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Category: silliness

10/01/08 11:52 - ID#45879

Yearbook Yourself

Like it wasn't bad enough all those years prior,right? but the end results of these options, are entertaining. A good time waster for both the men and ladies. 1930's through current...

Just find a pretty straight on face pic of yourself, and have some fun!



or go ahead and use some random picture of anything; possibilities are endless
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Category: silliness

02/28/08 06:10 - ID#43501

mmmm Colbert Latte

Stephen Colberts reaction when all Starbucks closed for three hours Tuesday evening. "#1 Threat"

"Stephen handled the three-hour caffeine crisis with great aplomb", haha

I couldn't get enough of last nights episode and have been searching for a video since then. Glad to see it go up on comedy centrals page so quickly.

Go to it! (this means you, (e:hodown))

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Category: silliness

10/07/07 11:49 - ID#41547

It's begun. I just macroed myself.

Random, lame-o ramble. But I gave myself a chuckle.

Its Sunday, I read all day, immersed my mind in various contemplative thought and jotted down a bunch of things pertaining to my own life action plan. Then I merged into another sphere of thought...

In a recent AIM session, (e:pyrcedgrrl) and I were chatting about Indian cuisine among other things. Yep, preempted by all the curry chatter on (e:strip)! Awesome post, btw, (e:tinypliny)! I know realize how little I know about one of my favorite cuisines. Anyway, neither one of us have ventured out recently to any of the many restaurants offering Indian cuisine. And I havent driven anywhere because my car still sucks and I havent found anything yet. Any day now though. On a positive note, I havent purchased much gas in comparison! So, in contemplating a good restaurant to go to, I, as always, began to pine for a few select entrees. I'm fond of all "curry" and many of the Palak/Paneer variations. Although not at all hungry, my mind and stomach wanted something more. Perhaps it just needed something more substantial and less..funky. I then thought about what I ate this evening, remembering that I pulled together an odd assortment as my dinner. In hindsight, I ask, WTF was I thinking? If anything, the following smorgasboard reinforces my need to get groceries. I really do need to pick up a few items of sustenance. I hate to see what I will come up with tomorrow, if I don't. My stomach is rebelling in tonights dining choice.

Carey(10:01:59 PM):pistachios, beef jerky, lucky charms and hard boiled eggs was my 'dinner' (and a few garlic crackers)

Carey(10:02:19 PM): i should have at least been high for that concoction

Carey(10:02:51 PM): now I will finish it with a glass (or swig from bottle) of cheap champagne and some halloween candy

Carey(10:03:58 PM):haha I just mentally macroed myself.

Carey(10:04:03 PM) "Class. You're doing it wrong"

Dana(10:13:49 PM) : wow. that was quite a combo!!

Dana(10:13:50 PM): ha ha

Carey (10:19:35 PM) : yessss I would love to stick my finger down my throat if it wasnt already preoccupied with Mini Nestle Crunch bars

Dana(10:24:26 PM) : lol!!

The combination as a whole was not a lot of volume and it was also on a predominantly empty stomach. Although I now feel like I ate a ton of food. So do I stop there? no. I decide to finish off a bottle of champagne. I have a penchant for cheap champage. Well, I'm sure I would like expensive champagne as well, but I only ever by inexpensive or on sale varieties. I dig bubbly drinks :) I also dig gummy bears. a lot. Somehow in the past, I have consumed them and champagne about the same time, to where I now have paired the two together for consumption. Gummy bears and Champagne. Try it. Anyway, I don't have any gummi bears, but I remembered that I have some candy I bought for the pinata bashing at my recent bonfire-birthday party. In the 'leftovers' bowl, I dug out some chocolate. Yum. and gross. My stomach rebelled further, and continues to as I recount my Sunday evening foodfest.

oh yes, all so classy.

