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10/31/12 01:01 - ID#56863

Happy Halloween e:peeps

Hope it's a safe one and the weather stays like this for a while. See you all at the party!! xoxoxo
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10/16/12 08:12 - ID#56831

what choice do i have?

Hey it's been a long time since I've posted. my journals seem to come in waves. But this is something i want to share about 8 years ago My uncle murdered my aunt by stabbing her over a dozen times. Not sure if i posted about that in 04 but the boys certainly remembers that night because i came to them that night upset. I'm constantly trying to put all the terrible things my family does behind me and move forward in my life but it's hard when these issues keep coming back up. My family is NOW raising money to try and get him out of prison saying that it was self defense and I don't believe that. They have raised almost $10,000 to get him a lawyer for a retrial when he was already denied one in 2007. My Aunt then goes and post's on my Facebook page about this pretty much letting my whole circle of friends know about something I only shared with my close friends. This is the VERY reason i dropped my facebook in the first place. A family member posted an article about a family murder. Some things should not be shared like this and I don't know what to do because my family wants me to "like" his page and support their decision of freeing him. I don't support it I feel like he got what he deserved. So how do i tell them that i don't support what they are fighting for and still stay in good graces with my family? We are having a birthday party for an Aunt and I'm SURE this is going to come up.
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08/24/12 08:45 - ID#56704

Feeling Cursed

Its crazy how whenever you're trying to move forward in your life and do something positive, so many other forces try and pull and hold you back. This summer has been the craziest summer i think Ive ever had. Within the last 7 weeks Ive gone to jail, got kicked out of my apartment, fired from my job. On top of all this i have someone i considered a good friend of mine try and throw me under the bus for something i didn't do and try and tell me my best friends were talking shit about me and my situation. Usually i would think there was something wrong with me and I'm pissing the universe off. But then i thought about it after being very upset about this for a few days. Sometimes bad shit happens to good people. I'm one of them and luckily I'm a strong enough person to take all this in stride keep my head up and stay focused. The silver lining in all this is that I am full-filling a life long dream now and it seems to be only getting better. Having that and the support of my best friends through all this has really kept my afloat. So thank you. As far as the other things that are bothering me, I'm removing myself from the situation. I just can't deal with added stress right now because i will break. In all this madness I've dealt with this summer i would still say it was one of the best summers I've ever had. I've tried ALOT of new things and liked ALL of them. xoxoxo Buffalo peace and Love.
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02/02/12 01:27 - ID#56013 pmobl

cool paint

Its funny watch you catch on Allen st during the day. Wonder how long its been there?

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01/22/12 12:12 - ID#55963

Happy birthday Paul

Very fun night although the dj was not there. We still made the best of it. Hope you have a great birthday and remember 30 is the new 20!!!
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01/18/12 01:44 - ID#55934

Tequlia tasting!!!!

At cantina loco. My head is spinning, I already need a nap
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01/16/12 04:12 - ID#55926 pmobl

His dream

MLK day

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01/15/12 06:40 - ID#55924

world without love

Since this new year has started I have been making it my point to make positive changes in my life and i have been doing just that. But when all i witness and hear about is Hardship and violence and people hurting others around me in my family and friends my heart continues to break. And it is really hard to keep a positive outlook on life anymore. I wish everyone was as committed as me to spread love and make others happy. But that's clearly not the case. Now i know that drinking will not help any of the situations but i feel as if i don't have a choice. I need an escape. The Mayans say this is the last year we all have. That's how i treat everyday i live and i realize that everyday we are on this earth is a blessing. I'm not sure if i can stay in this life without love anymore I'm at a breaking point now and don't know what i can do or how to help it. And i want so badly to do that. So I'm cracking open my first beer of the day and just be for now. Goodnight all.
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01/13/12 10:55 - ID#55901

Well thank you Paul

Ain't this some shit..... I was totally ok with 30 and 40 degree temps. But NO somebody had to demand snow and now we got it in abundance with ugly high speed winds. Boy I tell you if it wasn't for me going to school now and trying to settle down I would be omw back to new orleans til about march lol. This shit sucks and I have errands to run today. Errands with no car. Paul I hope you are happy sir for some reason you were heard for some reason. I'm about to go get my cuddle buddy. Stay warm or stay inside if you can everybody.
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01/06/12 07:17 - ID#55860

spoon fed mike

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