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11/15/09 02:32 - 56ºF - ID#50309

URTI - feeling so miserable

So I have a pretty hefty upper respiratory tract infection. Joy, joy, joy. To brighten things up a bit I thought I'd share just a few shots from the US leg of our tour.


the traditional British group photo after the ceremony


the husband and I with the man who took our pics, the one and only (e:Libertad)


one of the coolest shots we got in the cemetery


my favorite kissing shot
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11/10/09 09:10 - 46ºF - ID#50263

back in doha

Mr & Mrs Webber have arrived home - amazingly. We had a lovely party in the UK, though a little chaotic to get set up apparently. We also ran out of time to do our slideshow which means we carted around our projector around the world for no reason...oy. Everyone around us was sick, and between that and the traveling I didn't really stand a chance. SO now I'm sick too. Rory was, but seems to have thwarted any major affects. Getting on another plane with a head cold made the pain so much worse. I had to actually take a sick day today, which is almost unheard of for me.

We barely made our plane out of London because we got stuck in so much road works and traffic on the way out. I'm so proud I managed to drive in and out of Heathrow airport - that place is nuts....and I still sometimes try to get into the 'wrong' side of the car when I'm over there. Or bash my fingers into the window reaching for the gears, when they are on the left as well. Nonetheless, I think I've qualified as a world driver now.

So, back in Doha we just picked up keys for our 2 bedroom apartment - YAY! I'm supposed to have one anyway as part of my contract, but there are lots of promises made that get broken here, and that was one of em. So, now that I'm a married woman, they HAD to give me a 2 bedroom (which is like 3 times the size of my one bedroom).

In other words, we now have a BED for people to sleep in - so if you have ANY desire in seeing the world outside your backyard, particularly experiencing the middle east, this would be the time to do it. Hotels are very expensive around here and there are no motel 6 type dos. Even if you use it as a 2 day layover on the way to someplace else.....and I think we might try to plan a group stay at Rory's aunt's place in Indonesia next year. That would be tre fun!

Anyway, sooner that later because before you know it, 2 more years will pass and we'll be on our way to somewhere. Nothing sounds worse that opportunity as it whizzes past your head.

When we're back in our time zone and the 3rd party is over, we'll get a few shots posted from the big affair :)

Ciao, Mrs. Webber
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