Alright, so, when I mentioned that I mentally macroed myself, I then immediately thought of a couple of champagne drinking pictures; which brought me to actually making a macro. Its sad that just a short few months ago, I was disturbed over the increasing use of 'macrosisms' in everyday talk. Alright, so I never really heard anyone speak that way, mostly restricted to actual image macros. Actually, it was all me. Ive been speaking it for kicks. I began to pick up on the lingo and began mentally macroing everything and everybody (especially the cats, ofcourse) and eventually began to love the macro* world. Its delightfully sarcastic, hence my love. I know. I totally hated and judged something that is very much a part of who I am and what humors me endlessly. Just call me Hitler. And so, if you dig macros, you'll get it. I still have lots to learn and I'm aware that the font isn't in the standard, but essentially its all there.

and maybe you'll Roffle.


if not, STFU! :)




  • not sure how long this obsession will last. I tend to get into something with a fierce amount of awe, only to drop it later and be embarrassed by it, years later. In the mean time, I love the damn LOLcats and other related memes.
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Category: silliness

08/31/07 12:07 - ID#40845

I really need to stop!

I totally stole these from Live Journal group, Cat Macros

I love the pics and captions..

but hatehatehate people talking in that lingo for real. OK, occasional witty comment, but as acceptable (and standard) grammar? NO! I know you feel me, (e:lizabeth)! haha

Ok, onto some cute shite


(I love the arrow!)


..and just because:

How bad is it that I now look at my cat and want to plaster a caption above him? damn the lolcats!

OK.. (e:pyrcedgrrl) pointed this out to me, and I would really sport this. I love this site anyways, so anything is fair game for showering gifts upon Thee. hehe


more groovy stuff at Fred & Friends:

ok, need to finish gathering all that is needed for camping trip! Sorry to miss the Terry-Mike B-day bash. Have at least three jello shots for me, please :)

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Category: silliness

08/28/07 09:07 - ID#40792

Outgoing answering machine messages

I'm itching to put up a new outgoing message on my home answering machine. Well, I used to do my own really fun ones, but have since decided against using my voice (there is someone who calls repeatedly and I don't want to give him incentive, if ya catch my drift), sad since I can't find too many already available for me to use. Since the default message is booooring, I am known to put up all sorts of silly messages. There is one site I have been using to record to my home phone:
click the blue title to listen.

Right now, I have the credit approval one.

"Hello, At the tone please leave your name and telephone number plus your MasterCard, Visa or American Express account number, and pending credit approval we'll get back to you."

"stalker-dude" actually rattled off a bunch of numbers on that one; I almost wouldn't doubt that they were real.

Has anyone used messages other than the standard- 'not here, leave message' variety-- whether in own voice or a pre recorded fun kind?

Any sites I should check out?

hmm, which to choose-- maybe some George Costanza.

Usually, when I check my messages, I get a message from someone who is just laughing followed by hanging up; and then a callback with what they had intended to say before getting thrown off by my message.

its always good to laugh!

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08/26/07 09:04 - ID#40746

Starbooks Down the Espresso Hole

originally posted 8/27/07 at

"Starbooks Down the Espresso Hole"

Starbooks down the Espresso Hole
There is something delicious about wandering the aisles of a bookstore. I'm in my element and feel so at home amongst the shelves of authors writing about a plethora of subjects; admiring their ability to take me into a another world of creativity, enhance my knowledge or simply pique my interest on something I haven't yet encountered.

A real treat is in finding book sellers that cater to old publications. There is sensual pleasure in deeply inhaling the scent of old books, especially those bound in leather. Slowly dragging my fingertips down the spines of literary works; curious of their contents I grasp the book, pull it off the shelf and gingerly open the front cover. The feel of the pages differ from each selection, some smooth like tissue paper, others course and fiberous. The look and smell of the book is just the beginning, it is the contents, the anticipation of reading, that draws me in to the experience.

