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Category: holiday

01/01/07 11:16 - 45ºF - ID#37502

How many quarts in a mile?

That is my favorite qoute from last night :)

thanks, (e:leetee) I will be cracking up over that forever more ;)

long rambling post ahead. I call it my 'spaz' post. Writing about everything and not much of anything. Explaining a lot yet not really getting into detail or even explaing the story. However, I feel like writing for the sake of writing and to post a few shout outs.. Didnt have much energy to do anything besides peck at the computer keys. If it feels good, do it, right?

haha! I want to post about 2006 Year in review using the same format as last year (e:theecarey,75) . I used the drop down journal-find to "Jan 2006" and it pulled up an entry I didn't recognize having written. Yet there were some familiar elements that I certainly could have written given the context ie; losing post before publishing it, long time blogger via Live Journal (yep 2000 or 2001 as well), story writer (but lots of unfinished stuff), blah blah blah-- the primary give away (besides written voice)- "I'm the girlfriend of (e:zobar) " haha! So, my journal morphed with (e:dragonlady7,1) post and came up as though I wrote it. Then in the comment section there is one from (e:metalpeter) in response to what appears to be from my very first journal entry, (e:theecarey,1) I'll try to see if that happens again!

so before I get into my 2006/07 synopsis..

Happy New Year everyone!

and thank you Secret Santa- I had fn exchanging gifts with you!

Had lots of fun spending time with all of you!

The 'ball drop' at PMTs was great- who else had that?? For some reason we really needed a stuffed animal to go down for the ride. Gonzo nor any of his friends/lovers (e:theecarey,279) wasn't available, so Timika went into my room and selected among Hippo, Mad Cow and Poison Dart frogs. My stuffed purple hippo with his bugged out eyes enjoyed the face first ride down along with the glowing festive ball. Poor thing is probably still taped to the cord. Bonus: we could see the downtown fireworks from the coziness of the front porch. Very cool, indeed.

Getting ready for the party was fun- my hair in rollers, (e:terry) and (e:deeglam) creating oragami configuration/decorations on the floor of my room and (e:lilho) working on (e:ldaycroft) 's "patsy" make up.

Myself and (e:ladycroft) hung on to a bottle (or two) of champagne all night in spirit of our temporary alter egos, Patsy and Eddy of Absolutely Fabulous- and that we were, haha! Her hair was teased and laquered with AquaNet, sported some bright red lipstick, a dotted polyester dress and multiple pounds of jewlery completed her look. I packed on the makeup, teased the hair, threw on some red and purple plaid polyester hotness and even allowed an opportunity to bust out the boobs (a rare occurance) also a pair of heels and polished it off with a bottle of champagne. I couldn't quite get through two bottles, but it was sweet and bubbly yumminess.

A shout out must go to (e:soma) for spinning last night. Good stuff-- that is what my ears like to hear! wow- dancing through the night, (e:paul) 's office was the great booming discoteque Viscoteque!

(e:ladycroft) and I tend to come up with common themes of interest so it is natural for us to have similar themes to start off the new year. Last year, we chose to be "master of our domains" and for this year, we are going in with the attitude, "fuck that shit, its all about me". It is a heck of a lot deeper and profound than what those few words suggest but is is also just as superficial sounding. yup.

Ok, so before we move forward, it is necessary to see where we have been, yes?

Where were you when 2006 began?Who were you with?

well, (e:ladycroft) and I bought champagne and mini bottles of something or other with a high alcohol content. We started at my apartment and got silly and took lots of pictures. (e:theecarey,76) Eventually we left to go see a movie (with mini bottles in pockets), Fun with Dick and Jane, I think. We added our orange flavored vodka to a cup of Sprite, and it tasted just like Orange pop. Went down easy and so did (e:ladycroft) hahaha, I mean, she passed out asleep on the theater seats. Afterwards we made a pit stop at Dennys, to hang out with the post holiday drunkards and other "interesting characters"

post excerpt regarding that night:

Update: (e:ladycroft) and I had lunch at Spot earlier in the day. In discussing our options, which we both had a few interesting offers, we decided on staying close to home, well, my home anyways. We thought it to be fun to go to a late movie, imbibe a little before during and possibly after, get food.. go to Dennys! ..becuase that is just fitting, and whatever adventure materializes from that scenario.

