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Category: birthday

04/07/10 07:16 - 69ºF - ID#51344


Enjoy :)

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Category: about doha

04/05/10 08:17 - 62ºF - ID#51335

customer service

Got our visas for India, yahoo! Goa here we come!

However, what I don't have are my new fins. I prefer booties and strap on fins versus the slipper fin where you just put your bare foot into the fin. Those give me blisters. So, I went to buy some of my own strapped fins to go with my booties, and I wanted a pair of gloves too.

I did all my homework reading reviews etc and narrowed it down to 2 types of fin to try. Tested them, as best you can when not in water I suppose, and decided. I also picked up gloves, and a set for Rory plus a carry bag.

I tried to use my credit card and the guy was mumbling something about Master card doesn't work at his shop. I didn't have enough cash on me. So Rory hands over his Visa card, which also does not work. So now the guy is trying to convince me that our credit cards are messed up, but of course it was his machine. Finally, after 10 minutes of this nonsense, we say we'll walk to the ATM at the hopsital just down the street and be back in 5 minutes. "OK, OK"....

We go to the ATM, get the money and return only to find the bastards closed the shop!!! Seriously. I was know, I was willing to pay more just for the fins than an entire kit that I could have bought online just to be supportive of local businesses and THAT is the kind of 'customer service' you get in this part of the world. Sigh.

Completely different story, Rory and I went to Alton Towers while we were in the UK for his best friend's wedding. We stayed at a great bed and breakfast called The Smithy up in the Peak District. Lots of rolling hills and sheep! We like to collect funny photos of ourselves at various amusement parks around the world. This is my favorite so far. Sonic Spinball is about the craziest little coaster I've been on. I mean, look at my hair, it's going in 3 different directions!!

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Category: travel

04/01/10 06:01 - 45ºF - ID#51306

indian embassy

I had a most interesting visit to the Indian Embassy this morning. For starters, the map they had on their website was wrong. We drove around neighborhoods for a while to no avail, then just happened to run into an Indian man on the street who knew where it was! He lead the way in his car - thanks man!

I did all my homework online to find out exactly what I needed to get the visa. Fill out tourist form V-1, bring proof of your return plane ticket, and hotel confirmation. Great! So we did all that. Didn't have a glue stick at home so had to paper clip our photos on the pages.

Got to the window and the guy starts ticking off all the unfilled areas - which indicate on the form only need to be filled in when you qualify for those conditions. For example, "Sign here as a tesatment that if you are entering India for 1 year or more, you will leave if you find out you have AIDS". So, I didn't sign because I won't be there for a year. But we had to sign anyway. Several areas like this follow. also have to fill out 'this' form, in duplicate. WTF!! Why wasn't that form, or that information ON THE WEBSITE under visa requirements??? So we had to fill those out in a last minute scramble. He also screamed we couldn't affix the photo with paper clip. I'm like, great - I don't have GLUE on me do I? So, I chewed a piece of gum and used little bits like glue strips. Quite genius really, and it worked.

With all the ado about those forms, we finally get a ticket to the window to apply - only to find out we're also supposed to have a photo copy of our passport and work permit. Which seems odd considering I was about to HAND OVER MY ACTUAL PASSPORT. Isn't the original more proof than a copy? So, Rory had to push his way back in a huddle of men to get photo copies at 30 cents each.

Then at the cashier's window, the woman charge me and my female co-worker an extra 10QR, for no apparent reason. We already got charged an extra 75QR for being Americans. Gotta love it.

So, off to India next weekend for Rory's big 3-0!!!! Going diving in Goa, woohoo!!!
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Category: potpourri

03/18/10 10:18 - 43ºF - ID#51212

bon voyage

Off to London this afternoon and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY HUSBAND!!! Too short of a stay this round but at least I accomplished the task of officially becoming recognized by NYS as Mrs. Webber! It was really nice to see Carey and Leetee, sorry we couldn't work something out Mrmike.

I guess I brought the Doha sunshine and warm weather with me, because it's leaving with me too! I do what I can ;)

Until next time.
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03/14/10 09:08 - 35ºF - ID#51183

for a limited time only!

I made it in late last night by some grace of the cosmos. Only appearing in the B-lo area for a few days with a tight schedule and lots to do - but if you'd actually like to see me, give me a shout and I'll see if we can't work something out.

I've got to do phone interviews almost every day with folks back in Doha and a lot of name changing stuff, but there should be some free time here and there.

Ya'll probably hate it, but I'm LOVING the rain right now. Gray skies actually feel so nice once in a while.
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03/03/10 10:57 - 32ºF - ID#51098


More photos from the trip to Atlantis in Dubai.

Dubai skyline

massive viewing tank in the hotel...i mean MASSIVE. it's 3 stories tall and holds some 11 million liters of water.

all the tanks are meant to look like the lost ruins of Atlantis, very cool

and an entourage of rays in flight

the tank is so huge and I was shocked they actually have a young whale shark in it! i learned more about this unusual sighting:

the aquarium, or 'lost chambers', carried the Atlantis theme with all kind of artifacts and machinery

Rory is um...testing the environment suits for leaks?

that's a biiiiiiiig grouper

sunrise over The Palm

Burge Dubai, the tallest building in the world

at the water park we went on this slide ride where you end up gliding through this shark tank

and cute rays greeted you with a smile, it was pretty impressive

for (e:matthew)

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02/24/10 07:21 - 26ºF - ID#51069


I always know that deep down inside my worries have subsided when I start to hum or sing. I am humming and singing today.

It makes me feel so happy and slightly tingly inside. I love being happy!
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02/14/10 09:10 - 27ºF - ID#51011


Rory and I went to Atlantis in Dubai this weekend for what we have now nicknamed our 3rd honeymoon. It was freaking awesome! I always wanted to go to Atlantis since they opened the original in the Bahamas but could never afford to actually GO.

We got to play in the water park all day the first day which was great fun, minus the huge purple bruise on my rear end from one of the rides. At some point on one of the rides we actually managed to fall out of our two person inner tube, which kind of hurt - but the best part was when the next set of folks came rushing down the slide after us. I got whopped in the head by some feet just before their tube hit, which knocked Rory clean off his feet and into the tube as we shot down the remaining portion of the ride. We couldn't stop laughing.

The best part of that day was playing with Piphali!! We participated in a deep water interaction with a dolphin and it ROCKED! She kissed us, danced with us, we gave her hugs, she spun us in circles, and my favorite part - she gave us a ride on her belly! I couldn't believe how soft and warm she was. I just expected something a little tougher and colder, but now I know!

That night we went through The Lost Chambers, which is the coolest aquarium I've ever been in. I loved the imagination they used in creating ruins of an ancient advanced civilization (photos on that tomorrow). It was also the largest tank in the world, which had a WHALE SHARK in it! Granted I think it was a very young one, but huge nonetheless.

The next day we rode the new metro system they just opened up. It's not entirely finished, but some of the major stops are running, such as Mall of the Emirates, which is ridiculously huge. We stopped at Dubai Mall as well because it was right next to Burj Khalifa, which is now the world's tallest building. We wanted to go up to the observation deck but seems they are experiencing technical issues with their elevators and weren't allowing people up. We'll have to do it next time.

Now, meet Piphali!



belly ride!

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Category: potpourri

02/08/10 07:39 - 13ºF - ID#50987


I used this program to take my blog and randomly create this image. It's pretty cool looking at some of the words and thinking, "When did I write about bread?", etc.

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01/20/10 07:48 - 25ºF - ID#50864

baby name popularity

Timika is not in the top 1000 female names for any year of birth in the last 40 years.

Why am I not surprised by this?
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