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Category: potpourri

02/12/09 11:03 - 33ºF - ID#47736

leavin' on a jet plane

We made it to the airport! Rory kind of forgot to set the alarm this morning so we were awoken by a phone call by the taxi man who had arrived as scheduled at 5:30am! We got up dressed and out the door in 8 minutes!

Thanks to the fact that I am now a 'first class gold card holder' in the frequent flyer program, we were able to skip the massive queue for check-in and waited less than 5 minutes - woohoo!

Then we got to hang in the gold lounge and eat some breakfast and play on the internet, which is where we're standing right now....ooooooh.

So anyway, we're off to London and my not have much access to internet while we're there, being a 3rd world country and all...haha. We'll just be very busy. We plan to ride the Eye tonight and hopefully watch horror movies since it's 'the 13th'. Weeee.

Tomorrow we'll visit London Dungeon and then we're going to see "Avenue Q" in the west end. FUN! I can't wait. How could the show not be great with puppets singing songs like, "The internet is made for porn"? Awesome.

Ciao for now peeps!

LC and Rory
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Category: about doha

02/11/09 03:53 - 44ºF - ID#47710


Holy flipping sandstorm Batman! Seriously, I'm just sitting here at my desk, the sun is shining, guys outside my window are doing some gardening...then all the sudden it got dark and the sky turned orange. Then the guys start running and I could hear a weird rumbling noise.

Next thing I know I can't see more than 20 feet as sand comes pelting passed my window at 80 miles an hour! Making a rush to close my window I got at least a teaspoon worth in my eyes. You can smell it in the air!

Fo shizzle, this had better not mess up my travel plans for this weekend!!! I am SOOOOOO looking forward to getting out of here for a while.
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Category: birthday

02/06/09 06:41 - 19ºF - ID#47655

happy birthday lettuce!

I'm not sure if I'm late, I'm not sure if I'm early, I'm not sure if I'm exactly on time. Which ever way it is.....

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Category: potpourri

02/03/09 10:44 - 23ºF - ID#47615

thank you rory

I was having a not so good very bad kind of day yesterday. Seriously. You know those days. You're already a little cranky because you didn't get the sleep you needed, then it turned out to be a 'hate on LC' kind of day, followed by a series of 'crisis' situations, followed by a series of 'I need your attention now, now, now!" situations, followed by my workshop students are being little shits kind of day. Meh.

Anyway, this post really is to say thank you, Rory. You were able to bring me back to relaxation, take the tension away, make me smile, and give me a peaceful night's sleep. I love you always.

and he got me flowers!
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Category: potpourri

02/01/09 11:42 - 37ºF - ID#47590

caution..zombies ahead!

Someone hacked a road sign. Hahahaha! I would have loved to see this while I was driving to work.

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