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02/28/08 02:05 - 6ºF - ID#43490

get out the car BITCH!

So people down here can't drive for shit! straight up can't drive. people cut each other off whenever, turn signals just don't exist at all for some reason. they drive infront of the streetcar as if their car would bounce right off it unharmed. Just stupid shit. Yesterday a car cuts off another car and i guess the asshole driver said something rude to the person he cut off, and the other car was not having it. He kept beeping and beeping his horn and tailing the other til they both pulled over and the victim gets out and walks up to the asshole driver saying. "Get out the car bitch, you dissrespecting my wife? Get your bitch-ass out the car. Get the fuck out the car I will beat yo ass Bitch!" the other person did not get out at all or even roll down the window. he just watched the big angry black man scream at him. The man continued to call the man all kinds of Bitches. ii was pretty sure somone was about to start shooting until the asshole driver eventually peeled off. Thats stuff you watch from a distance!!
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Location: Buffalo, NY

02/25/08 08:35 - 27ºF - ID#43461

counrty bumpkin

aight then, well i've been down souf now and let me just say it is something else down here. i'm working at this seafood place called Landry's with my brother. I can't eat about 80 percent of the food but its a cool place. Lots of sibling arguing going on. Mostly my brother and sister because their ego's are bigger than shirleys ass. i haven't had any slap and tickle yet, but i guess it will come with time and better believe i will post about it. the WEATHER here is absolutely wonderful i can't get enough of it like whoa. i'm sure by summer time I will be singing a whole different tune, so my sister and i have already planned to be back upstate New York for a month or so come summer time. yo im sure you all know this already, but these mofo's don't close for shit. the bars stay open and where there isn't a bar there are stores and just about every single one of them sell alcohol. full service. i actually haven't been drunk a lot if you can believe it or not. Just about two nights. trying to keep a clear head, and keep my brother on track. Well thats about it so far i have lots of SHOPPING to do tomorrow, It's all about fashion darling. P.R. P.R. sweetie darling. Love youBuffalo and miss you. Except the ice and snow. That can go to hell. and melt. Tata all.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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OMG welcome!...

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