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06/30/08 05:45 - 72ºF - ID#44831

back in the dohaha

I had a delay getting out of Orlando, but still managed to get on my plane in DC. I was so, so, so happy to be back in Rory's arms. I also came home to an amazing surprise. They put up a partition in my hallway. "What does that mean", I hear you ask. Well dear friends, it means I now have a relatively private entrance to my part of the building, which means it is now acceptable for me to have male visitors in my residence. Which means, for the first time ever, I'm going to make Rory dinner at MY place and he can some over and enjoy it!!!!

Really, having that type of restriction wears on you. I mean I'm almost 33 for crying out loud! With the inability for any public display of affection AND not having 'boys' over, I was seriously beginning to feel like a 13 year old trying to enjoy a chaperoned date. So, needless to say I am over the moon about this new addition!

Further more, I got some newer furniture and my apartment almost looks like it matches and belongs to a grown up! We requested 'new' furniture back in January and it's still a tit-for-tat battle as to who actually does the work. I swear this country wastes about a bajillion man hours working to avoid work and about 10 hours actually working. Not that I'm hatin' on anyone, just to make that clear.

I'm on duty this week, then I'm off to Paris next weekend. Rory finally got the time off approved, so we get to spend a whole 3 days together! No work, no moral police, just US....freedom.....and an exciting adventure together :) Let me hear you say, FUCK YEAH!

Travel photos to come.

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Category: travel

06/21/08 11:08 - 63ºF - ID#44747

down in disney

I made it down to Disney. The flight was uneventful until we were just about to land in Orlando. Either we had a mechanical issue or we were about to run into another plane. We had to abort our landing. We were really close to the ground about to land when suddenly we accelerated into what felt like mach 5 and made a sharp climbing turn. Jeepers!

So here I am at Disney. Seems like we'll have a lot of free time with this conference so today Mohammed and I went to Epcot. The rides aren't so great, but it's really cool meeting and talking with the staff. They come from all over the world and of course that floats my boat.

Most pleasing of all, I finally got to have a video chat with Rory this morning. The time difference is so wrong it makes it very difficult to communicate 'live'. I was just pleased as punch to get to spend an hour with him, hear his sexy accent, see his face. In all my life and experiences I've never felt 'homesick' the way I am when I'm so far away from him.

I'll get some photos up when I get back home in Qatar. Sorry if I didn't get a chance to see you, talk to you, or meet you while I was home. It's an exhausting trip and there's only so much catering I can do considering how far and long I had to travel to get there. So, hopefully next year! Because I won't be home for a year. But next time hopefully I'll have Rory in tow and you can meet the fabulous man in my life :) Ciao peeps.
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06/13/08 07:16 - 69ºF - ID#44634

i made it

I'm here!

As I was flying business class I got to check out Doha's new 'premium terminal' for business and first class only. Yah. They built an entire terminal JUST for the elite traveler. It was very lush. A bell hop takes your things from the car, then you sit in big leather seats until it's your turn to check-in, in which you get to sit in another big leather seat. Then you can enjoy the lounge. I got a buffet breakfast with a latte. The bathrooms were crazy fancy and set up like a spa. They even had showers. Sadly, the more I travel this way the more difficult it becomes to cram my ass in coach for a long flight. Of course, now it takes a flight to be over 6 hours for me to even consider it to be getting 'long'. Amazing how perspective changes when you start doing these 2/3 day marathon flights.

Anyway, when I landed in DC I was supposed to have a 3.5 hour layover. This turned into 8.5 hours. My flight was delayed because of all the storms. Well, everyone's flights. There were tons of cancellations and delays. By 11pm I was confident I'd be spending the night in the airport. I could hardly keep my eyes open to stay updated since I'd been awake for some 30 hours at that point (I don't really sleep on planes). But in the end, the Buffalo flight crew really wanted to get home so we flew out at 1:20am and got into Buffalo at 2:30am. My poor parents had to pick me up, I felt bad. I would have just rented a car but I could barely walk let alone safely drive a car for 1 hour.

So here I am, trying to acclimate to the time. No way would I ever be up at 5am! Except that my body thinks it's 12 noon. So dear peeps...looks like my weekend is probably committed to familial events, but I'd like to see ya'll during the week. Perhaps a little dinner? Lunch? Playing frisbee? Has Shakespeare in the Park started yet? Give me a shout, sooner than later. Time flies and I only have a few days :)
Ciao, LC
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06/09/08 02:35 - 68ºF - ID#44590

hoppin the continents

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading west, traversing the continents, hopping the pond stateside. It's a 15 hour flight from Doha to D.C. but Business class makes it humane, even enjoyable.

I have 9 days to play before I head down to Orlando. If you would like to see me, get in touch.

Ciao, LC
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