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06/18/07 04:02 - 65ºF - ID#39711

truth serum

I have no idea what the hell happened.. I think there's truth serum in alchol somtimes...

wtf was i thinking in confession;
wtf was i thinking in lowering my cguard
again i played my cards and showed my hand
in the grand game of poker.. they kept straight faces and
bested my best hand

i got cleaned out

i was never very good at cards

i was never good at having a poker face

i never did hear those fabled stories and the absolute of truths

guess its like the song sez, gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away.. know when to run...

excellent game..
the funny thing is when u still enjoy the game even though you don't realize you've been bested..

best hand i always draw is one of a kind: me: Soma

whens the next shuffle..?
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05/11/07 08:17 - 70ºF - ID#39244

KAMPAI!!! @ Off the Wall.. [Dj Soma]

Hello.. sorry for lurking so long.. been working and not much blogging and such but come out have a drink dance and have a good time.. this is a guaranteed good time....

Peace Love Beats

Team Harder Presents: KAMPAI!!! Saturday, May 12th, 2007 (Buffalo)
Current mood: giddy

KAMPAI!!! Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Click Here To View Event

Christian's birthday is coming, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate! Some of you know him as The Oracle, others know him as 1/2 of Dharma Lab, and a few of you still refer to him as Trout. But regardless of what you wanna call him, he's a fine lad who deserves some recognition on his birthday. SO LET'S GET THE BASTARD WASTED!!!

UV Deco provided by Team Harder
  • That includes me!

Off the Wall
534 Elmwood Ave. (at Utica)
Buffalo, NY

Doors @ 10pm
$2 cover, 19+

For your dancing pleasure...

NEBULA **LIVE** (Afterglow Productions, Toronto)
"It's my birthday, too!!!"

Steve has been an "honorary Buffalonian" since 2003, and so he's chosen to spend his birthday partying here in the States with us. A veritable keyboard wizard, he's played all around Ontario and has been involved with multiple musical projects including Infindebula and Prime.Nebula. He was responsible for the Afterglow chillout tent at several WEMF's, as well as hugely successful stages at Teknival and the Om Festival. Armed with gadgets both modern and vintage, he will be delivering a live birthday set that's sure to be enjoyed by all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE!!!

MALACHI (Buffalo)

One of Buffalo's best kept secrets, this brilliant individual (and part-time superhero) is ready to rock, and roll... all night long! His fiery style of psytrance and techno will keep the party lit 'til the bitter end. So lace up them dancin' shoes and get ready for mayhem! The doktah is in!!!

DJ SOMA (Buffalo)

The man, the legend, the sex machine! Buffalo's original trance pioneer & brother to the one they call Christian emerges from the shadows once again! With an unmatched breadth of musical experience & a captivating presence behind the decks, Soma will set the tone for the night with his signature blend of progressive beats. Tune in, turn on, press play....

DHARMA LAB (Buffalo) - Happy Birthday Christian!!!

Our home-grown psychedelic warriors are back again! Mass hysteria awaits! Will Christian be able to withstand the merciless barrage of alcohol, or will he succumb and pass out on the decks like the rockstar he is?! Only one way to find out. KAMPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!


10:30-12 SOMA
12-1:30 DHARMA LAB
1:30-2:30 NEBULA
2:30-close MALACHI

Please come and support say hi drink,dance, sing be merry... with all of us!!!

Danke Schorne alle mein freundin

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01/07/07 12:23 - 40ºF - ID#37565

HOUSE!.... MUZIK!!!!

I am off to OTW [off the wall ] on elmwood...right now... there will be awesome house music tonight... so those who dug what i spun@ the NYE party should go... hell drink dance.. say hi..

So much has happened since i last blogged both mentally and otherwise.. its beena whirlwind.... work life home girls ... no girls... dj'in and all that other jazz.....

shit dammit i am out dance dance dance.. OTW.. go go go come and hangout.. no work for Soma 2morrow so Soma's goin out to play...

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12/15/06 08:21 - 47ºF - ID#34345

Dance like no one is watching, Love ....

Well there has been soo much goin on @ work and stuff that I havent had much time to blog though a lot has gone thru my mind this past week and such

1st I truly have enjoyed meeting so many ppl from estrip @ the party.. Tony b-day party.. I realized that i do know sooo many ppl in buffalo and there are only 2 degrees of separation... thas why i never burn any bridges [or at least try not to..] i'm glad i got to meet a lot of you and speak w/ most of u, [tony,paul, timika, carey, yvonne, bill, an more... i did see alex, but i unfortunately didn't get to speak w/ her, and sawa few more.. etc.. well i'll go into it later.. but anyway cool ppl all round

2nd its busy @ work but i see more calm for some reason, must be that i have more things that i'd like or rather be doin than work but the hope and thoughts about doin them has rested my soul a bit than being just work work work

3rd i know more about me who i am what i want where im goin.. just trying to get there is a lifelong process.. but i am enjoying the jorney, sittting slightly back a bit in the chair, of the driver seat, gives a little more perspective.... than the in your face now , approach to life...

4th i am being more patient about meeting ppl. who, some i'd like to be friends with, other i'd like to be friends and more.... the delicate balance of such things... its just yes im cool w/ being friends, and i'd be cool with being more... sometimes being human and feeling invisible aren't the best feelings... esp when you don't want to
ruin either a budding friendship or build a potential relationship...