I want to read it all, and sadly I know I won't. However, I read often and thoroughly and am pleased with the ever growing and ever depleting pile of books in my home. With a recent Amazon order, I just added 14 related books to that pile. Learning and unlearning is my objective, and somehow, I predict Amazon's stock to rise in direct proportion to my orders ;)

As a child, I fell in love with the local village library; our primary source for attaining reading material. Thanks to a keen interest and the assistance of my mom, I learned to read early. I had simple stories mastered prior to kindergarten. I vividly recall often choosing books over toys when allowed to select something for myself at the store. It wasn't an easy choice (can't I have both?), but the book often won out. Words fed my imagination and eventually my imagination produced words. I began writing stories at an early age as well, complete with illustration. How simple, darling and profound those early stories; if they are still around, I would very much like to excavate them. Through reading, writing and drawing, the pictures and words took me places that I could feel in the same sense as though it were tangibly real. More words were eventually produced with the advent of the "diary", later re termed, "journal"; a medium that would serve me well from the age of nine to current, a few weeks shy of 32.

Its been several years since I've checked out a selection from the library. I much prefer to buy books and read them at my leisure and have them to refer back to forever more.

In this love and pursuit of ever expanding knowledge and creative expression, it was with pleasure to accompany my best bud, Dana, to one of the local and larger booksellers, Barnes and Noble earlier today. It never fails that my reaction is that of building anticipation. I edge towards the entrance and pass over the threshold, I am suddenly exposed to books and media in the form of new fiction, best sellers, non fiction, business, religion, philosophy, biographies, summer reading, local authors, magazines, physics, science fiction, bargains, nature and so much more. It used to be that I would feel overwhelmed upon entering- unsure of where to start, who to read, what subjects to pursue, etc. I feel more confident and in control now that I have made a dent, so to speak, even though as soon as I make a dent, it is quickly filled with new material. What is diffent now, from say 15 or even 9 years ago, is that I walk down the aisles and can point to multiple familiar authors and subjects. I've read a lot, but I have a lot to go. Today, I refrained from purchasing, but I did write down a few titles I would like to have in my possession. In short, reading and learning is a constant of mine.

And when combined with caffeine and good company, it is all good.

I like that this Barnes&Noble has a Starbucks situated inside. I've mentioned previously that while I derive pleasure in supporting local business, I will gravitate towards whichever demonstrates quality and consistency- Starbucks wins out for all other coffee offerings in the Western New York area; and this one happens to be next to aisles and aisles of books. As of today, I call that location, "Starbooks". Actually, there are two other Starbucks in the same plaza. With three to choose from- Dana and I pondered where the invisible phase line intersects the three and is there a Burmuda Triangle phenomenon? If found, would we suddenly be sucked into a caffeinated abyss? A black hole? no, more appropriate would be an Espresso Vortex. I tried calling it a "Black Affagotto" but she said it sounded dirty; like that has ever stopped us before. Hello, what other 4th graders were administratively separated from being in same class for 5th grade due to our penchance for all things perverted? hmmm? "U.S. Male" 9 year old typo? I think not.. hahaha

Which just reminded me a decidedly hilarious remark I made today while snickering down the "christianity" aisle holding a book with an expressive Pope on the back cover; and I will stop there. Apologies in advance for any offense I may have caused, but please know, that *everything* is open territory for my sense of humor to explore.

And apologies for being the cause of Dana tearing out a post surgical staple on her belly from uncontrollable laughter. I should come packaged with a warning label.

And so, although I left the bookstore empty-handed, I was pleased to have had the chance to wander around for hours- thinking about what I have read, the books I am currently reading, the ones I have lined up to read next and the ones I have yet to know about..

..and thinking, its time to put all that writing to good use-- I really felt the connection to that thought today, and it felt.. right...


original (e:strip) post 8/26/07, ""

I laugh easily, find humor in most things, but this had me in tears. I can really appreciate a good write up, especially in places you don't quite expect it. I've been sniffing around Woot lately, hoping there is nothing I need, right then and there, cause its so cheap, and i need one NOW. No, yesterday. So far so good; amusing stuff, but nothing that has gotten me spastic. Anyway, the following item was yesterdays I think. Initially I ignored the product description since I have no intentions to go TiVo (although tempting), despite that the product would be free. Realizing I never closed out of the page, I went to do so and something caught my eye. I proceeded to read the whole page. I thought I would share with you, perhaps make you giggle too. They are usually kinda quirky with what they write, but oh oh oh, this got me. Funny, huh? especially when read out loud with dramatic voice inflection. No seriously.

