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i give thanks...


I give thanks...
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I give thanks...

I give thanks for those i have in my life and those who i have lost... all are not forgotten
i give thanks for the dreams i still have and the hardships... i face despite adversity
i give thanks for having experienced love.. maybe i'll truly experience it again... hopefully next time for keeps
i give thanks for all friends and family both past present and future for they are who that make me
i give thanks for music ... truly what soothes my soul and constantly keeps a beat for me.. despite me marching to a different drum
i give thanks for all the positive and the negative too.. they have truly given me perspective of what i have.. what i had and what i want again and hope to have in the future
i give thanks for all the positive energy and resources i find to tap upon when all seems lost and distant.. sometimes i truly amaze myself
i give thanks for all the truth and upholding of what is right what is often the narrower path despite the world and all ppl trying to get ahead, many by many means neccessary
i give thanks for the good and the bad... i know my path although harder is righteous and true... and to see that i don't want to convert to that other side... and be one of 'them'

i give thanks...
hopefully someday i can be thanked for ... find like minded souls w/ my perspective..

yeah i know long time no post.. life has been quite interesting since last post...
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