She came over, we quickly consumed two bottles of champagne and proceeded to check out the local movie theater listing. While waiting to head out to the movies, we continued online, ended up at (e:strip) and ended up making a bunch of random comments. I apologize for the really stupid ones, lol. As she typed, I put in my two cents. It was funny, atleast at the time. Now I just shake my head.

Where will you be when 2006 ends? Whom will you be with when 2006 ends?

As I mentioned last year, I knew that I was not going to be going down town. I have been to First Night and have checked out the bars on Chippewa in the past, but it hasn't been my thing lately, especially in the cold and the over inflated cover charges. As there would be an (e:strip) party, that sealed my decision. All other options were dismissed (I write that as though there were many this year). Unlike last year (and most years) I was not invited to a party, nor had any formal "kiss me at midnight" invites (welll, a few inquiries). So I was with a bunch of wonderful people, friends new and old. This section of the survey should ask, "who will you be when 2006 ends?" which I would then write, "eddy". ha.
for some pictures of "patsy and Eddy":

Was 2006 a good year for you?

Yes, so many changes, transitions, ponderment and excitement. Some moments of confusion as well as clarity- tis life!

Jan/Feb/March: Learned a lot about friendships and relationships in these months. Still very open to feeling "human" despite the raw emotion that came with it. As much as I hated it at times, I relished the sense that I was "normal" and I wanted to hang on to that abilty..
Met a lot of new people and ran into a slew of old aquaintences, friendships made and friendships dissolved during that time.

April-August: Continued to work on friendships and letting people "in". Continued to air my thoughts on everything, as part of that trying to be more "open" life-exercise. Aimed for quality rather than quantity- sort of ended up on a self initiated reslationship hiatus. Hiked and played outside when I could- very busy full time work, full time school schedule. Most of the time went by in a blur as I was so busy with grad school and GRADUATING! WOO! Kinda missed out on a summer though, as I finished school AUgust 24- and it was all sorts of craziness up until that day.

September-Dec: Well, the craziness continues. I began a new job (same organization) in a position that seemingly would be what I went to school for. Im still on the fence about it. I don't want to lose all of what I know because I am not applying it. SO on the upside of that is that I have other projects that capture it. I'll figure out my next step in 2007- Need a better fit, better schedule. 'fuck that shit, its all about me'.

What was your favorite moment of the year?

  • Walking across the stage for graduation (May).
I never bothered to go to my other graduations. I hated the thought of going, but I knew my mom wanted to see me, so I went. It wasnt so bad, as Graduate programs are much smaller, especially at a private college. No way would i have gone to an undergrad graduation at UB, I have no regrets not going to that one, so many years ago. my mom, (e:pyrcedgrrl) and my neice attended.

  • Speech I gave at last night of graduate school to my professor/ classmates (Aug 24). Last class!! Good stuff (e:theecarey,245)

  • starting new job the day prior (Aug 23)

  • super long excited chats about grad school, estrip, future direction of life stuff. I have a lot of energy and passion and tend to gravitate towards people of the same. It is exciting to get crazy hyped on ideas and things conquer and to be able to share them with another.

  • dinners (and wine) with friends
  • tea too.

NYC trip with (e:pyrcedgrrl)
for pics and story:

I am sure I am missing a bunch- will add throughout the week.

What was your least favorite moment of the year?

  • my neice declining going to CLeveland Institute of Art even though she is mad talented and had a year or more paid for in scholarships etc. WOrse, leaving the area to go to a southern public university to be closer to the holy-rolling- brain washing-pull you down, smother you, side of her family. gah. ANd her not saying good-bye.

  • a few other things that I try to find comic relief in. 'nuff said.

