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Category: auntie

08/14/06 02:32 - ID#25442

p squared

This weekend I got peed on, puked on and pooped on. I had to babysit my infant nephew Ryan. It was a 48 hour madness marathon!

I'm not exactly a baby person. I don't hate them, especially not my nephews, but I don't have a high tolerance for them. Crying makes my spine cringe rather quickly.

I think I collectively got 5 hours of sleep the entire weekend. The little guy eats every 2.5 to 3 hours! It takes about 15 min to prep his bottle then another 30 minutes to an hour for him to drink it. Then there is always a diaper change involved prior to and shortly after a feeding. I was wiped out.

Fell asleep watching a movie with (e:Nejifer) and apparently she tried to wake me up to go to my bed but I was dead to the world. I really don't know how parents do this.

Not to mention my poor little (e:Bambicroft) has been so lonely from lack of attention that she was all over me. I love her to bits n' pieces and adore spending time with her. She loves me too, so she never left my side for one second.

I'm still pooped. Think I'm gonna take a nap between laundry loads and the dishwasher. Cheers to all you domestic engineers out there. Ciao.
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Category: auntie

07/13/06 11:58 - ID#25429

may i introduce, ryan joseph


meet the little guy


proud mamma


too cute!


he has the biggest feet ever


seriously, look at the size of that print


happy auntie


so tiny i could hold him in one hand
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Category: auntie

03/22/06 02:41 - ID#25367

little alien among us

My nephew on the horizon....I really dig sonogram photos!


Just got official word that my little sister is coming up from Orlando with her baby's daddy for Easter. Now I'm in charge of throwing her a baby shower, much like I was for my older sister. Good news is, big sis will be coming up with my little nephew Max to join the festivities. I'm happy to have the chance to cradle his delicate body in my arms again. Maybe I'll bring my new guitar along and play him a lullaby.

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Category: auntie

01/24/06 03:16 - ID#25319

baby bungee

I made my nephew a few onsies for Christmas. My sister just sent me this photo. Seriously, this little guy is going to have great fun with his Auntie Mika! He looks too cute with his little baby mowhawk. Ciao!


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