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Category: elmwood

02/27/08 10:45- ID#43487

elmwood real estate

If this investment group gets the price they're asking for I'll laugh so hard

No wonder why the only new buildings that they're building on that street are Banks ;-)

Here I thought the economy was headed for oblivion.

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Category: elmwood

09/26/07 12:51- ID#41331

Get off the F'n Sidewalk!

I was enjoying the day going for a stroll up and down Elmwood. Unfortunately, I was interrupted by a few fools on bikes riding on the sidewalk. You may be eco-friendly by using your own power on two wheels to get around town. Heck it may even make you look cool and give you street cred with some hipsters in the village.

It's just that riding on the sidewalk in against the law! You're a vehicle not a pedestrian. Sorry that your bike does not protect you against that BMW SUV or that Ford 250 driven by some contractor working for some real estate mogul. It's just that I like to walk down the street on a sidewalk and not get run into you.

I'm so sorry that you don't feel safe riding down the Elmwood strip with all of the traffic, but there's always an alternative. Richmond runs parallel and will get you close to where you may need to go and there is even a BIKE LANE, Image that! Ashland doesn't have all that much traffic on it. But that bike you bought at some second hand store along with those clothes you bought at a similar store won't be seen by as many people on Richmond as opposed to Elmwood.

So all I can say is Screw you hipster bicyclists, Obey the Traffic Law. I don't care how you look or anything else. The sidewalk is for walking not riding. If you don't like riding on traffic use Google maps to find a less congested road to ride on.
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