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06/20/08 01:31 - 66ºF - ID#44729

Come out Tonight! to Diablo and Mohawk !

Come out Tonight! to Diablo and Mohawk ! Please Support!

I hope to see some of you peeps out tonight at my gig @ DIABLO AND TECHNOIR @ Mohawk. I will be dropping a closing set. from round 2am-4am [note i think technoir finishes @ 3am so , one more hour of dancing for the techno hardcore ;-)] but i will be @ TECHNOIR in support of the 2 bands : Silent Auction and DIGITAL GEIST! b4 their dance party! and a cool theme @ technoir [postapocalyptic], where as UV fridays is futurtistic anyways so they both work..

Please support both these nights if you can as I do endorse and support both, I know it's tough and gas isn't cheap. but these nights and venues are within stones throw of one another... you'll be saving gas because there so close, just save those few extra bux [1drink= $5] for admission to both venues so that the bands and dj's can get some compensation for the nights @ both venues! they do it mostly out of the love of music and the scene, but they have bills records or music downloads and future gigs to plan/pay for too.

<img src="">

<img src="">

[note if these don't post or link google search diablo and mowhawk place and im' sure you can get directions]

As an incentive i wanted to get a mix cd to hand out to ppl. who supported both nites, but as fate has it the Cd wont be ready in time for me to hand out 2night [darn work responsibilities! lol] so i will hand out my dj biz cards to those who ask and maybe have a digital download or something like that in the future or meet up at a future UV or TECHNOIR nite. [I will get those interested info in the future.] Please do support these nights as I firmly believe in those parties,[ promoters and organizers] and Dj's and artists who participate in both. etc, who try and keep what left we have of our fading music scene alive.


Dance, Drink, Spin, Party on!

Curt - Dj Soma

below are the fliers and who i am and what i look like for those who donnt know.

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