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12/15/06 08:21 - ID#34345

Dance like no one is watching, Love ....

Well there has been soo much goin on @ work and stuff that I havent had much time to blog though a lot has gone thru my mind this past week and such

1st I truly have enjoyed meeting so many ppl from estrip @ the party.. Tony b-day party.. I realized that i do know sooo many ppl in buffalo and there are only 2 degrees of separation... thas why i never burn any bridges [or at least try not to..] i'm glad i got to meet a lot of you and speak w/ most of u, [tony,paul, timika, carey, yvonne, bill, an more... i did see alex, but i unfortunately didn't get to speak w/ her, and sawa few more.. etc.. well i'll go into it later.. but anyway cool ppl all round

2nd its busy @ work but i see more calm for some reason, must be that i have more things that i'd like or rather be doin than work but the hope and thoughts about doin them has rested my soul a bit than being just work work work

3rd i know more about me who i am what i want where im goin.. just trying to get there is a lifelong process.. but i am enjoying the jorney, sittting slightly back a bit in the chair, of the driver seat, gives a little more perspective.... than the in your face now , approach to life...

4th i am being more patient about meeting ppl. who, some i'd like to be friends with, other i'd like to be friends and more.... the delicate balance of such things... its just yes im cool w/ being friends, and i'd be cool with being more... sometimes being human and feeling invisible aren't the best feelings... esp when you don't want to
ruin either a budding friendship or build a potential relationship...

5th well i need to go out more and well i am dammit... i will be @ OPM tonight for the Quivver [john Graham] and Charles Feelgood show.. it will be an awesome time.. I will be @ the bar.. relaxing and getting my groove on.. who's with me see ya there.. say hi if i don't see ya or recognize ya.. and the science of Soma dancing will be in full effect...

there fore my title in a snapshot

'Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt.. live like today is your last day...'

simple words... applying them to your life and 'today' is the challenge...

gotta fly off to work see ya later @ OPM club e peeps


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