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Category: baby

07/13/12 01:54 - ID#56608

einstein as a baby

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Category: baby

03/15/12 01:15 - ID#56225

i'm not the only one

Had our first post natal group session today. Things I am glad to know are normal and I'm not alone on:

I dream EVERY night, sometimes multiple times, that I am breastfeeding. Then I wake in a panic when all I see in my arms is a pillow. I frantically start searching the bed for him, then realize he's still in his moses basket.

I have an insatiable appetite for cookies, cakes and ice cream.

I still have pregnancy brain.

My feet are bigger.

I have a constant backache.

Peeing a little when I sneeze or cough really hard is more common in women who had back labour.

I think I'm not interacting enough or the right way with my baby.
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Category: baby

03/08/12 11:24 - ID#56186

1 month

Tobie is a month old already! I think time went quickly because I've been living in a constant zombie state. No one ever really tells you the real story of childbirth and the aftermath. Never mind the physical difficulties, but mentally it's a mind fuck. One day you're carrying a bowling ball in your stomach, the next you are just a feeding machine with what feels like 4 butt holes and a tree trunk rammed up your hoo hoo! Breastfeeding isn't all sweets and roses like people make it sound either. It's hard work for mom and baby to get going. Proud to say I persevered as many women give up easily!

He finally let me have 24 minutes during my wakeful moments to play some nintendo!

Exercising his neck muscles during tummy time

Ready to go for a walk
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02/23/12 01:41 - ID#56112


So last week Tobie's belly button hole got infected. Had to cleanse and treat it with antibiotic for 1 week. It's looking so much better. Had it checked out today and he got a thumbs up. Woohoo!

I on the other hand appear to possibly have developed my own infection in my stitches. Joy. They took a swab today so we'll find out for sure on Monday. All I know is I don't feel great. Boo hiss.
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Category: baby

02/05/12 05:31 - ID#56031

stickybean's arrival

Tobie Joshua Webber
born February 4th
8 lb. 11 oz.

All natural birth (honestly not by choice) but worth every agonizing moment once he was placed on my belly! Nothing can describe the instant unconditional love that overwhelms you.

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Category: baby

01/29/12 05:11 - ID#55998

8 days late...

This is how this whole adventure started in the first place! I suppose it's fitting that it finishes in similar fashion. Still no action. The Dr. attempted to do a sweep on the 25th to naturally trigger labour but that produced zip. I mean it only has about a 50% chance at working in the first place, but he said there was a whole lot of nothing going on and couldn't get a good reach on baby's head. No harm in trying anyway.

42 weeks is still OK for pregnancy, it's just after that you start to get concerned. So Stickybean has 4 more days to come willingly on it's own or we'll unfortunately have to go for induction. This was last on my list of birthing preferences. It can take days, for which I will have to stay in the hospital and be hooked up to monitors. I'm already bored and I have all the comforts of home! Plus induction make labour more intense and painful and increases the odds of interventions. Bit of a stretch from my most preferred method which was to use the pool.

Anyhoo, that's where we're at. You're worth the wait Stickybean, I just hope we can make your entrance into this world as calming as possible under the circumstances!
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Category: baby

01/20/12 09:40 - ID#55940

T-minus 1 day

Could start any minute, could still be 2 weeks away. It's quite an exciting adventure of unknowns!
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Category: baby

01/15/12 02:05 - ID#55922

t-minus 6 days

6 days until Stickybean's due date. Could be any day now or it could still be 2 weeks away. Baby will arrive when it's ready :)

Things have been good. I'm not really uncomfortable like everyone else says they were at the end. I feel mostly the same as I've been for the last 2 months. Maybe I get tired a little faster when walking and climbing stairs, but that's about it. I think a lot of it has to do with your comfort level in just dealing with pain. Yes my hips ache, yes my stretchmarks itch and ache, but I don't dwell on it and just carry on with what I need to do.

I'm grateful I'm able to sleep well most nights. I've got my cozy bed and like 8 million pillows for support which seem to keep my body in a good position for resting. Yah I have to get up and pee 3 to 5 times, but again it's just the way it is. Frankly I just remind myself I'll be getting up more often once it's out of me, so I should enjoy these moments!

I'm not nervous about labour and birthing. I think we've done a good job educating ourselves about all the possibilities and realities of what is to come. No sense getting worked up about the unknown, just go with it. This is where my sense of adventure is coming in really handy :)

I just hope for the best outcome and a healthy baby!

Stay well peeps.
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Category: baby

11/08/11 03:13 - ID#55463


GTT came back all good, no daibetes! But my iron came out too low so I now have to take iron pills. Have to get a flu shot tomorrow which I'm not thrilled about. The one and only time in my life that I got a flu shot I got horribly ill with the flu. Please don't let that happen again!

My scar is also hurting and stretching at the bottom. I have to go to hospital Thursday to take a closer look and see what the next 2 months might look like for me.

Other than that, Stickybean is doing well, plumping up and has a nice healthy heartbeat :)
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Category: baby

11/04/11 02:03 - ID#55436

so hungry

I'm jet lagged, starving, woken up at 5am by a beating inside my belly and I'm not allowed to eat because I have a fasting GTT test today! Misery. Fasting and pregnancy do not mix!
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