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Category: vegas

11/25/08 10:45 - 37ºF - ID#46838

Rehab, Party @ the Hard Rock Show

This is such a weird feeling. I'm watching this show on some channel called TruTV on Direct TV 246., or at least that's where i saw it. It's freaking "so there" on what actually happens.

The scary part is that I did go to one Rehab Sunday during the summer in August. Now I just hope that I don't show up on some episode ;-/
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Category: finance

11/25/08 12:08 - 37ºF - ID#46826

Dow Wow

It's actually good to see a nice bounce. Even though the Auto Bailout was a bit of a confusing pathetic exercise in money grubbing, Obama got the ball moving his his treasury appointment on Friday & the more money out of thing air coming from the "Bailout Funds" going towards Citigroup.

The breakout of the Long term Support was a "Fakeout" for the time being. Just for future reference if we break though and close for a long time below 7,591, then it's lights out Not the 7,842 which was the low from the "Asian Financial Crisis" in 1998.

All I can say is that I will be glad to take a break from Armageddon for a while. Although I have to stress "Happy Days are not Here Again"

On another note, I'm happy that U.B. has clinched their first bowl game in 50 years! I'd never thought I'd see the day that U.B. was playing in a Bowl Game. Plus, they're the most successful sporting team in the city if you really want to get technical about it.
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Category: fiinance

11/20/08 04:30 - 32ºF - ID#46776

support fail

Pack it in; If you're owning stocks you better be on the 2028 plan. Meaning that if you are thinking of getting your money back until the year 2028!!!

Officially the stock market is screwed for a long, long time.

Get out now before you lose everything....This is an economic collapse, just like the Pan-Asian countries had in 1998 the year that we were last at these levels.
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Category: finance

11/20/08 01:02 - 33ºF - ID#46772

Auto Rescue Plan Reached

So they did slip a "bailout" for the U.S. Car makers into an energy Bill

To me this is just going to delay the day of reckoning. What they are going to give them still won't make them whole. If you consider their outstanding debt and Pension liabilities this may make the company only say - 35 Billion in the hole instead of -60 Billion. Consider the Market Cap of GM and Ford was 6.14 Billion on 11/17/2008. In the end this is just good money after bad. They are not going to help change the wage structure that puts them at a disadvantage to Honda and Toyota or change people's buying habits. In the end the only way the will keep the current GM Structure of workers making $75 an hour if you include their benefits is to nationalize the companies.
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Category: finance

11/20/08 11:51 - 32ºF - ID#46769

Must Hold

The market has been testing the 10 year low of the Dow Jones level 7883 made during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998. If it breaks through and closes below that number, you better me on the 2033 Stock Market Plan or aka not thinking of getting ahead until the year 2033. So in simpler terms it will be Game Over.

It's not like I think that it will hold and then we will be off to "happy days again," but for the most part it will just delay the inevitable. Just like the Big 3 American Automakers. From what I can see the economy is going to tank into oblivion come February. We will have the numbers from the Holiday Season and it will just reflect that people just bought gifts for lineal family members only. We will have more abandoned shopping plazas (But in Western New York Benderson will still be building more even though there will be guys hired through Addeco or Apple One smoking and carrying a florescent "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS 40% OFF EVERYTHING" Sandwich Signs outside on the sidewalk of the current plaza that the built 2 years before and is only 30% occupied) ;-) Since we are a country that is fuel by expansive credit and consumption it will get nasty.

But who knows? When the big box/strip mall retailer's business plan blows up, that may create a return to Main St where people just go and start dealing locally with a "Mom & Pop" type of store once again.

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Category: television

11/18/08 11:46 - 27ºF - ID#46748

Paris Hiltons New BBF

Funny how that now MTV totally killed off music they suck me in the a reality show. That old 60 something year old guy that runs the network really knows how to push my buttons.

I have to admit she's one of my guilty pleasures. It could be that seeing her on that couch kind of reminds me of one of my favorite movies Cruel Intentions but I know it's by design. In the end she isn't as stupid as most people think or at least that's what I believe.

SO Yea, that's my latest guilty pleasure in TV Viewing.

