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Category: snow

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yeah its snowing finally its winter
not that global warming summer shit we've had in november or that suprise shit we had in October... i did't ask for that suprise storm for my birthday ya know.. really i do like the snow and the 4 seasons but i honestly ddint want to spend my birthday weekend bailing water froma basement throwing out ruined books and records and having no power.. so i really didn't get to celebrate my bday that much.. and my halloween party was fun but more like work cos' i was runnin door and dealin w/ the popo and then spinnin and cleaning up b4 i knoew it was early am...

i digress... anyway

i like snow.. i have a vehicle which usually handle s well but the other nite it was crazy out there...

i like snow its romantic.. fires in the fireplace.. snow angels snowball fights... the holidays... etc.

i do want to go skiing this yr..i havent in awhile or try snowboarding or tubin

i wont digress into the negative thoughts and what the holidays bring out at thistime in ppl and what not cos.. well peace good will towards men/womena nd all that stuff plus' pay it forward ' mentality and good cheer
plus i gotta run off to work

happy day to all


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