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Category: celebrity crushes

12/16/06 10:15 - 36ºF - ID#37197

Happy Holidays from Ch 4

I always get creeped out by that little HSA Holiday Service Message that they play once in a while. Although I see the whole message of "From our families to yours..." idea going on at the same time it always made me think about their lives the other 11 months out of the year.

This may sound creepy but I always wondered about the shots of the reporters and anchors that are with their dog or stuffed holiday themed animal. The one reporter that I have always thought was one of the hottest women in the world was Ellen Maxwell. Ever since she joined ch 4 after WGR 55 went to all sports and news was no more she was always single with just a rain deer in those holiday shots. This year she is with a guy and hopefully it's not her brother. I actually feel a bit sad that someone so amazing as her hasn't found that one and only guy. What separates me from being a weirdo stalker is that I don't ever think in a million years it would be me. I only meet her once at the farewell party of the Larry Hunter show. It's more of being a nerd that I really empathize for her since here I am a guy in his 20's listen to news/talk radio.

So I find it quite ironic that I am worrying about a hot news babe finding a guy in her life when in reality I don't have anyone. Am I more of a compassionate person? Or do I consider myself chopped liver? Heck, I could be worrying about the lonely people on (e:strip).
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Category: going out

12/16/06 02:44 - 41ºF - ID#37196


Last night I ended up hanging in a Dive Bar in the Falls. It was a bit interesting to see a place still stuck in the 1950's but I was a bit leary of the people in the place not counting my Ex. The old guy that owned the place and his daughter behind the bar seemed like they operated the place for the love of it. The upside was the old guy was quite passionate about selling his tacky merchandise that he accumulated; it was a blast to see this walking singing Santa walk on the bar of the price of $15 dollars. The downside was this was a local watering hole for worn out people so the smoke was pretty bad. If I wanted to smell like a butt can I would have went to the pink and enjoyed great music and had interesting people to look at instead of old bar hags and senior citizens.

After receiving a call from my buddy Peter I ended up stopping by the Brickyard on the way home. It was packed but there was just a negative vibe in the air. The dude from my H.S. class was there, he had been there since 5pm and it was 11! How do these people do it I have no clue. It was typically a local night out except for a few strangers. It was just weird, my buddy was cut off due to an argument he had with his neighbor about his dumping activities on his property that apparently blew up before I arrived. After hanging out with a table of acquaintances I witnessed a fight! The last one I witnessed in this place was about 4 years ago. Apparently some old 40ish year old guy called some spoiled girl Ugly and the next thing I saw was him chocking her as they were taking it outside. Totally messed up. Where do these people come from? I'm almost happy I'm working this weekend now, Yikes.

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12/15/06 05:59 - 48ºF - ID#37195

Quick A.M. post

This has to be quick as I need to be out the door soon.

I did have a good walk today after work (e:theecarey) it was pretty refreshing and uplifting. It was just like May but much darker in relation to the time of evening.

When I was out I did end up getting a call form a guy that I know from High School. Since I was going out to dinner at a local bar/restaurant I decided to meet him and this other guy that I went to High School with and some random woman. Back in the day I really wouldn't hang with these guys, but we were always alright to each other. It is just strange to see guys my age that have kept the whole going out 4 time a week thing going past 30. The kicker is that one of them is married and still hangs out in local bars here with pretty attractive women. SO after dinner I hung out with them and watched 2 periods of the game.

Now I go to work, meet my new Dr. and get psyched for Vegas. It seems that there is a bout of Holiday stress going around (e:strip). I wish I could cheer everyone up.

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Category: work

12/13/06 09:29 - 42ºF - ID#37194

Being a Bum

So I didn't do much of anything today and it felt great. I have only worked 1 our of the last 5 days and I'm feeling great. My skin is looking better and I sneezed out allot of the gunk that I breath in on a daily basis. All I can think is I need to get out of what I'm doing soon. Although I have been saying that for a while this just proves how much better off I could be.

For the moment I can get through the next little while until the Holiday. When I get back I just don't know what I'm going to do. It's just with 2 people soon to go out on maternity leave my schedule is going to go down the dumpster. Time for a move.

It's just today was a bit creepy. Going to Tops at 11am and being the only person shopping that wasn't riding on a scooter was not a good feeling at all. On my way to work to drop off a proposal I ended up stopping by a OTB and when I went in there I just didn't feel it at all. The worst part of it was the horse that I intended to bet on from the tip from TVG ended up winning the first @ Bay Meadows. I was 5 minutes too late. Then looking around the environment of a typical western new work off track betting branch I high tailed it out of there, the horse would have only paid even money anyway.

The highlight of the day was I ended up going to Wegmans later in the evening and ran into an old friend from years back @ NU. She's doing OK with her hubby out in Burt, looking for a job, etc. Then I ran into my co-worker G* of which was an interesting conversation for about 40 minutes in the middle of the grocery store.

Well I'm just going to try to type up some loose ends and try to go to bed.

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Category: anxiety

12/11/06 07:48 - 42ºF - ID#37193

just balled up right now

Full of a wide range of emotions that I can't really pinpoint. Finals week for starters and to be honest I don't know where that is going to go. I have an open book compressive exam tomorrow and I have no clue on what or where to study.

