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Category: travels

03/03/09 07:46 - ID#47930


Back from the UK, for the moment. Tomorrow morning I leave for Seattle. I had a great time, even though I was sick for practically the entire trip. We stayed in London for Valentine's weekend, which was really nice. We went on the Eye for a sunset flight and actually got lucky enough to see some sun through the clouds!

We also saw Avenue Q in the West End, which is flippin hysterical! Seriously, if you get the chance, you'll love it. (e:Rory) has a favorite line from the song "The Internet is Made for Porn"....'just grab your dick and double click'. Schadenfreude was probably my second most favorite song...feeling joy in watching other's misfortune. I know, so evil....but it'll make you laugh.

(e:Imk2), I think the unexpected full on puppet sex was my favorite scene. It reminded me of this old Peter Jackson film "Meet the Feebles"

I finally got to meet (e:Rory)'s dad who is a nice old hippy rocker who reminds me of the character Walter from La Femme Nikita TV series. He also chants the fastest Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I've ever heard in my life. I was a little concerned he wouldn't want to visit the states for our wedding, but when we mentioned it he seemed to be all smiles :) He went on and about how great a guy he thinks Rory turned out to be, and I of course agreed. It was really great to see how happy he was for (e:Rory).

I had so much fun learning to drive on the other side of the car, and road, down these incredibly narrow country lanes! I only hit the curb a few times. I did freeze my tootsies off at his house though, he has no heat. We also slept on some unusual sized 1930's spring in your rib kind of mattress. I think it was a 'twin plus'? We barely squeezed on it and I'd either push Rory almost off the other side or he'd elbow me in the head. Great fun, lovely memories!

We visited the Cheddar caves and ate REAL cheddar cheese, as in made IN Cheddar, stored IN the actual caves. It was super delicious. Plus the caves were awesome, I love caving.

I got to meet a lot more of (e:Rory)'s friends, which was wonderful. It's always great to meet someone you've heard so much about. The wedding was straight up out of 4 Weddings and a Funeral, which I loved.

I have more to say about it, and photos, but am rushed to wrap things up right now. (e:Rory) got me an awesome notebook computer to travel with, it's so freaking tiny! This way I can keep it in my day bag and it seriously weighs less than the book I'm reading right now (The 19th Wife, really good). Ciao!

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Category: travels

09/27/08 04:40 - ID#45808

the seychelles, aka the twilight zone

Wow. I have a lot to say about the Seychelles. This was the holiday to the twilight zone. For serious. I wish I had more time to tell you the whole story now but I have a massive amount of work to do before heading off to Ireland. However...I did want to give you a teaser photo or two. I know haven't even gotten pics from Cambodia or Vietnam up but I'm working on it. No plans to go anywhere for at least a month once I return next week, so I should have time to work on that stuff.

Guinness Storehouse, here I come!!!

the view from my room

under water pictures are tricky...darn fish keep moving, what's up with that!
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01/06/08 01:49 - ID#42768

back in the do-ha

After a 1 hour delay in Buffalo, a 6 hour layover in D.C., a 12 hour plane ride, and 2 hours waiting for luggage that didn't come...I'm home. I arrived safely in Doha this evening and was greeted with my first major sand storm. It's crazy out there!

I promise I'll post photos soon and write much more but I'm exhausted and really want to sleep. Happy New Year everyone, it was so wonderful to see you :)

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10/22/07 07:18 - ID#41746 wonder they have nice bodies

Greece was absolutely amazing! My body is still in recovery mode. It was one hell of a workout! Even on a cruise ship with 5 buffet meals a day I managed to lose 5 pounds and I think my ass and calves are tighter than they have ever been. I don't have the time to really get into my adventures with this post but I will drop a few teaser photos.

I really want to give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to (e:metalpeter) for sending me SPOT coffee beans! I got the package today and it was such a wonderful surprise. Efharisto! (that's thank you in Greek).




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07/18/07 08:01 - ID#40152

i made it!

So here I am in Doha, Qatar. Transit time: 26 hours. I flew Buffalo to Boston to Londond to Bahrain to Doha. The best part is 2 of my 3 pieces of luggage made it with me! I had to laugh though because neither of them really had my clothes in it. I packed so fast and chaotically I had no idea what would be. Perfume, books, a few shoes, a blanket, tea lights/oil holder/burning matches :P

No matter, I'm hooked up to the net now and my 3rd bag should arrive at some point. My apartment is nice and not the gross grey/blue one I was shown during my interview! I'm pretty exhausted so I'm hoping they will let us get out of here for today so I can go take a nap.

Oh, and it's so hot that you don't have to use hot water to take a shower. The sun warms the water in the pipes! Yowza. More later, with pictures and such.

Thank you for all the well wishes!

local time: 3pm
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05/12/07 03:29 - ID#39251

journey to the middle east

I drafted this great entry yesterday but as we have all experienced at one point, it went POOF. So...this is the short-short version.

