bitch. The boys and holly threw a party and had a HUGE turnout. My skirt was lifted countless times that was funky. I don't know why hula dancer triggers how, wher everyone thinks that you are advertising your ass. F-ing A-holes were at the claremount house. This kid that i work with made quite an impression on those folks there. I got this kick ass tarot card reading and i need to live with my maybe's and stop being so balck and white(yes and no). So i am trying. I guess i was just making out in in piss last night, when Matthew and I woke up and started going at it i felt a wet spot on the florr where my foot fell, but we didn't know what is was.....untill now, ick. I got tied up in some rope by this kid "Shondor" then he decided it would be cool to make out like that. This 45 year old flamer tried to pull my undies off from under my skirt. I mean i was fucked up but not that fucked up where i would let some one do that to me in a kitchen, haha. Good weekend had i by all I assume not on unsatisfied customer, i mean friend. And i hope all of my freinds and new friends enjoyed my...... company, cause i enjoyed theres.

peace love and pigs feet

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