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Category: potpourri

05/21/09 09:09 - 68ºF - ID#48710

what chaps my ass these days

I'll pick just one that's on my mind....

Having people at work tell me what I should be doing with my free time. Like seriously judging me and giving me dirty looks because I'm doing something other than what THEY think I should be doing with my free time. Kiss my chocolate starfish, just after I've eaten a spicy bean burrito.

Thank you and goodnight.
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Category: potpourri

05/19/09 05:48 - 36ºF - ID#48693

everyday updates

I fell last night. Crossing the street to my car with a bunch of shit in my arms. It's a shame no one was there to see it because I'm pretty positive it looked like one of those highly entertaining falls in a romantic comedy. Unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of landing on foam.

Rory was waiting just inside the gate to hear me drive off, but all he heard was a thump, followed by 'FUCK'. I seriously can't remember the last time I fell so hard that I actually cried.

I thought I broke my middle toe, and my knee is having trouble bending due to the red golf ball sized lump mounted on its exterior. I also banged my wrist up pretty good.

It almost made me nostalgic for the days when (e:theecarey) seemed to land me in pickle after pickle of imminent bodily harm. Those were the days; leaving home a healthy teen, coming home an ER case.

Wedding planning is going exceptionally well. Everything is in order and 50% flat out paid for, which is a good feeling. I didn't want to have outstanding debt like many people do, which seems ridiculous.

We'll be home in July and having the BBQ shower probably that first weekend. We'll get e-Vites out soon!

I'm sooooo glad I didn't pay to see Enrique. He is terrible live. I was so disappointed. He was out of tune a lot, had NO interaction with the crowd, and made them sing most of the choruses. Oh, and he played for a total of 55 minutes, including end applause, brief retreat, and encore. He also started 20 minutes late.

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05/06/09 06:08 - 51ºF - ID#48599


Enrique Iglesias concert tonight :) Going to have a free listen on my balcony instead of paying the absurd $100 for bleacher seats, $250 for 'OK seats', or $500 for VIP. Which I don't think even gets you a meeting with him. Whatever, I can see and hear just fine from 100 feet away :)

Happy Belated Birthday (e:Jenks)!
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