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07/07/07 01:06 - 76ºF - ID#39990

Weekend fest. 7/7/07 Dj Soma sighting

Weekend events
Body:     ok there's a lot to do this weekend? who's doin what.. want company.. or want to join.. whateva you're doin have fun.. here's what's goin on and what i might be up too... if you're interested email me call me u know what to do..

most of this stuff is sat 7/7/07.. taste of buffalo is the whole weekend

OFF THE WALL 4 YR ANN - sat nite elmwood ave

good house music.. great venue.. always a good time.. i might consider this as a backup.. go if ya like cool people and cool music


Molson Canal Concert Series
5:30PM - 10:30PM
Gateway Harbor Park
Sweeney & Webster Sts.
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

at. July 7 Rockin' the Colonies Tour
The Psychedelic Furs > The FiXX> The Alarm


  • Special Show
The Molson Canal Concert Series is Western New York's largest free
waterfront concert series. Each concert is 100% free to attend for all ages!
2007's summer season sets you up with 8 concerts by some of the world's best
known recording artists. It's set in Gateway Park in historic North Tonawanda.
All Shows start ar 5:30PM and end at approximately 10:30PM.

TRANSMISSION PARTY @ MOWHAWK.. GOOD ALTERNATIVE music also.. this is a backup too for me

taste of Buffalo, both sat. sun.. i think i will hit it up sunday possibly.. too much to do today..

HEMF - this is a private electronic party on Grand Island 2night.. those of you in the know.. or want to go with get in touch asap.. this will be awesome

and that about sums it up..

i am off till monday.. and plan to pack some good times tunes and what not into the next few days.. hope to see soem friends.. and if not have a good weekend

have fun and be safe... cheers


those X-file type Dj Soma sightings... aka HEMF
Body:     OK words out the men in black are trying to find evidence of a certain Dj Soma.. electronic paranormal dj/ artist and prove of the legendary myth behind him..

... there are rumors that a said DJ SOMA will be seen at the River fest dancing and singing along to classic alternative tunes of the fixx, psychedelic furs and the alarm...

rumor also has it he will be seen partaking int he HEMF festivities with legendary Psy-trance gurus DHARMA LAB and the Dharma -nation tribe dancing along with...

..and another distinct rumor has it that said Dj Soma will be bringing a crate of electronic paranormal evidence to mysteriously make the body move uncontrollably in a dance like fashion and sets a mental vibe tone to set the mind free.. this experience will transcend sometime late saturday nite into sunday... morn afternoon... ;-)

would you like to know more?

Contact Dj Soma

or better yet research the Dharma Lab @ [forums search]

the truth is out there...


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