Although I did redeem my brain in regards to the MTV Networks by catching this song for the first time on MTV2. All I can say is that I have totally felt that and been there. It's kind of a mix between the Afghan Whigs and Bahaus. I'm glad that the artist or record company actually is allowing embedding.

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Category: documentary

11/17/08 10:38 - 27ºF - ID#46726


Yea, I can't stand to watch the Bills lose. So I was flipping the channels and came across a documentary called Carney.

I was totally surprised that it had such strong local ties. Yea, it's produced by TVO TV Ontario [Canadian Public Television], but a good majority of the people featured in the film were from Western New York. The best part was the 25 minutes where the featured Canal Fest and a carnival worker from North Tonawanda. All I can say is the former bar 7 Wonders actually has quite a bit of time in the doc.

Seeing a "Cut Down Clown" as a human being is kind of different. Even though I don't have an issue with clowns, the guys that run serious smack behind the bars of their dunk tank really do freak me the F out.

Check it out if you ever get a chance to see it. Personally I loved the Tom Waits/Butthole Surfers type of soundtrack as well. All I can say is it's pretty cool stuff.

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Category: vegas

11/06/08 02:01 - 68ºF - ID#46574

Frank must be turning over in his grave

The economic downturn is taking down more than just previously unshaken investment houses on Wall St. It's taking down Frank Sinatra's old casino The Sands. When the auditors have doubt for you to "continue as a going concern," You're in for some trouble.

I guess I could feel the vibe when I was out there in August. The place is in for some trouble. How are they going to fill all of the rooms that have tripled the capacity of rooms over the last 10 years with less flights being booked? It's just too insane now these days. If I do go back I'm going to check in at a dump on Freemont St or hang in a "local" casino where you have a shot at making your bankroll last the whole trip. The days of people going to Vegas, spending $500 on a room, Droppinig $5000 at a nightclub for bottle service, and $100 bills on other "stuff" are at an end. The credit card is Maxed out & the bank won't let you get any more money from your HELOC since you're underwater on your mortgage

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Category: random

11/06/08 09:52 - 52ºF - ID#46570

strange phone day

Yesterday I was just kicking back on my lunch break in my car just taking a short nap when I received a phone call. " 'MY RL 1st Name' This is Grandpa!" My response, "Umm, Ahhh, I don't have a Grandpa" His Response, "Sorry I must have the wrong number."

Seriously, I have heard of EVP and other weird electronic communication devices, but I haven't had a grandpa since 1987. That's the year both of them died. Second one of them didn't even speak English, he only knew Polish. Plus the guy didn't sound anything like my "American" grandpa, from what I could remember. Anyway logically I knew it was most likely an honest mistake, but on another level it kind of weirded me out.

Then as I was leaving work, I received a text message wishing me a very happy belated birthday from the two women I had brief relationship with a few years back! It just caught me as something a bit out of left field. Seriously did Obama's election cause a tear in the time space continuum to have strange communications sent to me yesterday?
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Category: politics

11/04/08 11:54 - 52ºF - ID#46537

It's all over

As I kid I watched the Berlin Wall come down and the Eastern European countries shake off the Soviets and become free. There were always shots of crazy crowds in the streets. Yea, Obama winning may not be no par with ending 45 years of communist rule by the shear will of the people, but at least I can get a 1/4 idea of what it would be like to see people go nuts in the streets. I guess it was kind of a "nonviolent revolution" after all.

Some on the right calling the the end of life as they know it. That's a totally self defeating mentality. You can make money in any kind in any kind of economy or situation outside of some kind alternate universe economy as North Korea. Just take for example Warren Buffet buying the Washington Post in the mid 70's knowing that he would get a great ROI with Jimmy Carter expanding government and thus the D.C. economy. Heck him and George Soros one of my heros for being a wicked trader backed Obama. Do you think he wants to donate all of his wealth? These guys know ways to profit from what may be in store as policy changes. The challenge is to try to figure out what they are doing and follow suit.

This may be the turning point for the American worker as they come back from being Squeezed to actually getting some union respesentation once again for better benefits, wages and working conditions. It sure won't happen next year or anytime soon, but the pendulum may start to swing in the opposite direction.

None the less these should be interesting times.
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