A friend of mine that is getting laid off from the SBA has come up with an interesting business plan and I'm doing my best to make sure I can put a couple extra bucks in my pocket.

I'm totally anxious about Las Vegas.

It's not that i need to get laid but currently I have that raw energy similar to it that could be quenched by breaking out of my comfort zone and taking a gamble. The feeling of your stomach dropping down to the floor a la roller coaster style is something I wish I could have at the moment. It's just that finding it at the moment is a bit ambiguous.

It's just that need for an endorphin rush. I could get it by landing a new job, hooking up with a hot woman or betting $10000 and winning.

Oh, and I have Howie Day's "She Says" stuck in my head at the moment. Why I don't know!
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12/10/06 04:35 - 47ºF - ID#37192

last night's party

It was a blast. Although I did not stay as long as I wished leaving last night really gave my spirit a lift. Meeting PMT's roomie Anna was quite interesting. I really found her frank perspective on things very refreshing and quite interesting. (e:metapeter) and (e:jenks) very nice pictures as always.

While I'm still stuck at work and hearing emotionally deflated players coming down from the tournament telling me about how they were sucked out of $580 dollars on a bad beat in the tourney I have to thank (e:lilho) for giving me that small lift last night. Believe me it has been a while and my day has gone quite well despite the circumstances of being here on a Sunday. it makes up for the Hardware blowoff ;-) J/K It's always good to clarify that you're not somone else? :-)hee hee

All I can say is the vibe that I had leaving and even into today was just one positive glow and it's not from any scandalous thing either. It was just good people and great energy from a great party for a good guy that is getting a bit closer to us old foggies on other side of a that milestone...ISH!!! That was a funny sign.

To more nights like that in the future.

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Category: (ouch)

12/05/06 08:33 - 27ºF - ID#37191

Lack of game

I just had a (e:jenks) moment. There was this woman in my tax class that I joined along with my group partner in the smoking section during the break of this night class. Now i have been an ex-smoker for about 3 years now. It's just that once in a while I miss the comradery of being the social outcasts and being part of a circle of people sharing something.

Needless to say I was just so close to just saying F-it and asking if she had a boyfriend. She is pretty cute. Now I feel like a lame ass saying see you next semester in Audit...

Yea, with my luck she'll tell me on the first day of class that she meet her new boyfriend on Myspace!

Really all I had to do was ask, and the suspense would have been gone. But I saw her on her phone calling someone and I assumed that it was a guy...

I need some game...ARG!
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Category: numb

12/05/06 04:24 - 28ºF - ID#37190

What rabbit hole did I fall into?

I started off this day with a really surreal dream. It involved my late best friend's widow, the Notorious B.I.G. and myself! I really don't want to explain it as it was needless to say really creepy, disturbing and f'd up !

I took today off of work just to get my head squared away for a test that I'm about to take in a hour. I am just looking around and wondering who the hell are these people around me and what makes them tick? I'm just really curious and bewildered at the same time.

For some reason going to Europe is in my head. Running over the logistics right now and they look pretty good. For some reason Frankfurt is stuck in my mind. Although a friend of mine talked about Denmark the last time I ran into him.

OK I need to get back to what i was doing.
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Category: sleep

12/03/06 11:42 - 28ºF - ID#37189

sleep yes sleep

I am pretty convinced that is all I did this weekend. Other than going out on Friday night locally with my "International Businessman" buddy Peter I just slept and slept.

The highlight was going over to a friend's house @ 1am to do no other than sleep. The only stress was running over a bunch of scattered flatrocks on the I-190. It just scared me to think that i may have blown out 2 tires 2 days before I am going in to replace all 4 of my horrible Michelin's.

So this morning when I ended up going to Perkins I ended up running into an old acquaintance of mine Chuck. I have known this guy for all of my life. It was just a bigtime reality check to see his new wife and 4 kids. Yea, he's loaded bigtime but I just feel real old and inadequate on so many weird levels. The biggest being that although I really never wanted any kids back then it is just scary to think that I would have to go through a decade of fun times before they are semi functioning people. If I started now then... I shouldn't go there right now with that train of logic.

But yea I ended up going home at 1Pm and sleeping until 7. Came and studied for my exam on Tuesday and now I'm back to Bed.

Dam S.A.D???
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Category: boring

12/02/06 06:51 - ID#37188

one of those days

I just really had a weird night last night. My friend Peter and I just stayed out in Lewiston last night. It was a bit out of the ordinary as most of the usual crowd went of the road last night to Broadway Joe's to see the local Radiohead cover band play. They're playing Rochester tonight but I just don't have any motivation or energy to do anything really meaningful at the moment. I just don't know what is wrong me.

Here are a couple of examples of how blah I am at the moment. I was actually thinking of heading up to Alumni Arena to catch the NU/U@B game but ah I know they're going to get smoked by the Bulls. NU still is having those "discipline" problems with some of their players sitting out suspensions. Reggie has his team firing on all cylinders despite losing all those seniors.

I have a Nintendo Wii sitting on my kitchen table. It's just not for me but my boss at work. I obtained one for her as a thank you for letting me get out of town for my Vegas trip in 23 days! Can't wait as it is just filling me head up with anticipation. I actually messaged a guy I used to work with that is living out there on myspace today just to see if he wanted to go out or play some cards when I'm out there.

Now I have to do something with my time tonight.
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