5th well i need to go out more and well i am dammit... i will be @ OPM tonight for the Quivver [john Graham] and Charles Feelgood show.. it will be an awesome time.. I will be @ the bar.. relaxing and getting my groove on.. who's with me see ya there.. say hi if i don't see ya or recognize ya.. and the science of Soma dancing will be in full effect...

there fore my title in a snapshot

'Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt.. live like today is your last day...'

simple words... applying them to your life and 'today' is the challenge...

gotta fly off to work see ya later @ OPM club e peeps


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12/07/06 03:05 - 22ºF - ID#34344

Dancing, Dj'ing, Music... Party?

Holy Flying 12" 's Batman... there are some wicked Dj's coming to town and the area and i just don't know what to do or which one to see... Who's with me on either of these?

Ok next friday12/15 in Toronto is the legendary Jimmy Van M of balance/ bedrock.. if you know who Sasha / and John Digweed are you know progressive house.. shit its on a friday nite and i don't know how much tix are but i really wanna go.. i saw Jimmy Van M in Boston @ Avalon in 2001 opening up for Sasha / Digweed and it was awesome .. one of the best Dj gig things I've gone to in ahwile. i havent written my work schedule for next week but i'd go but coudlnt stay up in To fer the night though I'd want to..

or on the local tip @ OPM next friday in buffalo also good dj's music:
Charles feelgood spinning house.. and who I really wanna see is Quivver aka John Graham.. again more really good progressive house and trance and plain round good music.

i really wanna see both both Jimmy Van M and Quivver... so who want s to go with me.. i'd drive.. either locally or up to TO.. and there will be tons of dancin, drinkin and fun so either would be real fun

both artists are added friends on my myspace profile so if u wana ck out there music search my profile.. and also google jimmy van m in to for details or hit up buffalo bassline or Opm site for more info

lemme know right away.. i have to write my schedule by friday nite sat/ morn.

Oh and whats this secret santa and (e:strip) party that ppl are talkin bout.. i might have missed an earlier post.. so i dunno do tell do tell...

is there a party and soma isn't invited?... well
anyway have a good day folks

PS how does one post pix, and music files here.. sorry im a noob

cheers m8's and lassies


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12/06/06 08:20 - 34ºF - ID#34343



yeah its snowing finally its winter
not that global warming summer shit we've had in november or that suprise shit we had in October... i did't ask for that suprise storm for my birthday ya know.. really i do like the snow and the 4 seasons but i honestly ddint want to spend my birthday weekend bailing water froma basement throwing out ruined books and records and having no power.. so i really didn't get to celebrate my bday that much.. and my halloween party was fun but more like work cos' i was runnin door and dealin w/ the popo and then spinnin and cleaning up b4 i knoew it was early am...

i digress... anyway

i like snow.. i have a vehicle which usually handle s well but the other nite it was crazy out there...

i like snow its romantic.. fires in the fireplace.. snow angels snowball fights... the holidays... etc.

i do want to go skiing this yr..i havent in awhile or try snowboarding or tubin

i wont digress into the negative thoughts and what the holidays bring out at thistime in ppl and what not cos.. well peace good will towards men/womena nd all that stuff plus' pay it forward ' mentality and good cheer
plus i gotta run off to work

happy day to all


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12/05/06 03:38 - 24ºF - ID#34342



- today i feel like there's a future... unknown secretive.. teetering on a hinge that could go either way... 50/50

-today the demons are strong .. but i smile and stare in the mirror and scoff at them .. you wont take me today!

-today i have felt both ends of the spectrum of the force.. it is strong.. both evil and good

-today i shed a tear for the memory banks that access the past.. i just have to remind myself that that's what it is.... was... and i am much more and stronger than because of it

-today i have to realize i need to stop punishing myself... and give myself much more credit than i do...

-today i am both happy/sad

-today i have a deep yearning and want to share it

-today words a friend spoke to me a couple days ago resound with absolute clarity

-today i really should see my family.. i haven't seen them as much of late... mostly because its hurt a lot to see those you love the most and are closest to you.. odd isn't it?

-today i want to tell some things to ppl. but can't

-today music permeates my soul... just like it does everyday

-today is just another day...

..... i will see you all tommorrow

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12/01/06 08:19 - ID#34341

Brave New World

Well the title is very appropriate. Anywho who's read Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' knows what 'soma' is... also anywho who's seen THX1138 knows also.. or also 'Brave New World' the sci-fi cable tv made movie. A new site.. for me a little bit.. a new outlook, a different perspective, a new start. I have been i psuedo lurker here for a bit.. and I now know ((e:vycious)) and ((e:ladycroft)) and have met a few others most recently.. that I thought I might join this merry bunch.. besides i might actually be able to blog here about more personal stuff than ie; myspace in fear of corporate eyes finding such stuff.. it's soo odd how so many corporations don't want you to tell anything about your own life.. i can understand corporate sensitive info. and that is respectful but gees we humans are we not.. not automatons.. interacting in the analog and dgital world.. both virtually and non....

Anywho I wanted to say "HI" formally to fellow estrippers and I will blog more when I do get a chance... I've had a very interesting rollercoaster of highs and lows this past month.. and I will say meeting some of the estrip ppl. and other things.. have definetely been on the high end..

wuill blog more later.. shit i gotta fly off to work

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