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Category: i miss you all

03/27/13 06:30 - ID#57433

long time no see/ hear !

hi i'm back does anyone remember me? Curt- aka dj Soma i miss some of you e strippers and havent seen in quite some time hope you are all well send me a mail if you like and hope to see and be in contact with some of you soon. namaste curt-soma

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12/24/08 03:36 - 44ºF - ID#47172

Merry Xmas and happy holidays everyone

Merry Xmas everyone.. or whatever belief or holiday you celebrate... remember its the ppl in your life and memories made that last not the gifts..happy holidays and safe travels to you all.. hope to see/ hear from some of you folks soon.
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10/13/08 05:41 - 72ºF - ID#46097

Another year goes by, and Tales of the U

Well here it comes.. I will be turning another year older.. 38 this year.. when i was 36 i said it was dirty six.. 37.. well it was suppose to be like heaven.. but well 38.. i got my b day gift from my employer a week early... I am currently unemployed and now applying for unemployment [gosh i kinda feel guilty.. I've only been been on unemployment once b4.. I've always had a job.. and im a hard worker.. heck I've almost alwyas had 2 jobs or did enough for 2's worth]

So anyway thanks in advance for any concerns condolences and what not.. my almost seven year relationship w/ my employer came to a close.. not how i wanted it but anyways its done.. and I need to find work... so i'm blogging to rant a little to 'network ' a little to seek advice and get in touch w/ peeps who i rarely see or blog to any more cos i was always so wrapped up in my job.

I have a ton of experience in the retail management cust svc. field.. like almost 20 yrs worth.. but i think i might branch out or try into insurance/ banking. sales cust svc. or even maybe try the state/ federal area.. I have been kinda looking the past 6 months..but not really cos i was wrapped up in my job.. well now after a week of being unemployed.. i am out to look for something more better and obvious a paycheck too.. hopefully something rewarding and not draining like y past job. I am all in when i commit to something, but there wasnt a balance in a long while.

So the search begins.. any tips network advice, wanna hire me, buy me a drink.. just be a friend, or rant also about the downturn of the
local, national and global economy.. etc.. sure whatever.. i'm game.

In other news.. I will unofficially officially be celebrating my Bday @ Mowhawk place for the Transmission night.. of New order vs. Depeche Mode music battle night on 10/18 fitting since 10/15 will be my b day.. come say hi buy my a drink.. listen to awesome tunes [ 2 of my fave classic alternative bands

it starts @ 1030pm?. and goes till ? its minimal $
and i'll be there. along w/ other cool music and ppl.. hope to see ppl out.. and re'-nerwork w/ ppl i havent seen in awhile.. mayeb have a laugh or 2 and maybe make soem professional contacts too..


thas all

if anyone wants the story and stuff i'm sure you'll ask.. maybe i'll tell ya

thanks in advance for being supportive cool ppl .. you all know who u are...

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06/20/08 01:31 - 66ºF - ID#44729

Come out Tonight! to Diablo and Mohawk !

Come out Tonight! to Diablo and Mohawk ! Please Support!

I hope to see some of you peeps out tonight at my gig @ DIABLO AND TECHNOIR @ Mohawk. I will be dropping a closing set. from round 2am-4am [note i think technoir finishes @ 3am so , one more hour of dancing for the techno hardcore ;-)] but i will be @ TECHNOIR in support of the 2 bands : Silent Auction and DIGITAL GEIST! b4 their dance party! and a cool theme @ technoir [postapocalyptic], where as UV fridays is futurtistic anyways so they both work..

Please support both these nights if you can as I do endorse and support both, I know it's tough and gas isn't cheap. but these nights and venues are within stones throw of one another... you'll be saving gas because there so close, just save those few extra bux [1drink= $5] for admission to both venues so that the bands and dj's can get some compensation for the nights @ both venues! they do it mostly out of the love of music and the scene, but they have bills records or music downloads and future gigs to plan/pay for too.

<img src="">

<img src="">

[note if these don't post or link google search diablo and mowhawk place and im' sure you can get directions]

As an incentive i wanted to get a mix cd to hand out to ppl. who supported both nites, but as fate has it the Cd wont be ready in time for me to hand out 2night [darn work responsibilities! lol] so i will hand out my dj biz cards to those who ask and maybe have a digital download or something like that in the future or meet up at a future UV or TECHNOIR nite. [I will get those interested info in the future.] Please do support these nights as I firmly believe in those parties,[ promoters and organizers] and Dj's and artists who participate in both. etc, who try and keep what left we have of our fading music scene alive.


Dance, Drink, Spin, Party on!

Curt - Dj Soma

below are the fliers and who i am and what i look like for those who donnt know.

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12/05/07 08:34 - 17ºF - ID#42410

beat holiday stress/w beats from DjSoma

2nite @ Diablo - Dj Soma - WEDS NITE
Body:     Kick the holiday darkness away.. rage against the dying of the light..
forget trying t o find a Wii for xmas...
break those corporate and holiday shackles..
substitute those spirits of holidays past,present,future... with spirits @ Diablo and the soul of the music that myself DJ SOMA and other dj's will provide that nite.

With the slow slumber and death knell of Club 135 and the lineup listed below.. this is the closest thing to a club 135 solstice that i know is happening

don't be a grinch

kick the holiday stress and blues

dance drink be merry w/ us 2nite

hope to see ya out


more info below

[ i am looking forward to spinning besides the calibur of local talent that spinning this nite.. I would go and see any one of them out spinning.. the conjunction of the talent @ Diablo 2nite truly blesses Diablo's decks and all are so passionate about the scene and are long time supporters and participants...

so give them your ears mind and feet if just for a few hours

you wont be dissapointed

ps i spin early.. like 11-12?

...more human than human...Soma

Weds. nite.. brave the darkness and weather... DJ SOMA


I look forward to spinning alongside some sweet talent,, i will post more... please come out to support


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