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Category: halloween

11/26/08 05:45 - ID#46843

quick pic

I finally got the Halloween pics, but I don't have enough time to post everything right now. Here is a quick picture from Halloween as Morticia and Gomez. I'll post more pics next time, as well as fancy ones from the St. Andrew's Ball this weekend!

Happy Turkey Day in advance!

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Category: halloween

11/03/08 04:55 - ID#46484


Well, thanks to everyone who posted photos of the Halloween party! I'm so sad I couldn't be there, it's always one of my favorite nights of the year.

I had a lot of fun at the Gangsters and Molls Monster Ball. Although I'd say about 80% of the guys were all dressed alike: black pants, black shirt, white tie.

Apparently I did a good job cutting my wig because people thought it was my real hair and asked if I had gotten a special haircut just for the event. They didn't believe me when I told them there was golden brown locks to the middle of my back tucked neatly under that short,short bob! Yah...I know what you're thinking...LOOOOOOOOOTS of bobby pins, that's how.

The next night we did Morticia and Gomez Adams but I was disappointed so few people dressed up. LAME. The Tina Turner impersonator was entertaining and Rory knows everyone who works there so we go to eat for free. I guess I can't complain there!

I'll get photos put up very soon! Happy Halloween everyone :)
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Category: halloween

10/27/08 05:57 - ID#46361

costumes, costumes, costumes

Update on previous post:

I found some photos of flapper dresses with feather trim, and I was able to find feather trim, so Im gonna sew feather trim on my dress! I looked through the souqs but I just couldn't find fringe. I did found a bit of sequin to trim the neckline with. We'll see how it looks all put together!

Last night I gave my wig a haircut. I made poor Rory wear it because I needed it to sit on a real head. It's not perfect (because cutting a wig with big honky scissors isn't easy) but in a darkened room it will probably look very real. I gave it a nice short bob to go with the flapper theme.

I was going to dye my other dark brown wig black for Morticia, but since I am running out of time, decided it was best not to attempt. More so because I realized it would make a great Lara Croft piece. While my hair works for that now, I DO plan on cutting it as soon as it's long enough to donate again. I'll have a safety net for playing my favorite Heroin!
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Category: halloween

10/27/06 02:45 - ID#25451

pooch parade

I found these photos made me smile. Maybe you will too.





my favorite
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