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Category: photos

01/31/06 02:50 - 33ºF - ID#25326

peep sightings

(e:Jenks) and (e:Ladycroft)

(e:Joshua) and (e:Jason)...brotherly love?

(e:Jenks) and (e:Joshua)

(e:Joshua) hangin tough

Not related to the peep sightings at Spot, a few more photos.


(e:Matthew) and a sugar glider

and I just thought this was funny
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Category: space

01/28/06 02:26 - 44ºF - ID#25323

remember the future

I cannot believe it has been 20 years.

I remember sitting in my 5th grade classroom at Maryvale watching the launch live. When it exploded all the teachers ran out into the hallway to discuss, they didn't know what to do. All us kids just sat quietly in our seats; we didn't know what to do either. We were supposed to watch the launch and then get a lesson from the teacher in space, Christa McAuliffe.

The great space race is over and so many people don't pay any attention anymore. I find space exploration fascinating! I'm always wondering what's shakin in the galaxy and what not. Therefore, I got up early on the morning of February 1, 2003 to watch Columbia land.

I was not going to get a front row show because I was in Corpus Christi, but Texas channels were poised to give us the best re-entry viewing we could get. Sadly, instead of watching the bird glide in safely, it disintegrated in a shower of flame over the lone star state.

Did anyone read about this new planet

Maybe it's just the adventurer in me, but how fascinating! I mean there is so little that we know about our very own solar system, let alone our galaxy, let alone other galaxies! How I wish I could transcend the space/time continuum and visit other planets, see what they are really made of, what life exists in what form, new compounds, new elements...anything, everything! Ok, I really need to get some legitimate homework done. Ciao.

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Category: auntie

01/24/06 03:16 - 40ºF - ID#25319

baby bungee

I made my nephew a few onsies for Christmas. My sister just sent me this photo. Seriously, this little guy is going to have great fun with his Auntie Mika! He looks too cute with his little baby mowhawk. Ciao!


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Category: potpourri

01/20/06 11:40 - 41ºF - ID#25317

look at those weird people

(e:Jason) and I went to check out the Albright-Knox Art Gallery today because it says it's free after 3pm on Fridays. I can't remember the last time I was there, maybe I was 9? I didn't realize just how small the place was. It looks pretty sizable on the exterior but not so much inside. As I looked at some of the art though, I couldn't help but think some of it was just crap. No, I'm not an art snob. I really do appreciate art in so many forms and mediums; but nothing really moved me. Then we were looking at one piece and this guy totally snubbed us. He turned to his kids and said, "Look at those weird people looking at art". I was like, WTF??? I figured it must have been my hair. Some folks get so bent out of shape over fun hair.

So, we couldn't seem to read the map correctly and kept missing what we really wanted to see, the Chinese contemporary exhibit. Then we realized we missed a staircase, got excited that we had finally located it, only to find out it wasn't actually free and we had to buy a ticket. I thought, ok, maybe it's a few bucks for the special exhibit...not so much. More like $12. I was disappointed. (e:Jason) thought he might be able to charm the pants off the old ladies working the ticket counter, but we just gave up. We did get to the see the main hall though, which consisted of foam blocks creating the Great Wall, and these transparent tapestries hanging all around the room. I thought they were some kind of rice paper at first, but we discovered it was actually human hair.

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Category: potpourri

01/18/06 09:26 - 30ºF - ID#25315

the most productive human being

Ever have those days when you suddenly become the most productive human being to walk this rock? Of course you have! Today I had the privilege of being one of those human beings. Honestly, I think it's because my boss is gone on a trip and for once my phone wasn't ringing off the hook all day. For the first time in a long time I woke up entirely motivated to get things done. I scrubbed my bathroom from floor to ceiling and got up the shower curtain liner I'd been meaning to hang for ages. As a side note, I think I'm allergic to bleach. It causes a horrible reaction. I get near it and my eyes turn red and leak, my lungs seize up, I can't stop coughing and my nose starts running profusely.

Next I tackled the mountain of laundry on my floor. Granted, it had already been washed, but putting it away was a chore for which I cared not. So at last all the shirts are hanging together in the closet, socks all snuggled in the drawer. Then I changed my sheets. Hell yah! Who doesn't LOVE clean sheet day!? If you say you don't, you're a liar. Everyone loves clean sheet day. It's the best night's sleep you have in [insert frequency of your own sheet changing here]. Is there a greater comfort than the smell of fresh fluffy sheets to caress your body and cradle you to sleep? Well, maybe someone to snuggle with....mmmm.

Then I vacuumed my apartment and dusted every square inch of surface space. I put away the lingering holiday decorations, re-organized my storage bin, and organized all my drawers...[break into song and dance of your choice here]. Oh happy day!