(sure I am missing a few here as well)

Did you keep your New Year resolutions of 2006?
Some of them. Well, I have never been one come up with things to 'resolve' as much as I have identified areas to pursue/learn/grow. It is good to find a starting point and January first of the new year seems to be as good as any other. In reflection of the past year, I realized that I began to retreat again- not as open as the beginning of the year started. I noticed this in looking back, thinking back over various activities, interaction and depth of (or lack ) of writing style/voice/output, etc. It wasnt a matter fo choice, I think it is just easy to go back to where you are comfortable and operate normally if there aren't external influences to question/probe your internal core-being. I exist primarily within myself. I need to work on being mushy again- its there, i know it is. I am an outgoing introvert.
Eating/exercise habits much much better, despite crazy schedule. Wel, not that I had been all that concerned with eating habits/physical activity in general, as I usually eat to feed my brain and maintain energy- and I prefer to be active. Its just that there wasa lot more time spent sitting due to school/studying in comparison to the past. Now with my new job, the job itself is a lot less phyically active. I squeek in physical activity when I can, but the past few weeks I have been more about couch potatoiness. December had been bad, and now I need to do somethig about it. I will start by doing what I can to detox my body- I feel so icky.

Did you fall in love in 2006?
yes, with my pocket pc. And champagne of the Asti variety.

Did you breakup with anyone in 2006?
I refused "relationship status", so there were no offical break ups.. perhaps a few "gotta let you go" moments
and a few that I am still shaking off..

Did you make any new friends in 2006?

What was your favorite month of 2006?
July/August-- so much anticipation and excitment of things coming to a close and things beginning.

Did you travel outside of the US in 2006?
I just ventured to Canada

How many different states did you travel to in 2006?
I didn't. It was a mad busy year!

NYC count???? :)

Did you miss anybody in the past year?
yes- my neice and some friends I havent spoken to/hung out with in awhile. Especially those friends that we would have really intense conversations, I love that.

What was your favorite song from 2006?
Moby: "Extreme Ways", Moby: "Inside", Madonna: "Hung Up", Cranberries: "Dreams", Postal Service: "SLeeping In" oh and, (it has to be listed, even if it was a short lived obsession), Justin Timberlake's, "I'm bringing sexy back"

What was your favorite album from 2006?
Moby always comes out on top. Oh, Madonna's Confessions from a Dance Floor, and The Fray.

Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2006?
a few occasions, but not much. I had intentions to do so, but it never worked out that way. A few minor buzzes..

Did you do drugs in 2006?
should i answer that here? do herbs and spices count?

Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
I gossiped more than I ever have to more people than I ever have. Some truths, some rants, some just letting off steam. Most I don't feel bad about, but some.. just a little bit.

What was the worst lie someone told you in 2006?
"you're my friend"

Did you treat somebody badly in 2006?
I am human, right? I don't think I am always on my best behavior. Although I KNOW my behavior was better than that of some others..
that happens, right? Its how you react to it..
and damn, sometimes its SO tempting to retaliate. heh.

Did somebody treat you badly in 2006?
does total lack of disregard count? then, yes..

What was your proudest moment of 2006?
keeping my cool on a few sensitive situations, rising above- keeping my head high, and GRADUATION!

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2006?

If you could go back in time to any moment of 2006 and change something, what would it be?
being more assertive at times. being more of a bitch.. less of the sweet balanced friendly girl that I am..

What are your plans for 2007?
shit, some of the same things from 2006..
No plans as of yet, but off the top of my head..

Figure out what I am doing with myself.

Do my laundry, take the coins that have built up in the washer out. (have I *still* not taken care of that???)

Expunge all that I do not need, want, use from my life. The garage and basement is in need of a major purging. (still needs it)

Reflect, learn, move on..

more 2007 specific agenda items..
Really go after what I want (Ive got an idea)

work on 2 specific projects that began more or less over the past 3-6 months. Make it big and have fun in the process.

feel more fulfilled/complete.. therefore, I must focus on me! and this is a very good thing..

Well, thats it for now. I have been sitting on the couch too long writing this, and I need to begin getting prepared for work in the morning. Not sure if I am ready for all that yet. I really liked having time off.

I also just finsihed watching "supersize me" on CBC, which I hadn't seen before now. Ugh. I felt gross just watching the documentary/movie. Espeically as I feel gross from all the junk I have been eating the past few weeks. Chinese, pizza, processed foods, holiday goodies, etc. YUCK! But once it is in your system, you begin to want it, need it, even.. So I need to go through another detox of the sort. I don't fast.. but I just eat a few select items and drink a lot of teas and fluids for about a week. I would like to have a concoction that I knew would really help. I want to kick start this process- and return to normal as soon as possible. A few weeks of damage needs to be taken care of. Guh, all that salt from the processed foods has made me feel so gross.

atleast I havent been eating 3 weeks of McDonalds...