[box] Practically FreeVo

Sign up for a year of TiVo service and receive a $170 rebate - the equivalent of getting this TiVo free, plus $35 towards your service contract.

Look, it's time we had a talk. We're worried about you, and we can't just sit here while you destroy yourself, while you waste your life trapped in a squalid cycle of degradation. Please, for the sake of those who love you: stop watching TV commercials.

The average American watches about 2.5 hours of television every day. About 40 of those minutes are taken up by TV commercials. Multiply that by 50 years, and commercials will have destroyed over 500 days of your adult life. Remember that when you're on your deathbed wishing you could spend one more day with your grandkids.

There is a way out. You're not alone. To fight this epidemic of slow TV death, Woot and TiVo have teamed up to make a limited number of TiVo R54080 Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorders available to victims of TV commercial syndrome, for a special sufferer's price. And if you buy one and sign up for a year of TiVo service, you're eligible for a $170 rebate, which will pay for the TiVo itself plus two month's worth of service. We just wish we could do more.

And we haven't even mentioned the time you waste sitting through one show because you're waiting for the next one, or watching some random garbage on TV because nothing good is on. Perhaps it's best that no statistics are available about this more insidious form of time-drain - the full horror would be too overwhelming.

We dream of a world where anyone can dial up the latest episode of Age of Love or UFC Unleashed any time, day or night...where a handicapped child can watch an entire episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in 22 minutes...where agonized Chicago Cubs fans can process their pain by repeated slo-mo viewings of whatever bizarre misplay keeps them out of the World Series next time. We say to that lonely adolescent boy in the heartland, struggling with new, unfamiliar feelings: "Never again will you miss a Cinemax After Hours feature presentation." We say, to those still scarred by the "smunchy" disaster: "Never again."

You will watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and nothing more. But we can't do it alone. You have to want help. The road back will be long and rough and littered with those who didn't make it. But with TiVo and Woot by your side, hope is more than just a currently unfashionable girl's name. Together, we can beat this thing.[/box]

Someone on here has a woot-like page set up-- outdoor equipment or something? that could be dangerous for me..

PS Confessions of Matchmaker tonight, 11pm A&E channel 42. See previous post for more info!
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07/31/07 10:38 - ID#40334

I has a flavor

spent a better part of my free time on this site.

(e:leetee) you may recognize it-- or atleast you will eventually find your user pic if you dare look through the 100 plus pages of cute and funny pics. :)

random examples of macros posted at this site:

















anyhoo, I got a kick out of it. Good brainless time waster :)

there are a few sites that host this sort of creativity. The Cheezburger one is primarily cats-- lolcats but also loldogs lol--whatever the case may be.
so if feeling inclined to make your own..
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07/22/07 12:13 - ID#40208

You said Bush..

seeing (e:paul) 's comment in the chat that the tops news story states, "Bush's bottom breached: Cheney takes top position"
reminded me that I needed to share this with you. gave me a really good chuckle..

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07/19/07 09:30 - ID#40169

Move Over, Peaches.. there's a new Betch

Jeffree Star will be in Buffalo at Warped Tour, August 10th.

Half super bitch and half mega cunt. He is a self admitted boyfriend thief and makeup addict, he is a photo junkie and designer clothes slut,..

-snagged from profile

go here for some fun. Listen to the lyrics to "Eyelash Curlers" and "Plastic Surgery Remix" --->

"Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"video:


pictorial montage to Plastic Surgery Slumber Party

Haha, most fun I've had since, Kelly Likes Shoes!

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07/06/07 10:10 - ID#39975

Fit Has a Feeling

I took my bike out for a good hard ride this evening.

I feel like vomiting. Apparently I need to step up my aerobic activity. Ok, admittedly I was riding a bit wild and fast. A speed nut, zip zip peddling quick and hard without warm up or warm down.

You know those commercials for Propel Fitness Water, where the tag line is, "fit has a feeling" ? I can really identify with them.

Tonight, I was Lance Armstrong, lol

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How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...

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