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Category: potpourri

10/28/08 06:08 - 42ºF - ID#46380


Finally! You are now looking at Doha's most recently certified open water diver :) Woohoo! That has been on my life list for quite some time, I'm so happy to have finally accomplished it! So now I can actually go diving in all these fabulous places instead of just snorkeling. Yay!

In the news lately are stories of workers in Dubai being left at the airports without money or passports and basically turned into slaves. It's really very sad. The situation is the same here in Doha. If you go to the airport you'll see dozens of men sleeping on the concrete right outside the terminal, with no one to claim them. The way they treat workers here is so horrible. It took me a long while to realize why they were so awe struck any time I showed them kindness, or said thank you, or GAVE them something.

When I was in my other office I used to lend my tea boy books all the time and at first he didn't want to accept it. When I smile and say hello to the cleaners in my building, it's like a light shines through their eyes because someone is acknowledging them as a human being and appreciating the work they do. Sigh. Sometimes you just feel so stuck because you want to change things and you know it will probably take 50 years, if it happens.
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Category: halloween

10/27/08 05:57 - 43ºF - ID#46361

costumes, costumes, costumes

Update on previous post:

I found some photos of flapper dresses with feather trim, and I was able to find feather trim, so Im gonna sew feather trim on my dress! I looked through the souqs but I just couldn't find fringe. I did found a bit of sequin to trim the neckline with. We'll see how it looks all put together!

Last night I gave my wig a haircut. I made poor Rory wear it because I needed it to sit on a real head. It's not perfect (because cutting a wig with big honky scissors isn't easy) but in a darkened room it will probably look very real. I gave it a nice short bob to go with the flapper theme.

I was going to dye my other dark brown wig black for Morticia, but since I am running out of time, decided it was best not to attempt. More so because I realized it would make a great Lara Croft piece. While my hair works for that now, I DO plan on cutting it as soon as it's long enough to donate again. I'll have a safety net for playing my favorite Heroin!
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Category: potpourri

10/09/08 08:31 - 56ºF - ID#46010

busy busy beeeeee

Holy crapola I have so much catching up to do with my journal!!! Here is the super brief version:

I'm getting my SCUBA certification this weekend, FINALLY!

Just got back from Ireland.

Guinness DOES taste different there.

Rory and I celebrated 6 months last night at an awesome Italian restaurant. We're hoping to celebrate 1 year in the Maldives :)

I went to Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam.

I went to Siem Reap in Cambodia - and the people are awesome!

Will get photos posted to my site very soon!

Josh/Jason - I just found your birthday card in my closet when I did a cleaning fest yesterday! Woops. Will send it soon.

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