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Category: dream

06/21/10 08:22 - 67.ºF - ID#51982

martha's new book

I had a dream that I was standing in Martha Stewart's kitchen trying to convince her that she should publish a book on crime scene cleaning. What's that all about?
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Location: Niagara Falls, NY
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Category: job

06/19/10 12:32 - 81.ºF - ID#51958

I got the job!

So we're moving to London! We've already got the kitty sent ahead of time so she can start 'doing her time'. Poor thing, her only crime was to be born here. Now she has to spend 6 months in lock up. At least we'll have her back in time for Christmas :)

Totally stoked about the new job! I start September 1st. Awesome location and yet another chance to be part of a brand new office and create the program. I guess that's going to be my career trademark.

Hopefully folks will actually hop the pond and visit this time! Can't offer you a place to stay since it's a central London flat (ie extremely small) but there are youth hostels and cheaper hotels to be found.

Check it out!

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Category: potpourri

06/02/10 09:17 - 69ºF - ID#51784

salman rushdie

Was the opening plenary speaker at NAFSA last night. He was amazing! It felt so good to hear someone speak about human rights and literature. Plus who knew he's such a funny guy!
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