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Category: holidays

12/25/08 10:04 - ID#47179

happy christmas!

rory and I made loads of sweats for all our friends here. Many hours of messy fun later, I give you....coooooooooooookies. Rainbow chip, Ladycroft's cloud cookies, Mississippi mud cookies, Grandma's orange crispies, peanut butter snowballs, caramel fudge brownie cupcakes, and gingerbread cake. Oh, and home made hot spiced cider too!


It's already 6pm here so all of Santa's presents have been ripped open. I have a collection of odd things from the crew including a penguin in an egg, which I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do with it. But, from my wonderful love I got many super cool toys!

A GPS so I can stop getting so lost in Doha! Awesome! It's actually waterproof and shock proof so you can take it sailing (has nautical measures), bike riding etc. I'm super stoked. It will come in handy to take to UK in February too when we have to go driving around to visit his dad and friends.'s going to be a real adventure driving roundabouts the other direction. other big giftie that made me so happy is a Wii Fit!!! I got myself all measured up and it's not good. Got some weight to lose (not that I didn't know this). This will definitely be a little support buddy to keep me on my toes in a fun way. It's just the type of reinforcement I respond to as a gamer - you have to accumulate so much time in your piggy bank in order to unlock new activities etc. Plus you can set goals for weight loss over various periods of time. It has strength exercises, balance/posture, cardio, and yoga!

Here are some pics of Wii Fit

rory about to get measured

ski jump

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (or should I say wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)

soccer goalie (harder than it looks!)

my dinky doha tree

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Category: holidays

12/22/08 06:47 - ID#47135


What the heck did my ears just hear but that Secret Santa is canceled this year!???? Only four people signed up? FOUR? I was soooooooooooo looking forward to this. I'm traveling half way around the world to be there....and NO SECRET SANTA!???

Well, I still think the four of us should do something, even if we just draw each other's names and know who it is! I can deduce that Jenks is one of them, so who are the other two?

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Category: holidays

12/02/08 04:32 - ID#46918

what are you doing new year's eve?

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Ladycroft is coming to town

She's making a list,
Checking it twice;
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
Ladycroft is coming to town


She sees you when you're drinking
She knows if you're a fake
She's bringing her fab man along
So show up for goodness sake

With a little black dress and shiny new shoes
Hair done up and some make-up too
Ladycroft is coming, Ladycroft is coming, Ladycroft is coming to toooooooooooooown!
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Category: holidays

11/22/07 01:59 - ID#42235

thanksgiving in the desert

I held a program tonight to introduce Thanksgiving to my residents. It was a HUGE success. We even watched Christmas Vacation when our bellies were full. Only sad part is, no pumpkin pie.

I've learned my lesson. The country sells out of pumpkin puree (the 12 cans that they have) about a month before Thanksgiving. I usually make from scratch entirely, but of course, no pumpkins. The cherry and apple went over well enough. The turkey was flattened in no time! Happy Thanksgiving peeps. Miss you all.

my super delish vinegar crust

only injury of the day, i have reaaaaaally sharp knives

Stove Top was sold out too so I had to make stuffing from scratch

the turkey guarding dessert

I even had to make whip cream from scratch for the pies

carving up the turkey breast

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