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Category: new year

12/31/12 04:25 - ID#57105

good-bye 2012

On the eve of each New Year we often reflect on our lives. As we say good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013, I wish you joy that never ends and happiness with all your family and friends.

Where were you and who were you with when 2012 began?
In the living room of our new home with Rory, Stickybean and Blinky.

Where will you be and who will you be with when 2012 ends?
At home with Rory, Tobie and Blinky.

Was 2012 a good year for you?
Absolutely yes!

What was your favorite moment of the year?
Announcing the birth of our first child Tobie Joshua Webber.

What was your least favorite moment of the year?
The entire work saga which culminated in me handing in my notice.

Did you reach your New Year goals for 2012?

• Continue to lose weight - YEP!

• Travel to the US with Stickybean to meet family- No :(

• Read the 5 books waiting in line to be read - read 2 of the 5

• Buy an awesome bicycle with a basket and bell and take some lovely rides with Stickybean and Rory - nope :(

• Get my UK driver's license- YEP!

• Buy a car - YEP!

• Be the best wifey and mother I can be and never let a day go without telling Rory or Stickybean how much I love them- YEP!

• Make my cat famous for her awesome fetch skillz and run a line of crazy T-shirts, even if it's just for us :) - if I could figure out how to get my flippin' videos posted....sigh

What was your favorite month of 2012?
February - Tobie's arrival!

Did you travel in 2012?
Not outside the UK- this is a FIRST! I had to renew my UK visa, so I've been without a passport for months now! Grrrrrr. My travel bug is very, very unhappy about this.

Did you lose anybody close to you in 2012?
My Mamaw (mother's mother) in January :(

What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2012?
Strange as it sounds, I was actually impressed with Looper. It was much deeper than appears on the surface.

What was your favorite song in 2012?
Somebody that I used to know by Gotye and
Skyfall by Adele

What was your most exciting moment of 2012?
That last push when Tobie finally entered the outside world and I became a mother; something I NEVER thought would happen.

What was your proudest moment of 2012?
Me: Getting my UK license
Parenting: Tobie's first steps were pretty heartwarming.

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2012?
Can't think of anything funny...

What are your goals for 2013?

• Continue to lose weight- I've lost all the pregnancy weight and am back to where I was when I first left for Doha. Only 40 more pounds to go!

• Travel to the US with Tobie to meet family.

• Read the 3 books waiting in line to be read.

• Buy an awesome bicycle with a basket and bell and take some lovely rides with Tobie.

• Move house closer to London.

• Let people know how much they mean to me even though they've grown distant.

• Be the best wifey and mother I can be and never let a day go without telling Rory and Tobie how much I love them.

Cheers to a happy new year, celebrate safely and have fun!!!
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Category: birthday

12/23/12 03:37 - ID#57028

Happy Birthday Metalpeter!

Happy 40th Birthday Peter! We hope you have an amazing time on your special milestone day!

Other notes:

We are not coming home for Christmas :(

Last week Tobie starting taking his first proper steps, nice and slow and steady :)

This morning Tobie stood up in the middle of the room unaided :)

I quit my job because they were being horrible :/
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Category: potpourri

10/17/12 10:56 - ID#56834

more random thoughts

I've lost 10% of my body weight. Slow and steady wins the race to keep it off right? I'm still pudgy, but less pudgy and it feels good! Maybe in a year I'll reach my goal weight.

The little monkey started pulling himself up and cruising on his 8 month birthday. He is currently working on sprouting another 4 teeth all at once. Oh the joy. He grew again and is now in the 99th percentile for height. Poor kid will probably be like my dad and end up 6 ft tall by the time he's 12.

Just 2 more weeks until our 3 year Halloweeniversary. Time absolutely flies when you're happy. We were going to host a party but in the end decided to pig out on popcorn and watch a spooky movie.

Still no word on work, what I'll be doing and if they expect me to live-in.

Is there a US equivalent TV show to The Great British Bake-Off?

that is all.

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Category: potpourri

08/31/12 04:40 - ID#56718

random thoughts

We're coming home for Christmas! I know it's a busy time of year but if anyone would like to see me/us/meet Tobie let me know! He can charm you with his cute little dimple chin and sheepish grin. Or maybe just slap you in the face and drool on you :)

I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since Rory and I got married. Seems like yesterday!

I can't believe I'm turning 37 next week. I don't feel 37. I don't look 37. I don't think I can blow out 37 candles. I'd like to lose 37 pounds (times 2). There are 37 minutes until the show I like comes on this morning. I change at least 37 nappies in a week.

This Christmas is going to be filled with feel good homemade gifties! Not just because I like doing heartfelt things like that, but holy monkey butts flights are insanely expensive -and - they charge you bloody 10% of your fare PLUS about 400 pounds in taxes just to have an infant sit on your lap for 7 hours! Horse pucky!

In the last week Tobie seems to have sprinted down the growing development path. Babies are funny the way they seem to do nothing, then BOOM. Just in the past week he has:
  • sprouted 2 teeth
  • started frog crawling
  • started sitting up on his own

With his new found toothy nubs he likes to bite my toes, the little weirdo!
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Category: baby

07/13/12 01:54 - ID#56608

einstein as a baby

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05/29/12 11:52 - ID#56495

so sad

Rory just learned our friends in Doha were the ones who lost their triplets in the fire. It's horrific. All of those deaths could have been prevented. But my God, to lose all 3 of your babies....and they had gone through so much to have them! So, so sad...

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03/16/12 12:20 - ID#56228


Remembering Joshua. Smiling every time I say my son's name in full. He was named after a terrific guy!

2005, outside kunie's before a night out at the pink

2006, at my birthday party at the 333
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Category: baby

03/15/12 01:15 - ID#56225

i'm not the only one

Had our first post natal group session today. Things I am glad to know are normal and I'm not alone on:

I dream EVERY night, sometimes multiple times, that I am breastfeeding. Then I wake in a panic when all I see in my arms is a pillow. I frantically start searching the bed for him, then realize he's still in his moses basket.

I have an insatiable appetite for cookies, cakes and ice cream.

I still have pregnancy brain.

My feet are bigger.

I have a constant backache.

Peeing a little when I sneeze or cough really hard is more common in women who had back labour.

I think I'm not interacting enough or the right way with my baby.
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Category: life

03/13/12 01:53 - ID#56217

hurray for breast pumps

Tobie is old enough we could try introducing a bottle here and there. I was able to express milk so Rory could do one mid night fee at the weekend, allowing me a bit of uninterrupted sleep. I felt so much better!

Tobie took a few tries to get the hang of it but succeeded in the end. We'll just do it on the weekends for now. In another month we might actually get to go on a date longer than an hour and a half.

We took our first trek into London last Friday to visit the office peeps. Here's the two of us outside the building.

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Category: baby

03/08/12 11:24 - ID#56186

1 month

Tobie is a month old already! I think time went quickly because I've been living in a constant zombie state. No one ever really tells you the real story of childbirth and the aftermath. Never mind the physical difficulties, but mentally it's a mind fuck. One day you're carrying a bowling ball in your stomach, the next you are just a feeding machine with what feels like 4 butt holes and a tree trunk rammed up your hoo hoo! Breastfeeding isn't all sweets and roses like people make it sound either. It's hard work for mom and baby to get going. Proud to say I persevered as many women give up easily!

He finally let me have 24 minutes during my wakeful moments to play some nintendo!

Exercising his neck muscles during tummy time

Ready to go for a walk
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