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Category: potpourri

09/19/06 11:20 - 59ºF - ID#36037

got the urge to purge

PyrcedGrrl: Hey
PreciseDisarray: didn't hear ya- been washing dishes
PyrcedGrrl: WHo-wha?
PyrcedGrrl: What have you done w/ Carey?

hahaha, exactly. The dishes I have been whining about are done. I hate dishes. *scorn*

I am in a mood to purge- I want to go through everthing I own and toss/give away everything that I don't have use/a place for. Be Gone!

I like it neat and simple.

My garage, basement, a few select cupboards and car are neither of those things.

I don't mind things getting a bit dirty- I just feels good when it is all cleaned up

Otherwise my place is tidy and smells good.

and the dishes are done. YAY

If it were 7:15 and not 11:15, I'd get a jump on that purge thing.

Alas, I will continue to straighten up and get ready for the work day.

Is it Friday yet?????????

'cause peeps are going bowling!
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Category: reflection

09/17/06 02:39 - 71ºF - ID#36036

when I'm good Im good, when I'm bad

I'm even better.

..being a good girl is sometimes a really hard thing to do.

choices and other things to ponder;

but not right now..

more Birthday celebration going on (today is the actual day)

and dishes. ha

Be well, peeps


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Category: birthdays

09/15/06 05:57 - 63ºF - ID#36035

My Birthday

I am not exactly sure when or where..

but Birthday Celebration this weekend :)

How about some Laser tag? hehe YESSS!

or comedy club?

rock wall climbing??

Go carts??

or good ole Drunkin' Bowling??? ..always amusing

wine and cheese?

any other ideas??

I want to go tonight. So do you!!

Who's in???

Lets GO!!

I'll be home soon...

716 622 6639


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Category: birthdays

09/13/06 09:27 - 66ºF - ID#36034


oh my

It seemed so far away,

until today, reading (e:pyrcedgrrl) 's post who reminded me that my birthday is in 4 days.

I havent thought about it.

Other than in a sense that it still seemed so far away. I don't think I realize it is September yet..
and that September 17 is coming up in a few days.

wtf? where have I been????????

and what the heck am I going to do about it? hahaha Its this freakin' weekend!!!

hahha and I was just thinking earlier that it might be a good weekend to clean out my garage and clean up the outside.

I am just sitting here shaking my head.


has my brain suddenly turned to mush or is it just maxed out at the moment?

I'm hanging a sign, "temporarily out of order"

or maybe I'll just write it on a post it and stick it to my forhead :)

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Category: reflection

09/12/06 07:06 - 60ºF - ID#36033

dreams within dreams

I had all these crazy dreams last night.. dreams within dreams. Long and drawn out and to the point that I wasnt sure if I was actually sleeping. The context and some of the details were bizarre...

and intruiging.

the kind that make me look at certain people in another way, in another light. hmmm..

but it was just a bunch of dreams...

or was it?

and with that thought:

"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time."

perhaps I'll see you later
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Category: reflection

09/11/06 08:21 - 63ºF - ID#36032


all day, writing the date; feeling distaste, dissonance and flashbacks to that day. Hard to be in the present when a day in the past is still so fresh. Has it really been five years already?

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Category: simplicity

09/10/06 11:09 - 53ºF - ID#36031

lost and found, shrooms and weetabix

This evening: A quick stop at Wegmans resulted in elation over finding one of my favorite elusive cereals. I have been trying to find this specific kind of Weetabix for too darn long. yum yum yum:


A few other groceries and about $75 later, I return to Y-Town to take a much needed trek through The Fort. It was sunny, the air chilly and I needed to see and hear the crash of waves and the feel of sand pressing under my shoes. The sunset was gorgeous as always. A venture into the surrounding woods added to this repreive. Look what I found..



Vibrant! and this is just with the razr camera phone:



I came home feeling refreshed although my stomach still feels weird. Not sure what is going on. It is all in my upper abdomen-- a strange sensation-- I am aprehenisve to eat or eat much at one time or anything too advneturous. Hoping this helps, I engaged in a short bit of yoga before slipping into bed with a cup of Lavender Rooibos (red bush) tea:

It smells and tastes yummy:


ofcourse, I can't settle down for the night alone.

The Original Laptop:

I had two other pictures of the furblob, laying between myself and the laptop, but the pictures havnet come through to my email as of yet. I'll add them later.