You see, even the simple things of every day life mean something. If you can't take the time to enjoy something so small, yet so great, such as the splendor of clean sheet day, I pity you. It's taking time to enjoy these small elements of day to day life that make you feel alive! So keep posting estripers, this IS what it's all about.

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Category: hair

01/17/06 01:11 - 38ºF - ID#25314

i feel like a car

So the Kamikaze Raspberry has had it's run. It had gotten to a point where it just looked gross. I needed to take action. I thought about just revamping the pink, but I really only have 6 weeks left to have 'fun' with my hair. So - I topped it with Huckleberry Blue. It resulted in a very interesting purpley-blue colour. It reminds me of that car colour that changes in the sunlight. It's a little darker than I had hoped for, but I like it and that's all that really matters. Ciao.


during (i tried to save a few streaks of pink, but i screwed up)

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Category: tv

01/15/06 08:41 - 13ºF - ID#25313


The season premier of 24 is on right now. The first 15 minutes have already blown me away!!! I LOVE this show!!! Turn on FOX right now, do it! Ciao.


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Category: weirdness

01/15/06 01:42 - 16ºF - ID#25312

weird weekend

Friday the 13th was a full-moon shenanigans festival. Hell, this whole weekend has just been full of the bizarre and unusual. I went to a rock show at The Palace to see Displaced D. Unfortunately, the clientele have changed over the years. Last time I went with my sister it was predominantly Goth and punk rock. This time, I think myself and two other people had fun hair. It was mostly filled with teenagers using fake ID's to drink shitty beer. Not that it was ever a high caliber type of joint to begin with, but sometimes crap-hole places are fun. Somehow, at the end of the night I ended up with a giant safety cone in my car.

kyle and jen

the boys

the girls

me and jen


As (e:Jenks) mentioned [inlink]jenks,40[/inlink] , Saturday night I experienced the most bizarre waiter I have ever encountered. We ate at Towne, but I have to say I was not impressed. They didn't really have much for me to eat. The spinach and feta melt didn't do much for me and the lentil soup was bland. Maybe their breakfasts are better.

Today I had to make a run to Tops to get snacks and things for my two day refresher training with my CA's. As I approached the intersection I hit a 10ft sheet of ice and skidded right through it. I'm just so thankful no one was coming!!!

Then I had to do laundry. I had bought a fabric softener replacement carton since they did not have Method brand. I thought I still had my old container, but somehow accidentally threw it out. Well, as I was walking to the washer I tripped and dropped my basket. Yah, green fabric softener spilled out on my white shirt. Stained forever. Then as I was loading the washer, I dropped another shirt right into the fabric softener dispensing tank. Another one bites the dust! Meep.

Oh - and my stove stopped working to boot!
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Category: question for you

01/12/06 12:37 - 45ºF - ID#25311

is my thinking elitist?

So I got into a debate the other day about something. I wanted to put it out there just to get some other views on the topic. When living as a student on a college campus there are certain rules in place. As a professional employee of that institution, when the job requires you live on site, should you be required to live exactly like a student? Should this professional be seen as a student or as their own separate entity as an employee of the institution?

My argument is that the professional is absolutely a separate entity and should be entitled to live their life as 'normal', not bound by those rules set in place for students. As a live-in professional, this place is your home. You don't have anywhere else to go, you LIVE there. Now don't get too excited, I'm not talking about breaking the law - I'm talking about small simple things, like the ability to have a shot of vodka in your cranberry juice, or burn incense while doing yoga. I think there is always some hierarchy in the working world, and you earn and deserve certain privileges.

The opposing argument was that this view of small privileges is elitist and that every human being on that campus should be treated exactly the same. That the professional should not have one ounce of luxury above what any student has. That my privilege in this situation is that I get paid to live here. I disagree a thousand percent.

Perhaps I am simply biased because I actually LIVE this scenario. Yet even when I was a student in the residence halls, I didn't have an issue with the fact that my Hall Director was allowed to have a candle burning, so maybe I'm not biased after all.

What's your take on it?

P.S. Jim, I'm a hall director (the professional in charge of the RA's).
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Category: potpourri

01/10/06 12:42 - 36ºF - ID#25310


I made another lovely trip to Spot last night with (e:Jenks). You're too much fun girl!!! We ran into (e:Salvatore) while we were waiting in line. This made me wonder how many times prior I might have crossed paths with these people and never known. I love great mysteries like that.

Random thought: I spotted truffles at Wegmans, on 'sale' for $799.00 a pound!!! I almost crapped my pants.

P.S. I found a coupon for a buy one get one free piercing. I want to get my eyebrow redone. Anyone interested?
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