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Category: engaged

04/23/09 02:02 - ID#48482

the ring

There she is!

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Category: engaged

03/18/09 08:21 - ID#48098

save the date

Promise, last blurb about engagement and wedding for a while! The date has been finalized.

Mark you calendars for Saturday, October 31st! Yes, it landed on Halloween and I didn't plan that AT ALL. But hey, when you project what would make you most happy, all the universe conspires to make it so!
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Category: engaged

03/16/09 07:32 - ID#48077

thank you!

Thanks everyone for your congrats! We are super stoked about it! Rather than planning the wedding surrounding some grand idea I've had since childhood (because I don't have one), we're letting the circumstances play out and kind of determine the details.

Thus far, circumstance has told us it's going to be in the US, most likely in Buffalo. It has also told us it's either going to be October 30th or 31st.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, I love Halloween to bits but I seriously did not select these dates! But I can see having lots of fun with it, fo sho! Keep your calendars free!

I think we'll try to get to the states late summer to take care of 'in person' details. So, I'm sure we'll throw together a nice big bonfire experience and hope you'll all join us for a little engagement celebration :)

Here's a pic shortly after he asked me. I look weird, but whatever, I was all kinds of crying and shaking and it's hard to take two person self-portraits. At least my long arms come in handy sometimes!

This was our little 'celebration' at London Heathrow Airport while we were waiting for our flight back to Doha. Seriously, the Virgin Atlantic lounge is freaking amazing there!
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Category: engaged

03/14/09 08:09 - ID#48056

it's official!!!

(e:Rory) and I are formally, officially, 100% engaged! We are so happy!

This is how it went down:

He asked me on Friday the 13th in an old graveyard next to the old church in Ingatestone (his hometown). He got down on one knee. I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could hardly speak.

A small group of teenage boys that had just gotten out of school were coming down the path behind us, saw him on bended knee, and started shouting various congratulatory remarks and woohoo's. They passed us as we hung in a tight embrace, savoring the moment.

As we left the graveyard we rounded a corner to the Co-Op and the same boys were standing outside. They lined themselves up by the door and as we walked in started humming/singing "Da dum de dum, da dum de dum". It was very cute.

We just wanted to share our joy with all of you!
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