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01/01/07 02:34 - 51ºF - ID#37485

my 2007 theme

"fuck that shit, its all about me!"

'bout damn time!

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Category: shitshitshit

12/29/06 12:50 - 31ºF - ID#36121



i think my laptop took a shit.

it was on, i was on it working away, then it just went black.. and cold. I could feel its lifeless body cool down quickly. It registers power.. but does nothing in response to pressing buttons, trying ot turn it on.


now what?!?!?!

I am on my 8 year old desktop, this bites.

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12/28/06 04:21 - 38ºF - ID#36120

sweeeetie dahhhhhling!

Soooooo the New Years Ever party, (e:matthew,779) will be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!Stop by on your way out, stop by on your way back, or come and stay for the whole (e:peep) event!

Originally I wavered (half joklngly half seriously) between wearing a comfy oversized hoody and something with an elastic waistband (too many sugar cookies and other high cal holiday fare, yum) and aiming to look absolutley fabulously cuuuute (little black very forgiving yet sexy dress, heels, gloss and hair)!
Well, I settled on somewhere in between- gonna hit it up, Ab Fab style, ala Eddy and Patsy. hehe, read on..

If you haven't seen "Asolutely Fabulous", it is a caustic and clever Britcom about two neurotic gal pals who are faithful followers of fashion. Eddy is in PR, while Patsy's a magazine editor, though work isn't something they do very often. Drinking is, however, as is man-chasing (sometimes literally)- along with some coke and smoking. It is some funny, quirky stuff, although I rarely catch it anymore. Oxygen used to run episodes and I know that the BBC usually does- but I never manage to be around when they are on. I may mak a run to Block Buster to see if they carry any episodes to brush up on-- Gotta get my brit on! not (e:brit) ,haha

(e:ladycroft) and I went on a thrift store mission to excavate perfect Eddy (me) and Patsy (her) outfits. As seen in the following pictures, Patsy is fashinably put together in a traditional work style of attire, complimented with bright red lipstick, flashy jewlery, cigarette and a bottle of liquer. Eddy has an eclectic fashion style. It works, but it is odd- definitely pushes the limit on fashion sense. Plaids, animal prints, foo foo frills, leather- everything is open territory for Eddy.

hehe, I scored myself a red and purple plaid pant suit. I could have gone with something more aestetically "normal"- but embracing the funkier side of eddys outfits seemed the optimal choice.

here are some pics of the gals I snagged from google images:


In all their fashion glory:








and an Ab Fab montage:
(note to LC- the video still image of Patsy in a red dress and Eddy in the low cut black one (which I have!) is the pic I tried to find the other day-and had tried to send you.)

kinda fun ab fab themed music video, "thin and gorgeous!"

anyone else daring to dress up? have fun with it :) I know we will!

see you there, stoli in one hand, a fag in the other!
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12/27/06 01:35 - 34ºF - ID#36119

sage advice

I have been researching and reading (and experimenting) on plant induced altering of the consciousness. My interest and fascination has always ebbed and flowed. Right now its flowing. Currently, Salvia Divinorum is my target. well, and ever since reading (e:paul,4711)

5X (salvinorin A) is very weak, but made for good practice and to see what the future of stonger potions will hold (15X or 25X). Intense laughter, a few visuals, then thoughtful relaxation followed by deep and detailed night of dreams. I think there was a lot more to it than I originally thought- in hindsight, I mean.

By just the glow of the fire logs, (e:ladycroft) and I fired up the hooka. We both claimed not to have sustained any effects, yet there were "smoke ghosts" attacking her and I "floated" in relaxation. Adamantly not convinced, we hit the bowl.

With my suggestion to "hold and swallow", I recall immediately after saying that, felt like I was smacked with a 2X4 and I turned to her to say, "don't tell me you don't feel that"- then proceeded to see bike chains floating in front of me. However, I yelled out, "chainsaws!" then couldn't stop laughing.

(e:ladycroft) followed my advice, then next we knew she was on some carousel riding a horse. Now that was hilarious. She proceeded to take on the carousel theme through the remainder of the gram we started off with. (yep, we hit it once more).

