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Category: music

06/30/06 10:07 - ID#25423

return to Mars

!!! Don't forget about the fiesta manana !!!

disclaimer: this is long, but more photos at the end.

Now for the adventures of your favorite stalking duo, imk2 and ladycroft! We were at it again last Sunday when they played an acoustic set at the grand opening of the new f.y.e. in Hamburg. Up close and personal, so lovely. Nejifer joined us for that showing. The three of us were hands down the most beautiful women in 5 square miles. Seriously, I was standing in a pit of skanky 15 year olds and someone was stinking of piss.

Anyhow, here are few photos from the afternoon.











When it was over we wrote a card, complete with map and phone number, inviting them over for a home cooked meal. I'm sure they would have come if it weren't for the last minute photo shoot they had to do. Hmpf.

In the midst of 'waiting' for their call the alcohol consumption was great. Yvonne and Jen started dancing along with the Dirty Dancing on tv. I made a few video clips but in my haste didn't download them. I'll try to post them later. I decided I needed a mohawk and the ladies tried to do one up. However, my hair is too thick and heavy so I ended up with 3 pig tails and some chopsticks in my hair. Next thing I know, we're all wearing rediculous outfits with silly hair and running down Elmwood to find Ryan at Spot. Before we embark on our journey, a shot on the sofa:


Next day, Edge Fest! (e:mrmike) managed to snag some comp tickets for Yvonne, her daugther Faben and myself. Not only comps, but VIP passes to the Heineken Green Room as well! We made it just in time to grab a beer and head up for 30 Seconds to Mars to play their set. We were close to the stage, as always, but to the side in order to protect Faben from the mosh pit....or so we thought. As it were, a young man next to me was trippin daisies or some shit. He held up this big stupid sign so I asked him to take it down because he was blocking everyone's view behind him. He pulled it down for a moment, then gave me a little hmpf and put it back up.

I turned to the girl behind me like "i'm sorry" but she was some super duper ultra mega platinum first-class white trailer trash, and she wasn't having it. She leaped into the air and ripped his sign in half. He gave a whimpy retaliation and tried to maintain the remaining half, but it was pathetic and someone else ripped it out of his hands.

Now the music is pumpin, we're trying to rock out, have a good time, admire the beautiful men on stage...when here comes a crowd surfer. I nearly missed getting clocked in the head by his shoe, didn't see it coming from the side. That kid got dropped by the way. Now our dear skunking friend gets out of control with his dancing.

He can't stand up straight and just keeps leaning into me. I stick out my elbow to try to protect Faben. The girls behind me were tiny, so they appreciate my efforts, but I was getting sick of his shit. Plus he was fat and smelly with the worst case of drooping eyeliner I've ever seen on a guy. I wanted to take the tie around his neck and choke him. I gave him a gentle shove because he kept landing on my foot. Then the mother fucker actually pushed me.

Red light. Hold on brotha, did you actually just PUSH me? So, I gave him a much more harty check and sent him plowing into some others creating a lovely shock wave. I also uttered something along the lines of 'I'll punch you in the kneck and take your ass to the ground if you touch me again'. Normally I wouldn't give much of a shit, but I was really looking out for Faben.

Things go well for a few songs, then he's at it again. This time the white trash and I are trying to plan a mutual attack. Suddenly this 300 pounder comes plowing through from behind and picks the kid up by his collar. Honestly, he was head and shoulders above the crowd and his face was like a tomato. Then someone else punched THAT guy in the head, causing him to drop the kid, causing someone else to get bumped and punch someone thing you know we're in the middle of a mini brawl! It was nuts.

All the while the shit for nothing rent-a-cops kept picking their butt fungus. Must have been 10 people approach them to ask them to get this kid out of there; they did nothing. The rest of the show goes on without further hoo-ha. We ran into (e:metalpeter) on the way downstairs. Then we hung out in the VIP area a little more. Indulging in free Heinee we engaged in conversation with a man who turned out to be the regional manager for midwest Virigin Records. Holy fucking cool Batman! I learned some interesting tidbits about his career and it turns out, he's a Buffalo native!
Enjoy the pics:




tomo is dreamy


that's kevin

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03/30/06 03:53 - ID#25375

mission to mars


If you read my previous entries, you will know (e:imk2) and I went on a little adventure last night. After seeing 30 seconds to Mars in B-lo, we decided it was imperative we see them again in Cleveland. We drove our happy asses down there with a brilliantly devised plan to stalk the band.

As a side note, I was also keen to meet the lead singer of Aiden. I thought they had incredible stage presence and the music was fab. However, this did not work out for me. Another day....

We arrive at the House of Blues and find free rock-star-parking just around the corner. Cuz we're cool like that. We make friends with the bar tender Molly and an older police officer named Kevin who, bless his heart, really tries to get us the inside scoop. Molly supports our exploits with great enthusiasm.

