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Category: birthday

12/23/12 03:37 - ID#57028

Happy Birthday Metalpeter!

Happy 40th Birthday Peter! We hope you have an amazing time on your special milestone day!

Other notes:

We are not coming home for Christmas :(

Last week Tobie starting taking his first proper steps, nice and slow and steady :)

This morning Tobie stood up in the middle of the room unaided :)

I quit my job because they were being horrible :/
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Category: birthday

05/05/10 04:14 - ID#51505

Happy Cindo de Birthday Jenks!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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Category: birthday

04/07/10 07:16 - ID#51344


Enjoy :)

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Category: birthday

12/23/09 03:34 - ID#50640

happy birthday Metalpeter!

Hope your Birthday Rocks!

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Category: birthday

09/17/09 04:27 - ID#49792

happy birthday carey!

I hope it's full of surprises! Wish I could be there to help celebrate.

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Category: birthday

04/07/09 05:16 - ID#48314

happy birthday rory!


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Category: birthday

02/06/09 06:41 - ID#47655

happy birthday lettuce!

I'm not sure if I'm late, I'm not sure if I'm early, I'm not sure if I'm exactly on time. Which ever way it is.....

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Category: birthday

12/03/08 08:56 - ID#46933

happy birthday jbeatty!

Have a delicious birthday!

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Category: birthday

09/17/07 04:13 - ID#41147

happy birthday carey!

Dear Carey,

It's your special day. I wanted to convey just how much it pains me that I cannot be there to help you celebrate this weekend.

  • note you can't view this clip through estrip, but just click on it again and it will take you to youtube to view it*


You know I love you! Have a spectacular day and a mischievous party! Photos REQUIRED :)

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Category: birthday

06/15/07 04:25 - ID#39679

happy birthday larsons!

Happy 29 Joshua and Jason!

Thanks for the coffee Josh. I really enjoyed our conversation :)

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