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09/17/07 11:55- ID#41168


The two lead stories on the news today were right out of '94

OJ in trouble with the Law

Hilary pimping her universal health care plan for all.

Looking back I can't believe I haven't posted here for 2 weeks. I've been posting over on my LJ but only due to the fact that it is so easy and compatible with my phone and service.

I have been a total nervous wreck the last week. All I can say is I'm extremely grateful for an Ex-Girlfriend in being sympathetic to my worries.

Saturday night I stopped out to the Mark Freeland Tribute needless to say seeing the fems play was a pretty special experience.

During that time I had a pretty good conversation on why people like myself and my friend D* have just pretty much resigned ourselves to be semi-alone. The kicker of the conversation is how when guys get old they totally miss the point when it comes to sex with their wives. We concluded that as guys age and become "dirty old men" they still fantasize about that barely legal college co-ed working out somewhere. Then when the come home late they just "poke" their wives into action still lost in the head with the vision of that 22 year old blonde wearing some skimpy ambercrombie outfit. Obviously, no foreplay is initiated as the guy is just using his wife in masturbation instead of either of his hands. All being a byproduct of nature and fueled even more by the "porn" culture of the U.S. Mind you this is just a theory...

On another note through this conversation she basically told me that the whole "women still wanting more" after is not necessarily true if the guys works in a descent amount of foreplay and "knocks it out" in a respectable manner. Women will zonk out after a good lay just like guys do if the right amount of effort is honestly undertaken.

Again these aren't my opinions just a generalized pharaphrased conversation over a beverage or two in a really creative environment. Since I obviously cannot speak from a woman's perspective.

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