I aim to be more energetic and enthusastic this week. Being sick earlier in the week wore me out straight through the weekend.

I'll be back to me soon.

Hope all is well..

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Category: simplicity

09/10/06 03:02 - 59ºF - ID#36030

fresh crisp air

A decidedly lovely late summer afternoon.

at some point today... a walk along the waters edge.

aiming for balance and rejuvination-- it will just take time; but the time is right.

I love this time of year.

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Category: ramble

09/06/06 07:45 - 70ºF - ID#36029


Horkfest is officially over as of sometime late yesterday. My doc had prescribed me some pills that worked wonders as (e:pyrcedgrrl) mentioned as a comment to my previous post.

Today I am just super sore and a bit tired. I felt like I have been lifting weights and doing mass reps of ab crunches- -and I can say that I certainly haven't done any of that lately.

Overall I feel tons better. I kind of went through the work day in a haze. I am about to make some tea and crawl back into bed. I aim to be even better by tomorrow morning. I look forward to having my energy back. I am grateful that yesterdays agony has passed-- it really freaked me out at some point.

hmmm wonder if there is anything interesting on tv. If my eyes have the energy, I will continue with a book I am reading.

I need to clean, but I can't quite do it just yet *yawn*

(e:paul) , your office fireplace looks fantastic!! I think it will go well with Nuclear Orange or Atomic Tangerine or Armegeddon Nectarine...

I keep having these weird dreams about school. I continue to dream that I am not done yet.. that I still have more time to go. Not sure what to make of it. It really has been a crazy busy summer and a bit surreal at points too.

ah well, nothing I am up for figuring out right now.

hot red bush tea awaits..

again, Happy Birthday Timika. hahah, the post-it was from me this morning that was sent from Guest. Dont remember if I signed it. Hope you had a good day. ciao!

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Category: sick- bah

09/05/06 09:05 - 64ºF - ID#36028

You make me want to vomit

ok, not you or anyone else.

I think its a line from a late 80's movie, with River Phoenix, "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Rearden"

Warning, the following is a bit gross:

Anyway, today was a most aweful day of being sick. I woke around 5am to abdominal pains. Not able to do anything to get comfortable and resume sleep, I got out of bed and paced my apartment. No relief in sight I decided to start getting ready for work. Took a shower, brushed, flossed (I didn't do it night before, felt a little under the weather.. so I crashed kinda early) and then proceeded to projectile vomit. Yup, that was great. It wold have made for a great authentic epeep chatter sound, and yes, I actually thought that as I was spewing.

Then I stopped for a few minutes and I proceeded to get ready for work. wtf? I am horking it all out and I think I am going to work? Well it wasnt until the horkfest began again that I decided that I am calling in. I HATE THAT! especially since I *just* started this job. ugh..

So I left the required messages to the required people and even managed an email to the big boss.

And then the Perpetual Vomit Escapade began, every 10 minutes for the next 9 hours. My stomach was emptied within the first few aquaintences with the blue toilet bowl. All that attempted to come up later was just exhausting. It was bad bad bad.

fever, ab pain, constant vomiting/heaving (I was unable to stop heaving until something came up- I am surprised that my throat isn't burned.), sweat/shiver sessions and the inability to find comfort due to the ab pain. ugh.

My kitties never left my side. They watched with concern and knew something was wrong. They didn't even play all day.

Eventually was able to find the enrgy to get in touch with my doctor. He said I have a nice case of the stomach flu. Apparently I NEVER had this before, as I don't recall ever feeling this awful. bah.

So some med was prescribed. Something to help with the persistant vomiting (nothing is coming up except stomach acid), and this should aslo help with the ab pain. My orders were to begin drinking a little bit of warm flat pop after two hours of not vomiitng (I was soooo thirsty at this point!!), and later on to try to eat some bland food. I wish I had jello-- or felt up to making some.

I can go to work in the morning based on whether I can hold down food and drink and that the ab pain has ceased. So far I am able to hold down some pop. I am about to try some broth, not that I fell like eating.

I hope I am back to being well tomorrow.. I HATE to take anouther day off from work. ugh.

so here's to hoping that my ab pain ceases, because I wont get any rest otherwise-- and I still havent slept other than a minute here and there.

fun fun

this is just a snag-- no need to sweat the stuff that wont kill us-- even though for awile there I wondered :)

night all-- hope all is well with alll of you

~The Horkster

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