My flight from Doha was delayed 1.5 hours. I had been awake 26 hours when it left. I arrived in Berlin late, obviously. They already closed check-in and the woman was accusing me of suspicious activity. She claimed I landed on time. After much fuss and interogation (not kidding) they allowed me to board.

My heart sank when I walked on a fucking 737-300! Basically, that's 3 seats, isle, 3 seats. The kind of plane you take domestically. I wanted to cry when the pilot said it would take us 9 hours to get to New York. U.S. immigration hassled me about being in the middle east. He felt almost hostile.

I suffered the most intense deep vein thrombosis I've ever experienced in my life. My legs were swollen from the knee down. I had no ankles and my toes looked like little vienna sausages. I'm glad to be home!

Without further ado, some photos of my adventure.

my hotel room was snazzy

their version of toilet paper
actually quite refreshing when you have to number 2

didn't even notice this until day 2, it points to mecca

potential supervisor, funny as hell this guy!

view from my window

preparing for my presentation

wearing this! proof of my incredible interview outfit

this is the bigger version of the lecture hall i was in

everything is under construction, this will be the new graduation and ceremonies center

traffic is a bear but not as bad as cairo

i did a double take at this sign

another potential supervisor

skyline at night

potential co-worker

another potential co-worker

doha recently hosted the asian games and built all these structures for it, now they are taking them down, what a waste

how very dr. seuss, apparently the largest 'crooked' buildings in the world

sailing is big there

met up with my aunt and uncle for dinner

the beaches are beautiful
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05/06/07 03:09 - ID#39177

the doha saga

I got up this morning, still no bath water. So I took a sponge bath out of the sink. Couldn't wash my hair but I still don't have a comb anyway...

I wrapped my stinky shirt around one of these scented soaps so that it would act as a perfume. It helped a little. I must say I was looking quite stylish in my black suit, grey shirt, white socks and blue crocs. Oh yes, I did.

We checked on my luggage and found out that Paris doesn't actually have it. In fact, it is 'missing' altogether. They can't seem to track it down, even though we live in the modern age of bar codes and scanners. It's entertaining really.

I've been able to make a great impression on everyone regardless of the threads. I made my power point presentation, 15 minutes on the nose! I didn't realize I would be presenting in a high-tech lecture hall, complete with an audience of 20! Yah, can't lie, I was nervous. Then they questioned me for an additional 30 minutes.

I had to take a tour of Education City, walking for many parts of it. Remember, I'm wearing a black polyester suit. It was 106 today. Mmhmm. I sweated like a prostitute in church.

In light of my dissapearing luggage act Kristin took me shopping to find replacements for tomorrow's interviews. She also gave me a pair of flip flops.

We went out to dinner at a place that reminded me so much of Sahara Grill. The instant they opened the door I smelled it. That delicious and sweet scent that only the hookah can produce. Oh yaaaah. I had a new drink, lemonade with mint. Refreshing.

I finally got back to my room around 9pm. The water was on! I'm all clean, have fresh clothes to wear tomorrow and am no longer nervous because that presentation is over. Woot!

The people here are so incredibly friendly!! And if you want to know just how small our world really is...I met not one, not two, but three....THREE people, not Americans, who attended school in Buffalo! :O

Ok, it's 10pm, I am thuroughly exhausted and I have another 8am breakfast meeting. In other words, I'm outie.

Ciao, timika
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05/05/07 05:30 - ID#39167

greetings from doha, qatar

This has been the longest travel treck of my life. I have been up for 46 hours, in transit for 25 of those! I landed safely in Doha after a stop in Newark and Paris. My feet are puffed up like Macy's Day Parade balloons. My luggage didn't make it with. It's still in Paris. The next flight doesn't arrive until 7pm tomorrow.

I begin my interviewing at 9am. I had my suit with me, and a change of underware, but no shoes or shirt. So...Kevin and Kristin said, "whatever, you came prepared enough, they'll understand". So, I shall make my power point presentation to the lot of them wearing a stinky shirt that I've been in for 35 hours and my blue crocs. Yesssssss!

Best part is, they hook me up in this sweet hotel. It's beautiful. They gave me a cell phone and laptop, paid for the internet and any room service I want. Only downer thus far is that I was so desperate to take a nice warm shower to relax...and nothing but a tiny trickle came out, then stopped. I called the front desk and they said a water main broke and they are trying to fix it.

THIS is what I call adventuring! At least they have these nice fluffy robes. So I'm walking around in that to at least let my shirt breath. I guess I'll have to sleep in the buff.

I managed to get a tooth care kit but they don't have deoderant. What do I need more right now if I can't take a shower! Ha. I also won't have a comb or any make-up for tomorrow. So I'll have to charm their pants off with my humor and intelligence.

Ok, seriously, it's almost 1am and I have a breakfast meeting at 8am. MUST SLEEP! Oh, and it's averaging about 105 degrees. I'm SO gonna smell funky :)

Ciao, LC
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