We watch the show, this time with even better positioning near the stage. We donned our concert earplugs for this round, so we were able to enjoy the tunes without bleeding from the ears. Yvonne and I BOTH agree, the B-lo fans were far more energetic and the show was much more intimate. Cleveland fans were like robots. Hardly any crowd surfing, virtually no moshing, people actually SITTING on their asses!!??? Oy. Nonetheless, the music was enjoyable :)

After the show, we hit the bar again..our plan is to be last in line for autographs. Which we are :) I had them sign my cd with a specially procured green Sharpe marker, because I just HAVE to be different from all the rest. We try to chat with them a bit, but they seem more focused on our boobs that our faces.

Some woman frighteningly screams "SHIIIIIIIIIIIT" and they all jump up and say 'gotta go'. What was that all about??? We wanted a photo so badly but this abrupt ending spoiled the opportunity.

Autographs securely in our purses, we move on to the next stage of our scheme. Hanging around the backstage area, we found the 'green room'. Oh yeah, there they were, with a stack of bimbos, naturally. As Jared comes trotting down the steps we ask for a quick photo but he declines with, 'It's the House of Blues maaaaaan, we're not allowed'.

Well, this is not satisfactory. We drove all the way from B-lo to see these guys again, and we are not leaving without photos! We get the car and park it illegally right by the tour bus. A small fan base of about 30 is lingering about. First comes Tomo, lead guitarist. I have to say, that man is not only fine, but had an incredibly sensitive demeanor. We chatted with him for a while. He tells me Jared is an avid and highly certified rock climber. Who knew? Anyhow....we got photos and enjoyed our time with him.

Shannon, drummer and brother of Jared, came out for a bout 2 seconds and then left. We were unable to snag photos with him. Matt, bassist, talked with us for a while. We were shocked to learn they felt Cleveland was a better show, but upon further inquiry, I learned it was an opinion based on technological success. Apparently, everything went perfectly for the first time this show. Good for them.

Lastly, Jared finally makes his appearance. He spends a fair amount of time taking photos with fans, but hardly says a word. He does not smile for a single photo. I think he was sick, or just very tired. Anyhow...we tried to get a photo but he always seemed to turn to another fan, and another, and another...making this giant circle around us. Just as Yvonne wanders off, I some how am standing all alone in a giant circle, and Jared turns to me. At last!!! Hugs, and a photo. Yvonne comes running back and we share our smiles with a flash in the chilly darkness. Mission accomplished.

If you read this far, congratulations, you deserve a prize. Which will be...lovely photos, posted later this evening. Until then...go buy their cd, you will like it!

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03/29/06 11:37 - ID#25373

photos from mars

Ladies, I'm sure you'll enjoy these visually pleasing shots of Mr. Leto. Rock star hotness!







Lots on my mind lately - and what better way to deal than go on an impromptu adventure!? I have to take care of some business here at work, then (e:imk2) and I are off to Cleveland to catch another 30 Seconds to Mars show - and this time hanging around to get the photos in the end! Ciao!

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
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03/27/06 12:47 - ID#25372

30 seconds to mars

Just got back from the concert - they put on a great show! I can't hear a thing out of my left ear. We were situated with fantastic viewing right by the stage, yet far too close to the speakers. Oy. Jared Leto is fucking HOT with make-up on! I didn't bring my camera but (e:nejifer) did, so either she'll post or I'll get em from her and post later. (e:imk2) brought her daughter. What a cool mom you are! I would shit myself if my mother took me to a concert when I was 12! If you've never heard of the band, check em out ;) Ciao!
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03/21/06 04:24 - ID#25366

battle of the bands tonight

Hilbert College in Hamburg, N.Y. is hosting their annual Battle of the Bands competition TONIGHT March 21, 2006!

Eight bands are performing and the show should prove to be an incredible event. The show is open to the public, and is $4 for non-Hilbert students. Free food will also be provided!

The following acts will be gracing the stage:

6:30-7pm: Standard of Living

7:15-7:45: Phil Sivecz

8-8:30: Now or Never

8:45-9:15: The Great Mistake

9:30-10: Any December

10:15-10:45: John Schmitt

11-11:30: The Thermidors

11:45-12:15: Dorian

Each of these bands has a Myspace profile if you want to check them out.
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03/03/06 05:27 - ID#25354

alexa ray joel

Yes, as in the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. She came and played Hilbert last night. She's trying to get some tour experience, put her music out there, see how folks like it.

It's kind of pop/rock with some nice soul mixed in. Which I like quite a bit. This is the stuff I like to sing. When she makes her debut album, I'd buy it.

I did take some audio clips but my camera is acting funky from whence it was tossed across the dance floor at mardi gras. If you want to check her out, she's on my myspace page. Zoiks - Paul don't hate me.


me, alexa and (e:nejifer)

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12/02/06 07:23 - ID#25282


awake again, stars are bright

watch tv to see people more messed up than me

smile :)

it's gonna be alright, no matter what they say

it's gonna be alright cuz I'm alright with me.

(jewel, new sound)
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12/01/06 02:48 - ID#25281

echelon mission: accomplished

Stormed Toronto Wednesday night to see, you guessed it, 30STM, again. I love those guys so much, it's always a rockin good time at their shows. I think this makes show 7 this year? Didn't do any stalking this round because we had to truck back home after the show. Not to mention Kool Haus is right on the harbor so the whole place smelled like bad fish. Gross. New user sound clip from a live acoustic set. Ciao.




my favorite, Tomo
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