I melted into the couch- my feet were one arm rest, my head the other. My body was the seating of the couch. I was the couch. I experienced a sharpend sense of auditory abiltiy, odd, since I am by far a more visual person. I could hear sounds within the hooka, I could hear details in the music (Infected Mushroom) that I hadn't heard before and my mind took on detailed though I could figure anything out. I had a scenerio play out it my head- dreamlike, but I wasnt sleeping. Timika mentioned that we should try to play Nintendo's Simons Quest, but I needed "two more minutes" to think.

It was pleasant for me- smooth transition(other than the 2X4 bike chain thing). I think I would like to use it again just for that thinking purpose. It appeals to my cerebral side for sure. I really liked the deeper thinking without all of the day to day "mental static" that occurs. This could be therapeutic. I can see why this would greatly enhance meditation. ADD? no problem! So far, so legal.

I am curious about the laughter as I had not read anything prior that would make me expect that sort of reaction. Perhaps it is the initial effect that a novel substance on the brain creates. I'll begin looking for scientific data..

it would have been fun to have had the experience video recorded.

wow, did I dream. My dreams all night long were deep, detailed and colorful. I consider myself fortunate to be able to have consistently detailed dreams, but this took on a deeper level.

i am a bit tired today probably because of it..

This is a good site to check out more information and products (if you are a Doc/scientist doinf research you can get it for free!)

For a cheat sheet of information from the smae site above, check out the link to the users guide- it explains everything about it- what to expect and what the various levels of altered state are:

hehe, I want this book:

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12/25/06 10:44 - 33ºF - ID#36118

merry christmas!

Have a great one, Peeps!


btw, I just noticed holiday doodle- which 'dresses' up their banner for every holiday. Today the default banner constists of two kangaroos, one with a sweater., both holding hands. I don't quite get it.. ?

there might be some snow tonight--a little late,but whatever.

Enjoy the day!

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12/25/06 01:46 - 33ºF - ID#36117


I purchased myself a new camera not too long ago. I finally got out to take some test pictures. I like to play around until I figure it out. There is much to learn-- I refuse to look at the book until I have pawed the equipment a bit myself.

well, here are some test pics;

Missing Image ;(

suppsed to be Joey

gah, never mind. I will have to resume this post later. Seems to be a snag in the upload at the moment- I am still playign with the camera and the software, etc-

till then, Merry Christmas!
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12/24/06 02:39 - 39ºF - ID#36116

total recall

ever remember something that you hadn't thought about at all, until a random moment in the middle of the night? sure you have..

whats mine? at 2:30 am I just remembered that somewhere, out there, a picture exists of (e:ladycroft) and (e:theecarey) 's tongues touching at (e:enknot) 's birthday party.

huh. how about that.

busy day sunday-- if i don't get to making cookies, i am returning all of the ingredients that I have bought-- I never use them any other time. Can I do that-- go unshopping?

bed time.. stay warm!
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12/23/06 01:33 - 51ºF - ID#36115

a day off

I love knowing that I have a few days off from work. A nice looong weekend- it feels fantastic!

I bought myself the book, "the devil wears prada" - a recommendation from one of the Ho's, if I recall correctly.

gotta go-- joe is trying hard to get me off of this thing.. later

btw, happy birthday, (e:metalpeter)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12/22/06 09:54 - 50ºF - ID#36114

of port and roosters

My room is so cute.

and now I have plastic on one window, yay! thanks (e:terry). <-- notice use of punctuation after peep name, very cool (e:paul) :)

I still have to do the other.

Anyone know where I can get an inexpensive large rug? emphasis is on inexpensive. I almost don't care what it looks like. As long as there aren't roosters.

or the usual gamut of horrors:

I am restless.. I might drive by the mall tonight.. might even stop in. I believe some stores are open until midnight? (JC Penny, etc)

But I am getting really hungry and a bit tired too..

and I have some good reading to do. I think that might trump shopping (as if there was really any competition in preferred activity there!)

hmmmmmmm let me go find food and figure out whats what.

maybe a small glass of Port to top it off, awe yeah.

Hope all is well in your neck of da peep 'hood.

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